How Zionists Built A Nation

What did the Zionists do to build a country during the Mandate Period?

Inspired by the Zionist ideal, supported by Zionist funds, operating under conditions made possible by Zionist political effort, thousands of Jews migrated from Europe to Palestine and there set about incarnating the ancient dream of return to Israel.They were not encouraged by fellow Jews or anyone else. The were assured that Palestine was an arid, backward country where Jews could not survive, let alone be creative; and that in any case it could absorb no more than a handful of settlers. Discouraged from all sides, grappling with heartbreaking difficulties, these Jews accomplished the impossible.

In one generation Zionists purchased underdeveloped, underutilized land and built a community of almost 600,000 persons, free and self-reliant. European Jews who had lost all rapport with soil and workshop came to Palestine to become farmers, mechanics, sailors, and fishermen. They caused the desert to blossom and turned villages into cities. They introduced modernity and democracy into the slumbering Near East. In February 1919, the Zionist Organization presented a "Statement on Palestine" to theParis Peace Conference. It included material showing the substantial Zionist investmentin Palestine and the dramatic progress to date, for example:

  • Jewish activities, particularly during the last thirty years, have been directed to Palestine within the measure that the Turkish administrative system allowed. Some millions of pounds sterling have been spent in the country, particularly in the foundation of agricultural settlements. These settlements have been, for the most part, highly successful. With enterprise and skill the Jews have adopted modern scientific methods and have shown themselves to be capable agriculturalists. Hebrew has been revived as a living language; it is the medium of instruction in the schools and the tongue is in daily use among the rising generation. The foundations of a Jewish University have been laid at Jerusalem and considerable funds have been contributed for the creation of its building and for its endowment. Since the British occupation the Zionist Organization has expended in Palestine approximately BP50,000 a month upon relief, education and sanitation. To promote the future development of the country, great sums will be needed for drainage, irrigation, roads, railways, harbors and public works of all kinds, as well as for land settlement and house building.
Winston Churchill was British Colonial Secretary when he visited the Middle East in the winter of 1920-1921. Anti-Semitic elements in the British government tried to assert that the Jews were not needed to develop Palestine. Churchill replied:
  • "Left to themselves, the Arabs of Palestine would not in a thousand years have taken effective steps towards the irrigation and electrification of Palestine. They would have been quite content to dwell—a handful of philosophic people—in wasted sun-drenched plains, letting the waters of the Jordan flow unbridled and unharnessed into the Dead Sea."
Additional material on the impact of the Zionists on the land of Palestine is available here. Development of education at all levels was a priority for the Zionists. Three of theseven institutions of higher learning were founded before the State of Israel: the Technion in Haifa (founded in 1924), the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (1925), and the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot (1934). Today, there are about one million Jewish children in thousands of schools, with close to 100,000 teachers, in Israel. The state education system has a general stream (non-religious) with about 70% of the children, a religious stream (23%), and schools run by the ultra-religious (including a few in Yiddish). There are now seven institutions of higher learning including the above and Bar-Ilan University in Ramat Gan (1955), Tel Aviv University (1956), Haifa University (1963), and Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Be'er Sheva (1969). There is also an open university and more than 200 yeshivot. In expressions of culture, the Zionists were active as well. In the 1920's Tel Aviv had only about two-thousand inhabitants, but in January 1922 the "Hebrew Opera in Eretz Israel" performed in the city with soloists and a choir, and only a few months later, the opera Faust was performed, completely staged, though only accompanied by piano. The PalestineOrchestra, now the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, was founded in 1936. And the Zionists developed the organizational infrastructure of a country that prepared fora modern state to come into being in 1948. Politicalparties, labor organizations, and national institutions long pre-dated the State of Israel.To this day, the modern Labor party is an extension of the Histadrut, founded byBen-Gurion in the 1920s, whereas the modern Likud party is an extension of the Revisionists, formed by Jabotinsky in the same time frame.By 1939 the Jewish authorities in Palestine governed their own people. In contrast, the Arab leaders never considered nation-building. Their entire program was negative: toprevent the Jews from establishing themselves in Palestine under any circumstances.

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  1. Your first sentence lack some facts.

    You wrote: “thousands of Jews migrated from Europe to Palestine” during the British Mandate. That is incorrect as not only Jews from Europe migrated to Palestine during the Mandate but also from practically everywhere, including the Jews of the Middle East and America, North and South and South Africa, Australia too. Return/Rebuild Zion/Israel/Palestine was always the aspiration of the Jewish people.

    And I didn’t read your site fully but I hope that somewhere it notes that first there were always Jews in Palestine and a substantial Jewish immigration began in the late 19th century if not when Moshe Montifiori, governor of London, came in 1850’s to help the destitute Jews of Palestine where he also built Zichron Yakov and Rishon LeZion wienies and the Jerusalem Windmill etc. Indeed these substantial Jewish Alliyah, emigration, continued during the British Mandate until the 1939 British White Papers restricted the Jews from entering Palestine which was a travesty and a crime against humanity at that Nazi era.

  2. Palestine Facts is an excellent survey of Palestine History.The writer above is correct to note that ZionIsrael ingathering came from all over the world including JudaeaoArabs.PalestineArab kinship with the Arab Empire’s colonizers over Africa & SouthWestAsia is a vital part of the PalestineArab identity.The onus has allways been on the JudaeanHebrew,ZionIsrael nation, to justify it’s existance in the face of PalestineArab sons of Arabist Imperial conquerors.Discourse about PalestineArab patrilineage from Arabist imperial sons of Arabia is like a needle in a haystack.

  3. Total lack of discourse regarding the size of the competing claims of PaletineArabism vs.IsraeliZionism is glaring.PalestineArabs are the patrilineal sons of Arab settlers from Arabia,the Arab home country.Every where else outside Arabia, is country side under Arab Imperial successors,Kalfate or Caliphate occcupation.Does this mean there can be no mutual accomadation?Can peace be made real in this state of relations?But before making agreements with PalestineArab negotiators, the relative size of the competing claims must be included.The Arab League is about 50% larger than the whole USA including Alaska.The Arab League is about 40% larger than Canada.The Arab League is larger than all the largest countries in the whole world except Russia.Arab sovereignty rules more area than each of these separate countries, Brazil,Austalia,or China.Read the PLO CharterCovenant or PLO CovenantCharter,which says PalestineArab nationality is an integral part of the Greater Arab Nation.How do we know what the Greater Arab Nation is? Arab self determination of Arab nationhood is the Arab League. Simply put The Arab League is The Arab Nation.This does not include Islamic nonArab members of the Islamic Cooperation Organiztion States such as Iran or Turkey.If we combine the size of the Organization of Islamic Coperation(OIC) states with the Arab League States we are closer to the size of Russia.But let’s just stick with The Arab league,the whole Arab Nation without Iran or the Islamic nonArab states else where outside the Arab League.Now most people are well aware of the fact that the pre 1967 State of Israel borders are about the size of NewJersey or Massachusets,8000 square miles compared to 5,300,000 square miles for the ArabLeagueStates.If we include JudaeaSamariaGaza country,we add about 2000 more square miles to Massachusets size 1967 borders.This is about the equivalent of adding Connecticut & RhodeIsland to Massachusets.Are these all not well known to be amongst the tiniest of all the USA states? Now if we break up the Arab League States by native original pre Arab Empire nations, we have millions of people under occupation by sons of Arab Empire colonizers over Africa & SouthWestAsia.Kurdistan & Darfur are glaring examples.Kurdish and Darfur peoples are both IslamicNonArab ethnic nations.Both Darfur IslamicNonArab & Kurdish IslamicNonArab ethnic nations have no representation in the Islamic Cooperation Organization(OIC) states or the Arab League states.Many IslamicNonArab ethnic nations like Berbers and Nubians of NorthAfrica are also under Arabist occupation.At the very least,three Arab League states have NonArab majorities.Mauritania is about 2/3 BlackAfricanIslamicNonArab.Sudan was about 2/3 BlackAfricanNonIslamicNonArab & IslamicNonArab(like Darfur & Nubia).Now the SouthSudanBlackAfricanNonIslamicNonArab rebels are separated from the SudanArab Republic.So now the remaining SudanArab Republic is about half & half Arab & African IslamicNonArab like Darfur & Nubia.There might be a 60/40 split favoring Arabs over Africans with the seccession of the South from the SudanArab dominated north.We can learn more about racist Arab supremacism against AfricanBlackIslamicNonArabs in Beja,east Sudan red seacoast country.Nuba BlackAfricanIslamicNonArabs are also often included in SudanArabRaceWar on Darfur & SouthSudanBlackAfricans. These ArabistRaceWars & genocide on AfricanIslamicNonArab & AfricanNonIslamicNonArabs are all exampes of a succession(Kalifates) of Arabist Imperial monopolism over NorthAfrica & SouthWeatAsia. Egypt’s native preArabs are Coptic.The name Coptic actually means Egyptic.Coptic is also the last dialect of the ancient classical Egyptic language of the Pharoahs’ pre Arabist Imperial assimilation of Egypt under Arabist occupation.The Berber IslamicNonArabs of Morroco are the majority of that Arab League state & a significant share of the population of the AlgerianArab state Also.Aramaic language is still in use by Syrian,Lebonese & Iraqi natives under Arabist Imperial occupation.

  4. Arabist Imperial successors must be held to the same standards as everybody else in the western succession of Imperial heirs of GrecoRoman Empires.Arab Empire patrilineal successorsKaliphates claim to be replacements of the Kingdoms of JudaeanIsrael commonwealths as well as everybody elses western imperial lines of succession.All the classical empires,from Classical to middle ages Western imperial dynasties are included in the predeccessors leading up to The Arabist Imperial Successors,Kaliphate.There is not even the slightest embaressment or concern to justify the Arabist imperial conquests over NorthAfrica & SouthWestAsia. Every body else who ruled empires precceeding Arabist imperial successors(kalifates) were considered violaters of their divine rights of rulers.Now the 2000s,post modern Kaliphate Arabist Imperial successors,deny any & all else who claim self determination in the countries of Africa & SouthWestAsia under occupation by Sons of Arabist Imperial Conquerors.Arabist Cezar worship is the real nature of our current cartel of Arabist empie occupiers.

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