What happened in Palestine during World War II?

The Second World War was the first major outbreak of Palestinian-Zionist hostilities. Although Palestine remained the target of Zionist agenda during World War I as well, but it was the Second World War which benefitted Jews the most. During the First World War, Israel provided hidden support to those countries which would later help them in achieving their targets in the Middle East. By the time World War II started, a decent population of Jews had already migrated to Palestine. During the war, different Jewish military organizations such as Haganah, IZL, and Stern Gang remained active in the region. Israel used both diplomatic channels and armed forces to strengthen their position in Palestine. Despite a phase of British-Israel tension during the War, the Zionists managed to achieve their political motives. The Jews gained international sympathies due to the Holocaust while Zionist propaganda against the pro-Nazi role of Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini also worked in their favor. Frequent acts of violence took place in Palestine during the War, marking the beginning of its troublous times.

During World War II, the Jewish Agency completely dishonored the 1939 White Paper issued by British government, which outlined the steps related to Jewish immigration into Palestine. The White Paper included the following major recommendations:

  • Ten years after the release of the paper, Palestine will be given conditional independence. It will function as a unitary state.
  • For five years, 10,000 Jewish immigrants can enter Palestine on an annual basis. Further immigration will be subjected to Arab acquiescence.
  • Palestinian land will be protected from Zionist acquisition and safety of the citizens will be ensured by both the parties.

Since the White Paper was a major blow for the Zionist agenda, they never accepted it. The outbreak of World War II deteriorated the situation even further as Jews came out in the open to oppose the Paper and continued their illegal migration to Palestine. David Ben-Gurion, the head of the Jewish Agency for Palestine, went as far as saying:

“We will fight the White Paper as if there is no war, and fight the war as if there is no White Paper.”

Despite Jewish attitude towards this policy paper, WWII saw a brief period of close British-Jewish military cooperation mainly due to Churchill who was a Zionist sympathizer. Around 20-25,000 Jews illegally migrated to Palestine in a period of five years from 1940 to 1945. By December 1945, Jewish population increased to 31% while their registered landownership rose to 6.0% of area of country. It is noteworthy here that much of this illegal immigration was carried out by three Jewish military organizations, Haganah, IZL, and Stern Gang who played a significant role in ensuring Jewish control on Palestine during and after WWII.

Haganah, also known as Irgun HaHaganah (means defense), was the Jewish defense organization which was declared illegal during the British Mandate period. It mainly remained a part of Jewish Brigade and fought with the Allied forces during the Second World War. Haganah began its major operations against Palestinian Arabs after 1947 and carried out illegal Jewish immigration on a large scale. It also formed the nucleus of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), which was established in 1948 to unleash brutal force on the Palestinian citizens. IZL and Stern Gang (also known as Lehi) were especially active in Palestine during and after World War II. They were mainly targeting British authorities then but were later integrated into IDF in 1948. While the war ended in Europe in 1945, these military organizations continued their activities against Palestinians which clearly hinted at the hidden motives of Jews to capture the land. So much so that in 1946 a British White Paper on terrorism was issued which condemned the acts of sabotage and violence carried out by Haganah, IZL and Stern Gang in Palestine.

While different regions of the world faced the hazards of World War II, Palestinian Arabs had to lose a lot more than just their land. The clever moves of Jews during the War paved the way for the creation of Israel and made Palestine a battlefield for many decades to come. It also invoked nationalist passions among the Palestinian Arabs and they shown full resistance against the illegal Jewish occupation. By 1939, the resistance developed into a full-scale revolt and the struggle continues even today.

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  • african unite says:

    yes we africans are going to unite without the arabs africans.the arabs african can never unite with us or unification will not posible. the history has tell. if we unite with the arabs it will be a disater at the end. the arabs african libya morroco tunis algeria eygpt can unite if they like that there problem.we african are non arabs?

    • Observer says:

      What may interest you is that the Nazis were intent on establishing a Jewish nation in the Malagasy Republic, presumably making room for them by expelling some Africans. This would likely be viewed as far more colonialist than Israel currently is. The Ottoman Empire last saw the sale of a female slave in 1908, although the Bedouins in the Negev continued to have them and even to discuss ownership of Black slaves.

  • alan says:

    The British did not disgrace themselves. Jews have a lot to thank the British for

  • Peter Fickleberg says:

    This website and this article are blatant Israeli propaganda.

    • Daniel Gent says:

      Is that so? Instead of writing this off as propaganda, why don’t you bring facts or evidence to prove it as such? Everything in this article is fact and can be verified just about anywhere on the internet. Anything refuting it, on the other hand would be harder to find, because it does not exist. So unless you can prove otherwise, you would be well advised not to speak about things of which you know nothing about, and not to cry the modern version of wolf, “propaganda” at every glimmer of truth, without hard evidence to prove it.

  • joe says:

    This article does not mention that well over 500,000 Muslims fought on the Allied side against the Axis.
    It is deceitful in saying the Muslims sided with the Axis – only radical Islamofascists sided with the Axis.

    300,000 Muslims served in the French colonial forces; several hundred thousand Muslims amongst the Indian Army fought under British command. There were Black Muslims in the British African Colonial troops too. The Soviet army has Muslim soldiers as well.

    Zionists collaborated with the Nazis in the mid-1930s> except the Betar Zionist faction. Goebbels made a medal in 1935 commemorating the Zionist-Nazi alliance. Research it.

    Some Muslims in N.Africa and Turkey saved many Jewish refugees from the Holocaust.
    Husseini/ the Grand Mufti was a radical separatist as much as the Zionists were radical collaborators who back stabbed non-Zionist Jews, and engaged in terrorist activities against Arabs and the British during and after WW2.

  • Steven Streets says:

    Reading this makes me wonder how the real politic history of the next world war will be written.
    When the orgy of death and blood is over, who tells the tale of who was sleeping with who.
    I just hope to God the whole world follows the example of Japan in outlawing war as a means to an end.
    Japan may have lost a war in the worst unimaginable manner, but reaped a victory of long lasting peace.
    May Japan lead the whole world into a New Day of Earth without war. As the Sun Rises on the Dawn of a Third Millennium CE.
    May that Day come around soon to Israel at last. When G’d himself says “Your warfare is accomplished”.
    My prayer for Israel this Passover and for all men of good will.

  • steve says:

    We must not allow Islam to hitch a ride to the stars. The retardation of the human spirit which is the ultimate result of Muslim teaching must be eradicated here and now.

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