What did the Jews get as a result of World War I?

What did the Jews get as a result of World War I?

The First World War was a horrific and bloody war between the great powers of the world, which killed millions of people, changed the map of the world, and opened the chapter of troubled history for many regions. The war between the Allies and Central Powers was full of conspiracies, double-crossing, twists and turns. At that time, the Jews were only 12 percent of the total population of Palestine and they were looking for help in creating Israel. Although the Zionist didn’t play an active role in the World War I, but there is no denying the fact that this war provided them the first breakthrough towards the creation of Israel. The Jews got support of the key powers as a result of World War I, and this support was ensured through a well laid-out plan by the Zionist leaders against the Palestinian Arabs.

During World War I, the Jews realized that the future map of the Middle East would not be determined by the rights and desires of majority of its inhabitants, but by the rivalries between great powers and their strategic goals. Towards the end of the war, both British and French leaders wanted to consolidate their control over Palestinian region, so both promised the Jews to help them in establishing their homeland in Palestine. The 1917 document by French was rather vague but the Balfour Declaration by British, released in the same year, clearly endorsed the Zionist stance and benefited the Jews in more than one way. Although it was pretty clear that this document was used as a tool by Britain for convincing the Jews to encourage America to get into the war, but the Jews also took full advantage of the situation and arrived as an influential force towards the end of the Great War. Some of the major benefits that Jews got as a result of World War I are:

  • The “historical connection of the Jewish people with Palestine” was recognized through British Mandate, and it was later approved by the League of Nations Council as well.
  • The Balfour Declaration became the greatest Jewish-Zionist achievement which paved the way for the occupation of Palestine and creation of Israel.
  • United States also supported the formation of the Jewish national home through a joint resolution of the United States Congress, passed on June 30, 1922.
  • The post-War incidents also proved a major step toward a secure, internationally recognized homeland for the Jewish people
  • The population of Jews in Palestine increased as a result of World War I and they started to build infrastructure which would eventually help them in creating their homeland and negotiating their stance with the world powers.

It is noteworthy here that the actual role of Jews in WWI has always remained a mystery to the world, mainly because they were providing obscure support to those countries which would later help them in targeting Palestinians and unleashing brutal force in the Middle East. But the historians agree that due to the careful strategic moves by the Jews, World War I became the first diplomatic victory for the Jewish agenda, or political Zionism to be more exact.

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