What is the evidence that the United Nations is biased against Israel?

What is the evidence that the United Nations is biased against Israel?

The Palestine-Israel issue and other Arab-Israeli conflicts take up a significant portion of the debate time, resources and resolutions at the United Nations. The United Nations Security Council was founded in 1948 and till 2012; it passed 79 resolutions that were directly critical of Israel due to its violations of the resolutions of U.N. Security Council, the Geneva Conventions, international acts of terrorism and international law. In Lebanon alone, Israel is subject to the violations of 15 UNSC resolutions which include using military force, not complying with the cease-fire agreements and withdrawing of forces from Lebanon.

The Palestinian partition plan in November 1947 was the earliest of resolutions by the United Nations, which was adopted by the General Assembly of UN. Since then, it has passed numerous resolutions, playing a central role in trying to resolve the issues of the region. The UN has also sponsored a number of peace negotiations between the two parties, the 2000 Road Map for peace being the latest one. A resolution in 1975, Resolution 3379, stated “Zionism is racism.” However, it was rescinded in 1991.

Most of the decisions of the UNO, which were also supported by the countries of Organization of the Islamic Conference, were critical of Israel’s treatment with the Palestinians. Because of these resolutions, a number of pro-Israel parties blame UNO for its bias against Israel. It is important to note here that the Jewish community has always considered the UN for taking a hostile approach towards Israel even after the fact that the United Nations played a fundamental role in the efforts of Jews to create the State of Israel.

Despite the fact that Israel believes the UN to have shown bias against them in history, there have been positive developments for Israel at this international body. The UN has a number of Israeli diplomats appointed to various positions. An Israeli official headed one of the committees of the organization in 2007. It was Rony Adam, the head of UN department of Israeli Foreign Ministry who presided over the UN Committee for Program and Coordination.

Moreover, in 2005, Israel was given the deputy chairmanship of the United Nations Disarmament Commission. In the same year, Permanent Representative to the UN and Israel’s Ambassador, Dan Gillerman, was elected as one of the 21 vice presidents of the General Assembly. This candidacy was brought forward by the Western European and others Group.

The United Nations has also considered issues that concern Israel and the Jewish community, particularly the ones related to Holocaust denial and anti-Semitism. So it would be wrong to say that the United Nations is biased against Israel..

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  • John Straus says:

    After reading scores of articles and recently these articles I come to the conclusion that the Arab countries really do not want to settle the Palestinian controversey. They just want to use them to antagonize Israel.

    • Barry Vard says:

      Few words John, but right on the money. At all cost the Arabs will continue to antagonize the jews. As the Palesinians do not work, they have the arab resources and certainly the time to be on an antagonistic war front at all times. The jews have been very calm and collect SO FAR, but have a very big stick if it ever looks nasty. Wrong guys to aganize if they get pissed off. The Jews have given them a few demonstrations of their fire power over the years, but have not actually completed the job. The UN is a money sucking hole that needs to be disbanded NOW. While arabs, china ,and Russia are holding a seat, it just wont work, as these are big weapons suppliers to anyone against world order

    • Michael Herschel says:

      Israel brings it upon itself.

    • Paul says:

      Sorry but it is the other way around. The Palestinians have lived in those lands for thousands of years. The Zionists claim that they were there after the exodus as God’s chosen people etc etc. However there is absolutely no evidence of ANY kind substantiating that claim. The facts are that Israel used leverage with their banking loans during WW2, and even tried before then, to force global war. After WW2 and as far back as 1913 the Zionists starting spreading the Holocaust rumors about 6mil Jews etc etc. All to gain global sympathy. After this was achieved they have started their own genocide on the Palestinians. All while being given reparations, billions of dollars from other nations, and military hardware to carry out the grim task. Yet these are the people that our media and newspapers (which they own) have convinced people are the “victims” in all this. When it couldn’t be any further from the truth. This is what Ben Franklin, Washington, and the rest of our founding fathers tried to warn us would happen. If you don’t believe me then look it up. All my statements are facts and as much as many people don’t like it….facts are facts.

  • Diamond Ford says:

    Israel will always be hated by the Arabs and Palestine. Resolution or no Resolution, Conference or no Conference, Israel will always be forced to watch her own back ! Its a joke to think Palestine really want peace with Israel, that move is just a means to an end. What the Arabs , Palestines and by extension some hidden world leaders really want is for Israel to be erased from the picture….. totally !
    Hmm undoubtedly there would be a showdown

    • Eric says:

      Just a note for (PAUL) who for some reason has no reply application to his cowardly words. I have never heard so much dribble in all my days. You speak like a learned man with litle intelligence. The bible in fact tells you so about isreal. But of coaurse, your either an athiest or a muslim. This fact sets you aside and gives you no right to speak on a subject you obviously have no knowledge on. There is more proof on Isreals legitamacy than on your birth. In fact isreal is set proportionatley on only a small portion of the grand lands given it. The arab fear is that if isreal wins one area, then maybe they will want all back. You know so little paul. It is a fact that all of Jordan belongs as isreal land. The isrealis started to migrate back to their lands in as early as 1890. There was no one living there then except a few arabs. Isrealis began making this their home as they were promised only to find the lazy uneducated arabs liked the rich farming land Isrealis turned the desert into. In 1947, resolution 181 gave Isreal its land finally. In fairness, only a portion and Isreal asked no more of it. In 1948, the arab nations surrounding Isreal rose up against it in war. Led by Egypt where the isrealis escaped as slaves, and jordan, who had earmarked isreali land for itself. And all the mighty arabs cojoined lost. So much desert is available their in the middle east for palistinians to live as palistinians among their own arab minority groups. But no, they want isreals prime farming land of milk and honey. In fact, at the un general assembly in 1947, no one mentioned these palistinians. They didnt exist. In fact, the word for palistinians is the roman word given to the area in 70ad after the jewish rebellion that no other arabs had the guts to fight. Jews were expelled and killed. The parasitic philistines (greek And crete) nationals who lived on a thin strip of coastal land and had nothing, moved into the jews lands after the jews were killed or chased out. these greedy parasites took refuge in the city and promised to be good slaves for the romans. Many times over the centuries the jews tried to return only to be pushed out by the romans or the eventual thieves of land, the muslim hordes. Everyone knows how the muslims tried to overtake all the world many centuries ago and isreal was just one of those places. As a word to the educated, the holy wars were in fact the worlds recognition of the jews and gods land. Nearly every person I hear say the isrealis have no rights are complete idiots that have never read anything (illiterates lol) and only watch arab news networks daily. In 1967, the arabs again attacked Isreal and bit of more than they could chew. Once again led by the cowardly egyptians and jordanians. This time, isreal took hold of its gazza strip, west bank and also west jeruselem. All promised territories to the jews and stolen by none other than jordan. Thats right. We are up to 1967 and still, where are the palistinians. They dont exist. They never wanted anything. They were happy living as arabs. These three vital parts of isreali land were taken as spoils of war from cowardly enemies who were grandly defeated once again. They were taken of JORDAN. Do we see palistine in there. NO. We see JORDAN. An arab state. So, we have legitimate knowlege and undesputable knowledge that palistine was not even mentioned immediatley after the 1967 6 day war. We have predominant arab countries, that tried to destroy Isreal in war in 1948 and failed. How humiliating that must have been for arabs. Again, in 1967 and the 6 day war. That was not just humiliating, that said arab nations were nothing and isreal would take what was rightly hers when it pleased. So, arab nations can not take isreal by means of war. Its that simple. Next tactic. hmmmm. what can we do said the arab nations. Old military motto. If you cant beat them, join them. So we have isreal that is already half assimilated by arab Refugees they call themselves. Then we have the rise of the mighty palistinians. Ahhh…now they raise their ugly heads. How can this be isreali land if it is Palistinian (philistine) lands. The philistines were wiped out by the muslim hoards many centuries ago. But these so called intelligent arabs had the idea if they keep saying enough that isreal has no right to existance then it might just go away. If it does not, then hell, get the UN to give it to another peoples or divide it so many times that it is useless to isreal. The only good and righteous thing isreal does is fight for its rightful lands as any government and peoples would do. When will these arabs learn that isreal is there to stay. It also protects the holy city and religion as we hold it dear. The arabs are primarily muslim, so it is there wish that the holy city disapear and never be heard from again so muslim religion can once again ignite the world in war. The fall of isreal will be the fall of the world as we know it today.I hope the people who dislike isreal like wearing turbans and baggy pants and poverty and illiteracy for the sake of qu,ran learnedness. This is your future, not to mention loss of womens rights if isreal was to loose its country. The world would be set back 600 years by that alone. Before writing anything in here paul, you should develope a sense of reading both sides of the story and not pretending you know it all because you read all about one side. Be a man next time and leave your reply able to be replied too. Not enabling replys is an admission of uncertainty.

  • victory says:

    YES:After reading scores of articles and recently these articles I come to the conclusion that the Arab countries really do not want to settle the Palestinian controversey. They just want to use them to antagonize Israel.In addition they are always the trouble maker,even when they are show alot LOVE e.g i read an article Isreal has given them clean water 80% and offered to teach them the techniques to recycle sewage water for their use ,instead they want clean water from ISREAL and return sewage i believe this is an abuse of the Love shown to them.Let them put their shoes in Isreal what would they like to be done unto them then let them do to their fellow.

  • Tim Rosaire says:

    A skillfully crafted position that at first reading has a persuasive argument. Sadly, each of the seemingly neutral arguments fail to take any responsibility, that’s ANY responsibility at all, by advocates of Israel and Zionism for it’s unrelenting and often criminal acts against the native peoples of Palastine. It doesn’t help that you caste the world as being against you yet never, never take any responsibility for unrelenting land-grabbing accompanied often by violence. It would help your cause greatly if you stopped acting this way then when held accountable switching to a vicitim mentality. I support there being an Israel and it’s right to safety. I continue to be shocked and saddened by Israel’s one-sided and aggressive self-serving conduct. Whatever the supposed origin of peoples who lived in Paestine prior to the establishmnet of the State of Israel, those people had and have a right to be there and to also have the same rights that Israeli’s demand for themselves. This site could be a valuable place for dialog but sadly it’s is instead a smoothly crafted and highly biased propaganda machine, or am I missing something.

    • gregor kropotkin says:

      could not have put it better myself,no matter where the debate goes when engaged with a pro-zionist i always get the “there were no “Palestinians” before 1967″ or there never was a place called “Palestine”.i am afraid that it is largely a waste of time because the opposing mentality is fixed on its non-questioning trajectory and is immune to any opposing view.
      i am currently studying the provable,documentary evidence of occupation by the various ethnic groups in the region as far back as i can unearth-it supports the Palestinian claims,i have always been fairly well acquainted with these facts but when engaging in an argument the more of those facts you know,the better.(at least it quickly shuts up the ones who denounce me as “anti-semitic” or a “terrorist sympathiser”
      i don’t really know how much good any of this will do but having felt as strongly as i do on the issue for 75% of my life i can never just let it go because of “outrage fatigue”
      hope to meet you in a Palestinian state worthy of the name one day!

    • Bill Markson says:

      I love the way you assume your conclusions, Tim.

      Yes, you are missing something.

      BTW, it’s spelled Palestine: a word of Roman origin describing a land whose people Rome sought to obliterate. There never was a sovereign nation so called. There never was, until 1967, a people so called and there never was a Palestinian ethnicity: the people who seek to designate themselves thus are Arabs. And they neither offer or desire peace with Israel; what they desire is the destruction of the state of Israel and the extermination of the Jewish people. What dialogue would you suggest?

    • Russ says:

      Landgrabbing? If you are referring to Eastern Jerusalem, the Golan Heights etc then please let me explain something. Throughout history countries have waged wars upon other countries, with the winners taking land from the losers. The Arabs, after listening to the Mufti of Jerusalem in the 1940’s, who was an Anti-Semite and a favourite of Hitler, decided to declare war upon war on Israel. If they didn’t want to potentially lose land then they should not have started war. The Golan Heights was being used to fire rockets into Israel. My father had emigrated to Israel not long before the 6 day war and served in the Golani Brigade. When he was up in the mountains there a day or two after the war was won, he came across an Arab village. The village had a school. He went in to have a look around and found a Child’s Primer. On page 1 it showed an Arab family.. Page 2 the elder brother, who was shown as a postman in his village. Page 3 replaced the brothers postal uniform with an Army uniform and Page 4 showed the brother stamping his boot onto the land of Israel with the Jews drowning in the sea.

      There will never be peace with the Arabs until they stop teaching their children lies and racism. They teach them to believe in propaganda such as the Elders of Zion, the blood libel and that Jews can turn into cockroaches etc at night. They teach their children that Jews are descended from pigs and monkeys – for proof all you need to do is go to Facebook and look at pages such as I love Israel etc and look at the racist comments left mainly by Egyptian Arabs.

      Just like all this rubbish about the Security Wall. Where is the condemnation for Egypt, who also built a security fence to keep the Palestinians out? Where is the condemnation for the USA who are or have built a wall to keep the Mexicans etc out?

      Similarly, people keep trotting out the bull poop about Israel being an Apartheid State. This is not true. There are NO segregation laws in Israel. Arab men and women have MORE civil rights in Israel than they do in Arab countries. They are able to drive, work, vote etc and do so happily. There are Arabs and Druze in Parliament, hospitals, schools, media and much more. That ex Israeli Prime Minister who was sentenced for rape was sentenced by an ARAB Judge. Israel is THE ONLY COUNTRY in the Middle East to specifically allow religious FREEDOM to ALL religions. Unlike most ARAB countries who are doing their best to push Christians and Jews out of their countries. Black African Christians are leaving their countries and making the dangerous and often life ending (at the hands of the Bedouin) journey to Israel for example. For further proof of the religious intolerance lets look at Hamas’s Charter and what Mahmoud Abbas said to the UN in his speech for a Palestinian State. Hamas’s stated goal is to wipe Israel and its Jews off the map, just like Iran wants to do… Abbas wants the State of Palestine to be “Jew free”.

      I would like to finish off by saying these “native” Palestinians you talk about did NOT exist before 1967. Before the 6 day war the Arabs in the Gaza Strip were EGYPTIAN and the Arabs in the West Bank were JORDANIAN. Even Mr Walid Shoebat says this and he is a FORMER Arab Terrorist.

    • Russ says:

      BTW: You want to know who the REAL native “Palestinians” are? They are the JEWS who weren’t deported and spread across the Roman Empire after they took Masada. If you are going to talk about this stuff you really need to learn some proper facts.

      The Arabs would like everyone to believe that under their Caliphates Jews were given religious freedom. They weren’t. They were forced to accept special rules and taxes, just as Jews have been forced to do for centuries in Europe.

      What this basically comes down to is the fact that for centuries Jews have turned the other cheek whenever Pagans, Christians, Muslims and everyone else have punished them. Now that they fight back and defend what was theirs for 3,000 odd years people don’t like it.

      The land of Israel and Judea has never had a period in its history, no matter the name the land has been given since the Roman “occupation” and the Arab/Ottoman “Occupation” where there have been 0 Jews living there.

      I have another example of intolerance for you too. Arabs and especially the Palestinians are busy destroying Jewish heritage and artifacts in Jerusalems Temple Mount in a bid to remove the Jewish heritage and historic association with the land. They are also using UNESCO to try and secure Jewish holy sites, such as the Cave of the Elders and Jacob’s tomb, as their own! This is being done again to remove Jewish heritage and historic association with the land of Israel and Judea. Then look at those ancient statues the Taliban blew up in Afganistan. Yep, these Arabs and their people REALLY are tolerant of everyone else’s religion.

      Then there is the lie that Arabs tell themselves that Palestine has existed, in many forms, for 10,000 years. If this is so then why is there NO evidence of “Palestinian” artifacts etc. They say the Canaanites were Palestinian in descent.

      If you want to point the finger at any people who’ll use any dirty trick to manipulate the heartstrings of the world then point your finger at the Arabs and especially at the Palestinians.

    • lulz58 says:

      It’s a fact that the day following the declaration of Israel’s statehood, they were attacked by 5 Arab armies attacked the new state with the intent to drive the Jewish people into the sea, The conflict has been ongoing ever since. If the Palestinian people have problems it’s because 1) they brought it upon themselves and 2) because the Arab nations refuse to take those people in. After all, a nation was created for those people and it’s called Jordan.

    • Eric says:

      You missed everything. What land grabbing?. Isreal has grabbed no land since 1967 after the 6 day war.To the victor remain the spoils. West bank, gaza, and west Jeruselem. They didnt take that of any palistinian did they. Say they did and show me how little you know. They annexed that land of Jordan. Palistine was not even thought of then. So far your lost in all. You use jew and zionist like they compliment each other. There is a big difference between a jew and a zionist. Much like the difference between a muslim and a radical muslim. There are only about 60 000 zionist jews in all isreal. You should study more before trying to make literary staements of sub value. Its a fact. since isreal has entertained the idea of accepting palistine next door, palistinians got hungrier. Palistinians at all levels have walked out of every single peace deal oportunity organised for it by variable members of the world. They dont want peace. Justr this day, 16/04/2012.. palistinian leader refused to enter talks without even telling his own two companians who arrived without knowing he wasnt coming. Idiots. They want isreal. Let the two of them fight it out. Then isreal can live in peace cant it?. Palistinians have no place other than as an arab tool to pry UN given lands from a non arabic country. Predominantly, muslims hate christians and jews. and the arab attacks on isreal since 1947 have been nothing other than racial wars on religion by moronic arab countries who will not have a christian jew country contaminate there radical muslim lifestyles. If you dont anihilate the radicalism of muslim populations now, you wont have an opportunity to do so in the future. You can stand shocked all you like about this so called self served conduct by isreal. Untill you open your eyes and see the children and old people blown apart by rockets fired into isreal, before you see the palistinians pay the ultimate price for their warlike conduct, then you will always be biased. Before you say that it is not the palistinian peoples who fire these rockets, remember that palistine has never since its conception held any person on palistinian soil accountable for its actions against isreal and in fact has always assisted them. If palistinians see themselves as a nation, then they must behave as one and offer all assistance to isreal to bring the terrorists to court over their firing of missiles into the isreali population. As they refuse to do this, it becomes an act of war on the part of palistine to willfully and intentially allow harm to isreali citizens on isreali land to be killed and maimed. What happens in palistine then is just a reaction to an action of their own causing. Isreal is a country and ratified as such and theirby has a legal right to face the aggressor and at times declare war as a deterent. Every country denounces isreal, but notice none interfere as isreal has always conducted itself within the rules of engagement and war as set about by the world and soverein rights. As for the people who lived in the area before isreal regained its land. Isreal has the right to evict anyone not accepted as an isreali, never the less, isreal has gladly assimilated over two million arab persons into their society as they and their families before them were rightly there even as keepers of isreals land. None were kicked out. All and their families have lived in isreal. They are free to practice whatever religion is theirs without interference from the state of isreal. Palistine continues to grow with all the arab dropouts and deadbeats as they immigrate to this are called palistine in hopes of recieving a piece of the furtile isreali lands if they pester them long enough. It is my sincere hope that palistine does recieve rights as a nation and country very soon. Because then, isreal will treat them as a nation and country and obliterate them rightly so when they attack isreal again. Every nation has the legal right to protection. Palistines only protection is the fact it is not yet a nation. Let it loose that protection and see how long they can throw rocks over the fence without the serious repercussions setting in? And I am not Isreali.

  • Leonard Lash says:

    Yes, Tim, you are! When you bring up the notion of the “native peoples” of Palestine you are sneaking your toe into ancient
    history. But, you seem to have missed that. Israel has been excoriated for building “the wall”, yet the incidence of suicide bombers decreased precipitously. There are many such incidents that I could mention, but the bottom line is that the Arabs do not want peace…they want the total destruction of Israel. How do you negoriate that?

  • Mark says:

    I agree with the article. I am only 24, but in my young life I have heard little from the U.N. concerning other nations in their ruthless and brutal acts. Israel seems to get all the attention. I am a history major and I study the Bible as a Christian. With that said there is no bias on my part, but simple facts: The Jewish people were expelled from Judea over 2000 years ago after the Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed. It’s funny Jesus prophecied these things would happen and later Israel would be reestablished And it has been. There are actually a lot of prophecies concerning Israel being reestablished and being transformed from a land with little resources to a thriving nation with many other peoples living along side the Jewish people as it is today. When Israel was reestablished History tells us Arab nations called for the Arabs in the land to leave so they could attack and destroy Israel. When Israel won it created a refugee situation which is the fault of the Arabs not Israel.

    • Collin Sturm says:

      I agree with you Mark, I am a christian too and i am studying the conflict between Israel and Palestine. They always say this conflict is just politics and religion has little or nothing to do with the conflict. That of course is wrong, Israel is just going through the cycle they went through like 9 times, but that land is actually rightfully not theirs. They should rather be content with what they have rather than try to beat the hell out of the Palestinians.

    • Mohamad says:

      Are you serious, History Major????????? Where did you study Tel Aviv University?

      And who expelled the Jews from their God given Land 2000 years ago? where they living their alone ? You need to tell the rest of the story, and thank you for admitting that Arabs existed in Palestine prior to the mandate by UN to split the LAND and give half of it o the Migrating Zionists that were fleeing the Nazis. The Arabs refused the splitting of the land and yes they tried to keep it one land for all but the Zionists had another plan, they wanted the whole PIE for themselves. It has been over 63 years now and the Palestinians are still fighting for their rights and Land. And they will never stop, you call it terrorism I call it resistance, an act of resisting the mandate of UN to split a land and force its original people to leave. Do you know what the word settlers mean, or settlement? why do they call the newly built areas in Palestine settlements? because the people that are coming to live in them are settlers migrating from other lands…….. please read the true history, not the one that is propagated by the Zionist controlled media…………………….

    • Michael Herschel says:


      Your statement implies that you are biased by the simple fact that you are using your religion as a basis of your argument. President Harry S Truman who recognized the state of Israel did it in such a way that supported his faith even when the Secretary of State George C Marshall said the plan was unworkable and by doing so the president violated one of our basic constitutional rights, the First Amendment. George Washington’s farewell address of 1796 even said the Bill of Rights should be a basis of how we conduct ourselves in foreign-policy. All past treaties of the United States are considered laws of the land and one such treaty said the United States is not based on the Christian religion. This treaty was drafted by president John Adams, approved and read in Congress with little or no opponents to the treaty. If you do not believe what I am saying then I suggest you should look it up. It is called the Treaty of Tripoli which is addressed to the Moslems.

    • Paul says:

      Its called self-fulfilling prophecies. If you get everyone to believe your story and buy into it, of course it looks like a prophecy come true. The Zionists have had their eyes set on the Palestinians lands ever since the 17th century. To this day there is zero, absolutely no evidence supporting the Zionists story that they were ever there in ancient history. They have spent vasts sums of money in the last 50+ of so years especially in Jerusalem trying to uncover even a single relic proving, or at least supporting their claims. They have not found any because there are none to be found. Palestinians and other Arab nations are the ONLY people who have any legitimate claim to those lands, period.

  • Antonio says:

    Yes, Israel is really in difficult situation, the UN always blame Israel for any conflicts in the Middle East especially between Arabs/Muslims even though she is only depending her rights, territories and its people. How come, Israel was not given any position in the UN when in fact Israel is the most intelligent, educated, civilized, disciplined and peace-loving people in the Middle East. I really agree with the author, UN is anti-Israel and has to be disbanded as well.

    • Michael Herschel says:


      The United States with its veto powers in the UN Security Council has made the United Nations an ineffective entity. Israel contributes to the majority of its problems here. It is kind of funny that the United Nations backed up the partition plan of 1947? If you really had to compare Israel to any other country I would say that it is closer to Iran than the United States. The reason for this is that the United States is a representative democracy and Israel is a theocratic democracy like Iran.

    • Paul says:

      Wow, you really have been brainwashed by the media. You really need to pick up a history book some time. Israel has led an illegal war of aggression for the better part of a century. And now they are trying to start another world war just like in the past. And yes Zionists were responsibly for much of the Hostilities and acts of aggression during WW1 & 2. As for the U.N. they are nothing more then a puppet of Israel. You really shouldn’t express opinions about things you clearly know nothing about.

    • Sean says:

      Peace loving? That’s why unmarked Israel fighters tried to destroy the USS Liberty and blame it on Arabs and when they failed try to cover it up. If that’s them loving peace I wouldn’t like to see what they would do if they hated peace.

  • RichardL says:

    I have only glanced over these comments but I will offer this information.

    Israel did not exist before 1948. Before that time everyone (including Herzl, Weizmann, Ben-Gurion, the British, the League of Nations, the Americans – literally everyone) referred to Palestine by its name. Like it or not Palestine existed (even though there has not been a self-governing Palestinian state) and it is incorrect to pretend it did not.

    The Arab Peace Initiative is still on the table but has never been accepted or realistically considered by Israel. It is not true to say the Arabs have never wanted peace.

    Arafat did not instigate or direct the second intifada. Israel did release some mistranslated documents to this effect but this was pure mischief. (See Robert Fisk, the Great War for Civilization.)

    Former terrorist Arafat did indeed address the United Nations. There are also plenty of Israeli leaders who have been involved in terrorism too. The list is vast of Israel leaders who have committed war crimes and prominent Israelis who have been unable to travel overseas recently for fear of prosecution have included Ehud Barak, Dan Meridor, Tzipi Livni (even on her recent visit to London HMG had to pretend that she was on a special mission in order to prevent legal proceedings) and Gen Eiland.

    According to SIPRI Israel is the world’s largest arms exporter per capita.Furtive Israeli personnel turn up in all sorts of corners of the world such as Congo Brazzaville. Let’s not forget for example that Israel cooperated with South Africa in the production of a nuclear bomb. Peace loving Israel is a myth, regrettably.

    So perhaps the UN has a point. Perhaps Israel is a rogue state. And perhaps some of you guys had better get used to the fact that until Israel changes its ways and learns to stop stealing Palestinian land, carrying out weapons experiments in Gaza, holding 4,700 Palestinians as political prisoners, incarcerating children and putting them on trial unrepresented in kangaroo military courts, demolishing Palestinian homes, routinely torturing Arab prisoners, illegally overflying neighbouring countries, incarcerating the whole population of Gaza in an illegal siege…Until Israel stops its illegal, abhorrent behaviour it is going to continue to attract opprobrium and condemnation. Why are you guys so surprised?

    • lulz58 says:

      Wow, have you bought into the Palestinian propaganda or what?

    • Paul says:

      You have many good points. Israel does not want peace, they want to exterminate anyone who gets in their way. To Zionists its either they get what they want or try to make everyone else suffer. They still have most of the world believing in the Holohoax.

    • Eric says:

      Your very intelligent. You have two brains and one is lost and the other is looking for it. Sorry, there is nothing can be said to such stupid remarks. 7 million people do not go quietly into the night. And just this day, again as has been every time, Palestinian leader walked out on a peace meeting with isreal. Isreal does not have to meet arab leaders about Palestine. Its between isreal and Palestine and it is Palestine who has walked out every single time since 1967

    • Ron says:

      Let me just make one thing clear. Palestine did exist before 1948 but not as a nation with a self-ruling government etc but as a geographical region. The whole area was under the rule of the Ottoman Empire which was then taken by the British following their defeat in WW1. The word ‘Palestine’ comes from the word Philistia where an ancient people known as the Philistines come from. The Roman Emperor Hadrian gave the name to the region ‘Palestine’ to erase any trace of the Jew’s ownership or connection to the land after the failed Jewish revolt led by Simon Bar Kochba in 70 CE The entire area was known as Judea and Samaria before Hadrian banished the Jews in 70 CE.

      When the land was desolate Arabic nomads settled in the area and yes they had a culture; Arab Culture not Palestinian in a sense that it was ever a nation to begin with. Also don’t forget even though most of the Jews were banished from the land, some, by some miracle was able to stay. So before 1948 the area was called Palestine with some Palestinian Jews and Arabs living side by side together. The conflict only started when they tried to create a Jewish State and rightly so since the Jews has had continuous presence in the land for the past 3,300 years. The Arabs would have been happy under Jewish rule as can be seen by hundreds of satisfied Israeli Arabs living in Israel now. In fact these Arabs enjoy more freedom and benefits than Arabs living in Arab countries. Anyway the Jews being the original owners of the land is a historical fact supported by archaeological discoveries. Even secular historians will agree with this. Only a brainwashed idiot will refuse to accept this fact.

      Every time an archaeological dig uncovers ancient Jewish artifacts that predates any other artifacts of other cultures or races. So who does the land of Israel belong to? The Jews. This is not a myth but a fact. Sadly Arabs refuse to acknowledge this due to their hatred for the Jewish state and their goal to antagonize it until it is wiped off the face of the Earth. Jews has been persecuted and driven out of all the Arab countries yet there are no Jewish refugees. Why? Because Israel has absorbed them. On the other hand there are millions of ‘Palestinian Arab refugees. Why because the Arabs countries don’t want them and use them as an open sore to antagonize Israel.Why cant this refugees go to Jordan. After all Jordan was part of the region called Palestine meaning that they are Palestinian lands. So why can that side of Palestine be called Jordan and the other side not be called Israel. Its because of the Arabs hatred of the Jews as a nation and as a people in general. The Arabs inside Jordan can have their own country and call it Jordan and the Jews cant have their own state. These are facts the anti-Israel camp refuses to accept because they choose to be deluded and and believe in a lie that they have turned into a myth. Can’t get anymore brainwashed than that. Also people gripe and gribble pettily about Israel being allowed to have nukes and selling weapons. Have you ever heard of Israel threatening to wipe off an Arab country off the face of the Earth? No. Have you ever heard an Arab Muslim country go on and on about destroying the state of Israel? Yes. Hence Israel is allowed to arm themselves. Keyword here is Self-Defense. So there you go.

  • IVreich says:

    If a Barbaric laws are use then it’s alright to attack and robbed.
    If it’s a humane,modern and civilize laws , then that’s wrong.

  • Paul says:

    This is some of the most ridiculous rhetoric i have been unfortunate enough to come across. It is the intentional distortion of facts by Zionists. The Palestinians have every right to their own land, which belongs to them. The Israeli’s are the largest criminal empire in the world and what most American’s blinding support. All without realizing they are not in any supportive to the U.S. The Israeli government was built and founded on lies and is getting away with committing atrocities on a larger scale then ever before seen in history.

    • Eric says:

      your right…we just cant kill all the palistinians because they have no where to stay. That said, what right do they have to take isrealis land. What. let arabs kill 7 million jews because they want to put their retarded defected people out of their own way? I agree…give them land, but there is so much desert there in egypt and jordan where they came from to develope and make a prosperous world of their own. Not come in and take the jews hard worked land and values. Christianity would loose its whole basis for being when the muslim hoards again destroy the rest of the religious artifacts and proofs. That said, we wont have christianity, that makes it ok to then go back and destroy all the arab nations that started this fight in the first place. Please. Just use a brain.They all exist. They all are peoples. They all need land. Isreal has land. Let egypt give land to the palistinians as jordan gave isreal to isreal. If the palistinians are not happy with that, then obviously they only want to steal someones already hard earned rights. So destroy them then and end the madness.

    • Eric says:

      soon as an idiot mentions the word zionist, you get the backs of the righteous up. A zionist is a radical form of jewish faith, Just like a radical muslim. Start bandying the radical muslim bit in front of an arab and watch him get upset. Before shouting out anti isreali slogans you may have overheard from the back at a uni rally, learn their meanings. Your an insult to yourself. Zionists in isreal number approximately 60 000. this is a far cry short of the 5 million jews there or the 2 million happy muslims arabs. Its not like they have any say at all…if they did..all arabs would be dead now as isreal has that power in its hand.
      In all your replies you have sprouted racist steriotyped anti isreali slogans rather than tell anything legitimate. You are also very much anti american, theirfore I can see and so can others that any and all you say has no reflection or concideration on the subject of isreal. Only your own self centered needs are being fed here, so i assume you are definately arab and hiding it. If you had half a brain you would know isreal is a staunch allie of america as is my country australia. Does that make australians zionist pigs or war criminals or any such rubbish. Only reason you sprout this zionist shyte is because you have exactly zero expotentially to add to this forum with knowlegable fact lol

    • madseller says:

      What foaming at the mouth nonsense. “largest criminal empire”…..blah blah blah…….utter rot. Thankfully your kind are too stupid to be any real threat to those that want peace and are not blinded by simple bigotry.

    • William says:

      Paul, my name isn’t really William. Just like you’re name really isn’t Paul.
      Mohammed, please open any history book, unbiased and not written by anti Zionist sources.
      If you really believe that the holocaust didn’t happen, then there is no point in debating with you. I believe in the two state solution but that has been presented in 1917, by the League of Nations, 1937 peel commission, 1948 United Nations etc etc yet every time the peace loving leaders of “Palestine” declined. Regardless, I still love you Mohammed because only through love and understanding one another, appreciating life, can there be peace in the world. Please open your eyes, learn to love and most importantly read.

    • Ron says:

      Words from a deluded and truly brainwashed individual. You have not given one single piece of evidence to support your claims. Instead you just go on and on blabbering about US-Israeli conspiracy theories the asylums of the world would have plenty of.

  • Mary says:

    I don’t agree with this. Not at all. The reason being that the Arab states (as well as the individuals/organisations that are currently in the western countries) are not willing to listen to Israel. Antisemitism and destroying Jews and Israel is their way of “peace”.

  • Samir S. Halabi says:

    To Mohamad:-
    So you think that one day you will kick all the Jews out of Israel as your Arab brothers (if you are an Arab and not an Asian) as you made one million Jews stateless, homeless and pennyless from their homeland in the Middle-East and the Maghreb especially after the Arab-Israel war of 1948, when the Arab armies failed to destroy Israel at it’s inception, whereby they scapegoated the defenceless Jews of the Arab-world to vent their anger, hatred and vengeance as a means of solace for their defeat. My parents were just one of the one million Jews that were either kicked or who fled for their lives rather than be butchered by your brethren. My parents lost everything, but they worked hard and didn’t take charity as the Palestinians did for the past 63 years. We the forgotten Jews of the Middle-East and North-Africa outnumbered the Arab refugees of the former British Mandate of Palestine by almost two to one, however no one wishes to talk about the parallel issue of the Jewish refugees, they only discuss the Palestinian issue. Well over 50% of the Jewish population in Israel today comprise of the Jews and their descendants whom originated from the Arab lands. 75% of the Jews from the Arab lands are citizens of Israel and and the remainder are scattered all over the USA, Canada, Central & South America, Australia, South Africa, France, the UK and some in Italy, SpaIN & Portugal.

  • Arik Arik says:

    I would like to ask the following to the Israel bashers in here:

    Do you believe there are such things as facts – yes or no?

    If yes, why do you falsely claim that a ‘Palestinian people exists and yet reject 4000 years of Jewish history in Israel?
    If you accept facts, why do you ignore that the Arab world seeks Israel’s annihilation since 1948? Is annihilating an entire country or ethnic group of people a human right? If Israel decides to do the same with the Arabs and Moslems – will that be considered to be a human right?

    If you deny the existence of facts and if you insist that there is no reality or facts but merely subjective opinions, wkat makes your opinions moral or legitimate? After all – there are just opinions and no right and wrong?

    If you adher to equality of all human beings, why do you reject pro-Israeli statements as “people who studied at an Israeli university” and uses the word Zionist as if it was an insult? First of all, no pro-Israeli comment, provided it is factual, should be discarded merely because a Jewish person/Israeli person made that statement because that means you judge that person due to his ethnic and racial identity – and that’s racist and morally repugnant. Second, Zionist is not an insult nor is it an invective.

    I have a few questions for you Jew haters and Israel bashers – provided of course you admit the existence of facts and reality and the quality of all men – Jews included:

    1) Why is “Palestine” a Roma’n/Latin name? Why do Arab nationalists use a Roman/Latin name?
    2) Why is therre no letter “p” in Arabic?
    3) Why is there no “Palestine” or “Palestinians ever mentioned – not once, in the Bible or the Koran?
    4) Why does both the Bible and the Koran admit that Israel is the Jewish homeland and therefore Jewish property?
    5) Why are pro-Israeli Christians accused of being “subjective” due to their religious beliefs but you don’t say the same about pro-Arab voices? Why are pro-Israeli voices among non Jews ‘subjective” whereas pro-Arab opinions are all of the sudden accepted as the truth? Christians may be religious, but that does not mean they are not speaking the truth. They are in fact refering to ancient history.
    6) Why are Jewish claims to Israel always equated with the Bible and why is the Bible always portrayed as religious jiggery-pokery? First of all, the Bible is not one books but several books in one volume written by many authors for many centuries. Second, the Bible does not only consist of religious jiggery-pokery and myths and legends. Actual geographical locations in the Bible are to be found in real physical Israel of the ancient times and of today (and also verified by other ancient civilizations) – places such as: Jerusalem, Hebron, Jericho, Betlehem, Beer Sheva, Yafo (an Israelite seaport used by the ancient kings – King David and King Solomon to trade with Phoenicia – recounted both by the Bible and by non Jewish and non Biblical sources as well), Nasareth, Masada, Dead Sea and so on. All these places exist in the real world. Also the Bible speaks of the Kingdom of Israel and the Kingdom of Yehuda. But it is not only the Bible that speaks of ancient Israel. Ancient Egyptian, Hittite, Canaanite, Edomite, Phoenician, Philisteene, Assyrian, Babylonian, Persian, Greek and Roman sources confirm the exisence of ancient Israel and ancient Yehuda/Judea and the ancient Jews/Israelites. Many non Jewish ancient civilizations confirm in their historical records what is already confirmed in the Bible. The Bible speaks of the Assyrian conquest of the Kingdom of Israel. The Assyrians and their historical records also speak of this conquest of Israel and the bringing of Israelite slaves into Assyria. The Bible speaks of the Babylonian conquest of the Kingdom of Yehuda. Babylonian records speak of the destruction and conquest of Yehuda and the Jewish exiles brought from Yehuda into Babylon. Ancient Persian records reveal that King Cyrus the Great vanquished the Babylonians and allowed the Jews to return to Israel/Yehuda and rebuild the land, the city of Jerusalem the Jewish temple. The Greeks speak of the Jews and so do the Romans. Why do all these civilizations mention the Jews if we Jews “have no rights to the land” and that our ancient history is supposedly “nonsense”? How do you explain all these things? Rejecting the Bible all together as jiggery-pokery reveals extreme and blatant ignorance and second, with or without the belief in God, with or without the belief that God gave the land of Israel to the Jewish/Israelite people, it still remains an undeniable historical fact that millions of Jewish men, women and children lived in the ancient land of Israel called -you guessed it -Israel. Independently of their religious beliefs, ancient Israel was and is a very real, tangible and physical fact.

    7) Nationalism has been alien to the Arabs who have for 1400 years lived as nomads and Bedouins in multi-ethnic and multi-racial “Arab” empires, whose majority population – locals, subjects, citizens, slaves, soldiers, mercenaries, physicians, mathematicians, merchants, kings and royals were no ethnic Arabs – merely Arab speaking Moslems of primarily Iranian/Persian, Kurdish, Turkish, Jewish, Berber and African origins. Very few kings and royals and indeed very few people in the Arab empires could boast with pure Arabian blood. The Koran’s definition of an Arab is a Nomad – a social function – someone who lives in the desert, but since any ethnic group can live in the desert it doesn’t have to entail a certain ethnic character. The Arab definition of an Arab is someone who speaks Arabic. Anyone who learns Arabic becomes an Arab. The Arabs of today, in 22 Arab states, and the Arabs of Israel today and the so called “Palestinians”, are ethnically speaking as mixed as the Arabs of the past. If there are no Arabs today, how can there be any “Palestinian” “Arabs” to begin with?

    8) Jewish/Israelite history started 2000 BCE meaning 4000 years ago. Arab history started in the 7th century C.E 1400 years ago, on the south wester corner of the Arabian peninsula, hundreds of kilometers away from Israel, 2600 years after the Jews established themselves in the land of Israel. How can the Arabs be the natives of Israel? How could the Arabs have lived in Israel prior to the Jews? Historically, geographically and physically impossible.

    9) Most of the so called “Palestinians” are actually multi-ethnic/multi-racial Arab speaking Moslems of primarily Iranian, Kurdish, Turkish, Afghan, Egyptian, Sudanese, Somalian, Black African, Tartar, Bosnian, Albanian, Greeks, Italian and German origins and some of them arrived in Israel 200-300 years ago and moved here due to the political ambitions of the Ottoman empire (the Turks), many of them arrived in Israel (or Palestine under Ottoman rule) as guest workers coming to Jewish cities and industries being built in the land of Israel in the mid and late 19th century, but most of them, the vast majority of those “Palestinians” came to Israel in the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s. That’s hardly ancient history and that’s hardly a homogenous distinct united separate ethnic group of people.

    10) The Romans renamed Israel/Yehuda into “Palestine” or Palaestina to spite the Jews since the Jews fought against the Roman occupation 2000 years ago (the Romans mentioned no “Palestinian’ people or country – why?) and since Jews made such a resistance, the Romans who vanquished the Jews in the 2nd century C.E wanted to erase all evidence that Israel is the Jewish homeland, so the Romans searched through historical records and found out that the arch enemy of ancient Israel was the Philisteenes – an Indo-European ethnic group of people (also mentioned in the Bible that you love to hate) originating from the today Greek island of Crete – they were no Arabs, spoke no Arabic and were no Moslems, but they conquered the Israelite coast and built cities like Gaza, Ashkelon and Ashdod and they fought both against Israel and Egypt and lost against both nations. The Philisteenes were utterly destroyed and disappeared from the stage of history possibly in the 9th or 8th century BCE – meaning 2700-2800 years ago, 900-1000 years before the Romans began to call Israel “Palaestina” and 1300-1400 years before a single Arab or Moslem or mosque even existed in Israel or the Middle East or the Arabian peninsula. But the name “Palestine”comes from Philisteene which means “invader”. If Arabs/”Palestinians”claim Philisteene ancestry they have to explain how they can both the Arabs from the Arabian peninsula and yet belong to a completely different ethnic-cultural and linguistic group of people not from the Arabian peninsula but from Crete- 1300-1400 years before Arabs even entered Israel as invaders and conquerors. Claiming that Arabs/”Palestinians” that entered Israel primarily in the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s are related to an ethnic group of people that has been dead now for at least 2700-2800 years is intellectually dishonest.

    11) If Arabs/”Palestinians” claim Canaanite ancestry they will fail again. The Canaanite language was almost identical to Hebrew. The ancient Hebrews/Israaelites needed no interpreters to understand the Canaanites. The Israelites and Canaanites intermarried and some Canaanites even converted to the Israeli faith and became Israelites themselves, so the claim that Israelites/Hebrews came to Israel/Canaan after the Canaanites is a truth wit a slight modification because many Jews/Israelites back in those days actually had Canaanite ancestry. There is only one ethnic group today that can claim Canaanite ancestry and that’s the Jews/Israelis. The Canaanites completely assimilated into the Jewish nation in the 8th century BCE. Why is Hebrew so similar to the Canaanite language and why is Arabic so different from Canaanite? If Arabs claim Canaanite ancestry, why don’t Arabs speak Canaanite?

    12) What kings, dynasties, palaces, temples, buildings, structures, currency, capital, language, alphabet, religion, kingdom, state, nation state, city state, republic, duchy, principality or empire did the “Palestinians” have and why is it that not a single ancient civilization ever mentions – not once, not anywhere, any “Palestinian” people, nation, tribe, culture, civilization, state or kingdom?

    You Israel bashers and anti-Semites have to answer these questions.
    You are ideologically motivated biased racists that want to steal our 4000 years of Jewish history and erase and replace us from history with an invented “Palestinian” people simply because you cannot accept that Jews have equal national rights among the nations. Denying us national rights merely because we are Jews is racism. Claiming we can’t steal the land from the “Palestinians’ is a blatant and extreme lie of the highest order since the land in dispute has been ours for the past 4000 years. The world would be a lot better place if you could simply lieave this tiny and peaceful country alone and embrace Israel and the Jewish people in the human family – that is, if you are not racists and believe in the equality of human life.

  • Joshua says:

    Do the creators of this website presume themselves unbiased? One would think as much based on the name of the website. A whois check on the website reveals that this information is blocked. A google search however shows that this website is run by the Zionist Organization of America. This indicates a very strong pro-israel bias in the information here being peddled as fact. But this post will of course be censored, because it proves that your “facts” lack transparency, something that the United Nations actually values.

    • Arik Arik says:

      What exactly makes pro-Israeli opinions “biased” and how exactly did you come to that conclusion? Your comment was not censored as you can see. What exactly makes pro- “Palestinian” statements objective?

      What proof do you have that this website does not post facts? If you claim otherwise, then prove that this website is “wrong” and prove that you are right. Can you prove that this website’s statements as not being factual? Can you prove that the “Palestinian” side is factual? I recommend you that you read my previous post in here and start to answer some really serious questions -that is if you dare, if you have the guts and the integrity and honesty to do so.

      The United Nations is nothing what you describe it. The United Nations is dominated by undemocratic states, the UN has not been able to stop a single genocide, war or occupation in this world since the inception of the UN in 1945. The United Nations equalled Zionism with racism – meaning the UN equated Jewish nationalism and self determination as “racism” but its strange that “Palestinian”, Arab, Turkish, Iranian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Polish, Hungarian, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Italian and Spanish nationalism – as examples, are not labeled “racism” – the “anti- nationalism” sentiments is only expressed against Israel in the UN. The UN has NEVER criticized once a single Arab war of aggression against Israel.

      It is not this website that is biased – YOU are biased, since you think that the only “normal” or “natural” relationship one can have with Israel and the Jewish people is a relationship of animosity, hostility and criticism.

      You are not an anti-Semite? Rejecting someone’s statement because it is made by a Jew/Israeli and that statement happens to be supportive of his country – rejecting all of that, is racism. If you hate an ethnic group of people and their country because of their ethnicity, then you are a racist. Plain and simple and there is no way you can talk yourself out of it. There is no good and bad hatred and good and bad racism. All racism and hatred is evil and bad. You are not an anti-Semite? But why in that case are you so hostile to Israel? If you want to criticize Israel’s actions you have to explain what’s wrong with Israel’s actions besides the fact that Israel is claiming the land of our ancestors in which we have lived for the past 4000 years – and don’t give me that nonsense of “occupation”. International law defines occupation as State A conquers State B as a result of war but since neither a “Palestinian” state nor people have existed in recorded history there can’t be any occupation. We haven’t “stolen” or “occupied” anyone’s land – its OUR land and it has been for the past 4000 years.

      If you are angry with Israel’s actions then criticize Israel’s actions – don’t attack Israel and Zionism.

      Other countries don’t recognize Judea, Samaria and Gaza as ours? And how did they come to that conclusion – exactly? Much of the world is ignorant of history and dependent on Arab oil -the very same Arab oil that is being used to manipulate political votes in the “infallible” UN General Assembly.

      I also wish to add something else:
      Did you know that the UN, the world, Lebanon, the Arabs of Gaza, Judea, Samaria and Jordan violate international law every day?

      The San Remo treaty of 1920 (and also verified and confirmed by the Anglo-American treaty signed December 3rd 1924 in London UK) stipulated the borders of the Jewish state and the borders of the Jewish state were meant to be Cis-Jordan (including Jerusalem, Gaza, Judea, Samaria and Golan Heights), Trans-Jordan (Jordan) and SOUTHERN LEBANON UP UNTIL THE BEND OF THE LITANI RIVER. According to the San Remo treaty and the Anglo-American treaty – legally binding documents that the UN and the world violate EVERY DAY, these territories belong to Israel.

      And further more: the Doctrine of Estoppel is a principle used in international law and the Doctrine of Estoppel means that a country cannot violate a treaty they signed before. Examples: many decades ago, the world, including Norway, agreed that Greenland belongs to Denmark. Norway singed that treaty. Decades later the Norwegians claim Greenland – in direct violation of the Doctrine of Estoppel.

      Since the world agreed in the San Remo treaty of 1920 and the Anglo-American treaty of 1924, that the borders of the Jewish state would be Cis-Jordan, Trans-Jordan and southern Lebanon up until the bend of the Litani river and Jews would be given the freedom to live, settle down and build whereever they wish within that territory, and since the world and the UN now act contrary to previous legally binding agreements, the world, when it insists on keeping Jews/Israelis out of Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, Golan, Gaza, Jordan and southern Lebanon violate international law and violate the Doctrine of Estoppel.

      ICJ has a strictly ADVISORY ROLE and the rulings of ICJ are only binding provided that an independent sovereign state agrees with the ruling. If the state agrees – the ICJ ruling is binding. If the state doesn’t agree – the ICJ ruling is NOT binding. ICJ deals ONLY with states. Israel doesn’t agree with ICJ and “Palestine” is no state.

      It is not Jews claiming these lands that violates international law. It is denying Jews the right to these lands that is a violation of international law.

    • Norbert says:


      Why not simply stay with the facts. If a lier tells you the sun is shinning is that a lie or a fact? Easy answer, llok aout the window and figure out by yourself.

      Check the facts and stop the “pro-israel and therfore questionable” nonsense.

  • Samir S. Halabi says:

    Joshua is either one of those Jews who hates Israel and doesn’t think that there should be a necessity for a Jewish state, as the gentiles will forever protect them as they did in world war two. That the Jews from the Arab and Islamic world will always be protected by Islam, because the Muslims really care for the Jewish people and would never harm them or butcher them to death, as they did throughout the history of Islam starting some 1433 years ago.
    Or perhaps Joshua is just another gentile who despises the Jewish people and wishes to see the complete destruction of israel and her people annihilated.

  • pastor tim says:

    we as Christians (2.2 billion) have to say to UN to give “a way” for Palestinians (Egyptians, etc) to be accepted to their OWN God given tribal countries and start a new life. UN got a lot of money for it, plus Arab league has to support it. It can be the only good reason for UN to exit. “Palestinians’ will be happy, HAMAZ is not.

  • Jay says:

    Everyone in this forum can agree that facts have no basis in politics. Its only ever about opinion. The facts were lost long ago in all of the ridiculous rhetoric.

    Especially in this case. What needs to happen is both groups need their toys taken away, hands slapped and sent to their rooms.
    Simplest resolution
    Give them only what they physically occupy right now. Even if it was just taken away, is damaged or ruined, consider it gone, move on. It is no longer yours or, if it is, rebuild. Then, If people choose to go to the others home, you abide by their rules. If you cant handle their rules, you stay the fuck out of their house.
    Its all HISTORY. its in the past. This claim to the land having historical meaning or spiritual meaning, guess what?!?!?!?!?!?! It still has that same meaning to you, even if they build a mall over top of it, and if it loses that meaning to you it obviously wasnt that important to begin with. Especially when it comes to a belief system. WE create our OWN reality. You focus on what you want to focus on.

    Thats the thing about an idea/belief, it never dies. Its always an idea. It is within each an every one of us. No one can tell you to stop believing something. Even if they do Its never gone from you. suppressed maybe, but never gone. People need to focus on what is right in front of them, not what could be or what was. If you choose to live in the past, die already, you obviously have nothing to contribute to the future. If your not Growing, you are dying.

  • Sarah says:

    My questions are simple. Why the Zionist attacked most of the Palestinian children? Why they killed woman?

    You can take out any facts or history as much as you want. But please answer my questions, only if you think that you are human.

    • Arik Arik says:

      And my questions to you Sarah, provided you are a human too are twofold: 1) Why do you insist on calling mutli-ethnic Arab speaking Moslems “Palestinians” when there is clearly no “Palestinian” people to begin with? Do you do this out of malice? 2) Why do insist that IDF kills innocent women and children? Nazi Germany killed 6 million innocent Jewish men, women and children, but that doesn’t mean Jews can claim Germany’s territory. Are you implying that IDF “kills” “innocent women and children” and therefore the Arabs have a moral “right” to call themselves “Palestinians” and to claim Israel?

      Why do Arab terrorists slit the throat of Jewish babies? Why do Arab terrorists attack Jews or Israelis? IDF and Israel never kills out of pleasure but out of self defense. IDF targets Arab terrorists – who happen to hide among Arab “civilians”. It means in order to hit the terrorists you must strike buildings in which civilians live. The alternative is not to attack but to keep the Arab terrorists alive so that they can go on killing Israeli/Jewish men, women and children. Would you prefer that instead? Hamas, PLO and Fatah attack ALL Israelis/Jews no matter if they are soldiers or civilians. They attack Israelis/Jews with the explicit intent to kill them because of their Jewish ethnicity. In the normal world, we would call it racism, hate crime and genocidal ideologies. More than 95% of the population of the Arab world believes that hating, attacking and massacring Jews is in order. Do you believe that those opinions are civilized? PLO, Hamas and Fatah hide among their civilians in order to seek refuge from IDF while they relentlessly attack Israeli/Jewish soldiers and civilians. Israeli soldiers protect Israeli civilians and try to minimize the casualties among civilian Arabs. But truth be spoken, the vast majority of the “Palestinians” support mass murder on Jews. Do you think the “Palestinians” are so innocent? Please answer all my questions if you think you are human.

    • William says:

      Sarah, the fact that women and children die is devastating and something that of course hurts the heart. That said, please go read the charter of Hamas and then read what i have to say. Israel does its best to fire at militants and only militants who are shooting rockets into areas of mass civilian populations. These same militants shoot rockets from schools and mosques. Israel sends leaflets and text messages telling civilians, woman and children, to remove themselves from areas where there will be bombings. Hamas tells these same civilians that these leaflets are Zionist propaganda and they should stay. They want to kill. Their own people and use the media as a tool. Imagine Osama bin laden in a room pressing a button trying to kill as many people as he could. He surrounded himself with women and children. What do you do? That is difficult situation and Israel does its best to limit casualties .before asking why, please educate yourself and find the context behind the images you see in the media.

  • Mary Jo says:

    For Eric’s comment about Paul’s…Eric you must be a Zionist Jew yourself. What PAUL said is absolutely TRUE! Jews cry victim all the time and what Mel Gibson said was true also…He said that Jews are the one’s who cause all wars.

    I couldn’t have said it better myself!

    • Arik Arik says:

      Mary Jo, you are truly a very repugnant, racist and biased person. Most Jews are Zionists. Do you have a problem with Jewish nationalism?

      Jews “cry victim all the time” because anti-Semites such as yourself are attacking, killing, massacring, enslaving and backstabbing Jews for centuries – non stop.

      Jews are the cause for all wars? Really? Is that your sincere belief? And why would Jews want the entire world to be at war with each other? What proof or evidence have you got? What is your claim based on? The personal paranoia and racism of you and Mel Gibson neither serves as proof or an argument. The article is about the UN being biased against Israel, and you are attacking Zionism, Israel’s and the Jewish people’s right to exist and you are falsely accusing the Jews of “controlling” the world and being the “cause” of all the world’s problems.

      How many times do we Jews need to tell you anti-Semites that the word Zionist is not an invective? We are proud to be Zionists, because Zionism means that Jews should have a country of their own and to be a free and independent nation/people in their ancestral/historical homeland.

      There will be world peace Mary Jo when anti-Semites such as yourselves change your evil ways or if you are convinced through less diplomatic means. We Jews will not tolerate hatred, racism and intolerance against our people. And if Jews supposedly “control the world” how do you explain you are allowed to post repugnant comments in here and two, why is the UN so biased against Israel if we Jews “control” the world? What drugs are you on lady? Where do you get all your ideas from?

    • madseller says:

      Nice!………a jew hater who is also a fan of good old Mel Gibson – a drunk jew hater. Its remarkable that idiots like you actually know how to type! To state that “Jews are the ones who cause all wars” is so incredibly moronic as to be almost laughable. Thankfully your kind are too stupid to be any real threat to anyone – least of all to the Jews.

    • William says:

      Please provide facts.

  • Tiffany says:

    I’m so confused by the arguing that I still have no idea what the hell is going on with Israel or Palestine or the Jewish or the Muslims… Researching and trying to learn about this is pretty difficult so far. Anyone want to attempt to explain this to me?!

  • kyle says:

    “Arafat did not instigate or direct the second intifada. Israel did release some mistranslated documents to this effect but this was pure mischief. ”

    Really? Arafat’s wife just admitted he told her to leave the country he was going to start it.

  • Amos says:

    I’m a Christian from New Zealand who is pro-Israel. Arik Arik takes a cogent position while de-constructing the foolish claims of Israeli-dissenters, in a way which is hard to retort. Good work, I’m pleased to read it. I’m sick of the institutional anti-Israel bias in the media and in general opinion of the public. It shocks me how even some of my own fellow Christians can take the ‘liberal’ view of the issue.

    Undeniably Israel is the center of the World, it is God’s prized and coveted possession. His covenant with Abram, Isaac and Jacob is immutable. The Patriarchs, the Prophets, the Messiah are Jewish. Any Christian who fails to acknowledge this is a fool. Any Christian who fails to acknowledge that the Jews were chosen by God to bring about the Messiah, to reconcile all of mankind to Himself, that is G-D, is foolish. Christians ought to esteem the Jews and defend them.

    Jewish persecution, especially that enabled and perpetrated by Christians is a farce and deeply shameful. Why Christians side with Arab Muslims who, generally speaking, have a culture and values which are flagrantly evil and egregious is beyond me. It is obvious that the Muslim world is bent on the destruction of the West and Israel, while many conveniently ignore this along with the long list of barbaric human rights abuses across the region, while inordinately sensationalizing and defaming Israel, as they simply defend the state of Israel against assailants and terrorists.

    It’s blatantly obvious that the Jewish people have maintained their unique identity as an ethno-religious group with strong affiliations to their homeland, with documented historical connection and affinity to the land of Israel. The failure of the Arab ‘Palestinians’ to recognize this fact is a form of denial or misinformation. The worst part is that America, Australia and New Zealand have double standards when they pontificate to the Jews, because these countries were established through imperialism, and maintained a policy tantamount to apartheid and committed ethnic cleansing themselves, while still currently ‘occupying’ the territories they took from the indigenous people. Then they have the nerve to tell an ethnic group with historical ties to the land of Israel that they are perpetrating the crimes, we from the West, have committed ourselves and will never fully compensate for.

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