Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Palestine

General Issues

  • What is the history of other countries in the Middle East?

The neighbors of Palestine which includes Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Saudi Arabia have supported the Palestinian cause on more than one occasion. You can have more information on this topic from our website.

  • What was the early history of Palestine (before World War I)?
Palestine before World War I was a part of one of the longest lasting empires in history, the Ottoman Empire which encompassed the areas of North Africa, Western Asia and southeast Europe.
  • Why there are stamps and coins from a country called Palestine?
Stamps and coins from Palestine date from either the British mandate era or the Ottoman Empire as it is not a sovereign state in itself.


  • Is it true that Israel is in violation of UN resolutions?
As many as 35 UN Resolutions have been violated by Israel which includes Resolution 242 which states that Middle East is a nuclear free zone.
  • What is the background of Jewish settlements in Arab areas?
Jews started establishing settlements in Arab areas pouring from all over Europe as a result of the Zionist movement which considered Palestine to be their destined land.
  • Is Israel an apartheid state?
Experts agree that Israel implements an apartheid system, backed by a report from the UN stating that the policies of Israel exhibits apartheid and colonialism.
  • Why does Israel object to “international observers” in the West Bank and Gaza?
Israel regards Palestinians settled in West Bank and Gaza Strip as “international observers” as they also want to claim these two areas which are historically Judea and Samaria for them.
  • Why was Gandhi against the Zionists?
In his opinion about the Zionist movement and the Israel-Palestine conflict, Gandhi stated that his sympathies rest with the Jews, however, the idea of them seeking a national home did not appeal him.
  • What is the evidence that the United Nations is biased against Israel?
Israel holds a view that the UN is biased against them whereas the United Nations Security Council is critical of Israel for violating many of its resolutions and not complying with a number of agreements.
  • What is the evidence that the media is biased against Israel?
Israel considers the media is biased against it as any conflicting party is naturally bound to believe. It claims that the objections and explanations presented in the media are justified from the Palestinian point of view.
  • Who are the leaders of Israel?
In 1948, the prime minister of Israel was David Ben-Gurion while Benjamin Netanyahu is the present leader who was appointed in 2009. Golda Meir, Yitzhak Rabin, Shimon Peres and Ariel Sharon are other notable Israeli leaders of different times.
  • What is the history and status of US support of Israel?
Israel-United States relations hold a great importance for the US government where its Congress stresses on maintaining and strengthening them, the main support extended towards Israel being foreign aid.
  • Why do Christian Zionists support Israel?
Christian Zionists believe that creation of Israel is the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy stating that Jews finding a homeland will quicken the process of Second coming of Jesus; a belief similar to that of Christian Evangelicals.

The Palestinian Arabs

  • Are the West Bank and Gaza “occupied territories” as Palestinian Arabs assert?
According to the United Nations and some other international organizations, West Bank and Gaza Strip, captured by Israel as a result of the Six-Day War of 1967, are occupied territories. They are also called “Occupied Palestinian Territory”.
  • Why don’t the Palestinians have a sovereign state?
Palestine is a state declared to be one in 1988 adopted by the National Council of Palestinian Liberation Organization. However, in the view of the western world, it is not a sovereign state.
  • Is there a free Palestinian press and media?
The past few years have seen Palestinian press and media practicing freely and influencing the masses, showing that they are capable of carrying out professional and modern journalism; but not without some challenges.
  • Who are the leaders of the Palestinian Arabs?
Yasser Arafat, Mahmoud Abbas, Ahmed Qurei and Marwan Barghouti are the notable leaders of Palestinian Arabs that supported Palestinian cause of getting an independent state over their respective time periods.
  • What is the role of religion in the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs?
Regardless of the fact that Israeli-Palestinian conflict is based largely upon land acquisition, religion also has an important role in this regard. Both have fanatical as well as peaceful religious groups which make use of the religion to perpetuate or pacify the conflict respectively.
  • Are Palestinian Arab terrorists ‘Freedom Fighters’?
Freedom Fighters or “Fedayeen” are the militants that represent Palestinian national movement with the general purpose of defeating Zionism and liberating Palestine. Tom Petty Tickets  Maple Leaf Monster Jam Discounted Tickets 

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