What happened to the Jewish Refugees

What happened to the Jewish refugees from Middle Eastern countries?

In the years following Israel’s independence in May 1948, 600,000 to 800,000 Jews from Arab North Africa and the Middle East (approximately as many as the number of Palestinian refugees who left Israel in 1948) arrived in the new state, as a direct result of official and popular anti-Semitic actions against them. Israel received them as returning countrymen, granted them citizenship and helped them begin new and productive lives. There is currently no visible sign of their being “refugees,” since they have long since been absorbed into Israeli society. Nevertheless, they still have substantial claims against those countries which forced them to flee, often penniless, and these must be addressed in any comprehensive resolution of the refugee problem.

Throughout Arab lands, 1948 Jewish populations have been decreased to next to nothing. To where did these Jewish refugees vanish? The majority went to Israel, often living in tent camps for up to 12 years, just as the Palestinian refugees. However, they got citizenship in Israel and did not remain permanent refugees.

Jewish refugees from Arab lands have received no compensation for expropriated property, while Arabs who lost property in Israel are eligible to file for compensation from Israel?s Custodian of Absentee Property.

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  1. i dont understand how one person can biled a army and say that sertan religions are not good enough to be on this earth…im jewish and it hurts to lison to the storys and watch the movies…it breaks my hart to know that so many bad things happend to babies,kids,weman,men…so many people to hear it it makes me cry i wish i could go back in time and take the army with me and torture all the nazis

    1. I am a sunny Muslim (Hanafi) & follower of Sufi saint Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jeelani. One who hate any human being let alone Jewish is not a true Muslim. I feel the British empire has connived & misguided Muslim masses as well as Jewish people that they are enemies to each other. The Palestinians should come forward & make Israel people as neighbors & accept Israel as a nation.They need not mingle with Jews in personal life. In India the Hindu extremists make life miserable for Muslims, still Muslim survive & flourish. Al-Quran only says not to take Jews,Christians as their saviors. That does not mean that you should harm them. Do not trust them but do not hate them. Live peacefully & shun all violence, the days are gone. Any body can follow any religion. People always have faith in truth. Islam is truth. Muslims should only follow truth. JEWS ARE ALSO HAS GOT RIGHTS AS MUSLIMS. WHEN A MUSLIM CAN MAKE FRIENDS WITH CHRISTIANS ,HINDUS,SICKS,ETC., WHY NOT WITH JEWS.

  2. Theres nothing wrong with the Jew of Judaism, but the Zionist-Jew of -modern day- secular Israel.
    According to the Quran there are two types of Jews- one that will go heaven and the other that goes hell, but whats the point of determining where all this jew-arab hate came from on a religious basis, when it really isnt anymore, its a materialist political game.

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