Events at Dir Yassin

What happened at Dir Yassin?


Ever since Zionists started arriving in Palestine, massacres became common which include brutal killings of innocent Palestinians in the name of “Israel” – a name which started to hold a connotation of destruction and death for Palestinians. And one such massacre occurred at Dir Yassin where Palestinian civilians were tortured, killed and their bodies mutilated; where women were raped, babies were butchered and the bellies of pregnant women ripped open.

On April 9, 1949, early morning on a Friday, Menachem Begin and Stern Gang gathered commandos of the Irgun and Haganah and attacked Dir Yassin even after the village had agreed to a non-aggression pact. This village had about 750 Palestinian residents and lay near the area which United Nations declared to be included in the future Jewish state. Although the village had a peaceful reputation but its location suited Jews the most as it lay between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. According to a secret plan leaked some years later, Israel planned to build a small airbase at this place by cleansing this place of the residents that would serve to supply to Jews living in Jerusalem. The surrounding Zionist colonies like Givat Shaul stopped the road access of Dir Yassin to Jerusalem, forming a blockade. The villagers formed a guard around the village with whatever little ammunition they had.


After killing anyone who tried to escape the village, the Zionists took to the villagers’ homes and killed everyone present, raping women and children, bayoneting pregnant women, mutilating bodies, taking away jewelry and valuables from the houses and burning them down afterwards. At least fifteen houses were blown in front of its inhabitants by the terrorist gangs. Hundred people including men, women and children were systematically murdered by noon. Palestinians putting up a resistance killed four Israeli commandos using old muskets. Their meager weaponry stood no chance in front of the three big Israeli terrorist gangs who took the village from three sides. The Israeli commandos loaded twenty-five male residents in a truck to take it as a “victory tour” and after parading through the Zakhron Yosef quarter in Jerusalem, took them to a stone quarry on a road between Dir Yassin and Givat Shaul and shot them to death. The remaining residents were taken to Arab East Jerusalem.


On April 13, the New York Times reported 254 dead bodies, a day after they were buried. This was also the estimate given by Red Cross and the UN. This number is exaggerated by the Zionists to spread a fear among Palestinians so that they flee from their homes in order to save themselves. After finishing the massacre in Dir Yassin, Zionist terrorist groups went from one Palestinian village to other, announcing on loud speakers to evacuate the village or they will witness a fate like Dir Yassin. Eye witnesses also report that the remaining alive women and children were paraded stripped among the Jerusalem streets of Jewish neighborhoods where they were subjected to insults by the onlookers.


After the massacre, representatives of The International Red Cross Society asked permission to investigate the matter. Zionist authorities tried their best to stop or delay their advances in the village and tried to ‘mop up’ the traces of the massacres but evidences of something as horrific as this were visible everywhere. Both the British commander and Israeli agencies knew about the massacre whereupon they took no notice to stop it, ‘denouncing’ only after it was all done and refusing to have any prior knowledge about it.

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