Origin of the Name Palestine

Where did the name Palestine come from?

The name Palestine is given to the region spreading from eastern Mediterranean coast to the Jordan Valley to the area covering Galilee Lake in the north and southern Negev Desert. The origin of this word lies in “Plesheth”.  This is a name appearing frequently in the Bible and have started being known as “Philistine” in English. The world root of “Plesheth” lies in the word “palah” was is a term used generally in the sense of migratory, referring to the Palestinian’s conquest of the coast of Mediterranean. These people were mostly originates of Asia Minor and Greece and gradually became a part of the Arab world.

The Philistines entered in this region not all at one time but in different eras. The first group reached here in the pre-patriarchal period and made a settlement in Gerar, south of Beersheba. The second group arrived from Crete and settled in the southern coastal area where it divided made different settlements into Gat, Ekron, Ashdod, Ascalon and Gaza. These districts were occupied by the foreign settlers coming mostly from the Mediterranean islands.

In the fifth century BC, the region of eastern coast of the Mediterranean started being called as “the Philistine Syria”, a term coined by the Greek historian, Herodotus and used in its Greek language form. In AD 135, the Emperor Hadrian blotted out the name “Provincia Judea” and renamed it “Provincia Syria Palaestina”. This was the Latin version of the Greek name and soon became a name to be used as an administrative unit. This name was shortened to Palaestina and the name “Palestine” was derived from it as a modern and anglicized version.

No changes occurred to this name until after the fourth century had passed when Palestine was divided in to three regions, following the imperial reorganization. The name Palestine was used by the Christian Crusades to regard all three of the divided regions in general and continued to be used for the regions on both sides of the Jordan River in general. Palestine went under the rule of the Ottoman Turks for 400 years where its administration was attached to Damascus. After the fall of the Ottoman Empire in World War I, the name Palestine was revived and was applied to the land falling under the British Mandate for Palestine. Arabs use the name “Falastin” for Palestine which is an Arab pronunciation of the Roman word “Palaestina.”

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§ 133 Responses to Origin of the Name Palestine"

  • suzan zaghmouth says:

    i am originally from Palestine and recently became curious of my family history.
    i was wondering if my last name means anything? where it comes from?

    • Adam says:

      Your Arabic name will tell you where you are from originally…but if you claim to come from ‘Palestine’ (and I don’t doubt that you were born there) the areas of origin for your surname are easy to find. It is going to be Syrian, Saudi Arabian or Egyptian. Arab surnames are geographically based, and also clan based. I would suggest you contact Arab groups from those countries first and ask if your name is one of theirs. If it isn’t from the first you try, they will point you in the right direction. .Good luck.

    • Shonah says:

      It’s the transliteration of a Mesopotamian name, not Arabic (I wish people really understood linguistics in this country – ugh! I could tell just by looking). Here you go, though: In Mesopotamia, over 4,000 years ago, the Mesopotamian celebrated the beginning of each year with a 12-day celebration called “Zagmuth.”

    • Zaid says:

      For those who did not hear of Palestion before 1917.
      The Balfour Declaration (dated 2 November 1917) was a letter from the United Kingdom’s Foreign Secretary Arthur James Balfour to Baron Rothschild (Walter Rothschild, 2nd Baron Rothschild), a leader of the British Jewish community, for transmission to the Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland.

      His Majesty’s government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.

      The “Balfour Declaration” was later incorporated into the Sèvres peace treaty with Turkey and the Mandate for Palestine. The original document is kept at the British Library.

      Some facts:
      1. There has not been a country that is called Israel.
      2. Jews had been screwed in Europe, because they are dirty, lier, greedy
      3. Europe wanted to get rid of Jews.
      4. Palestinians hosted Jews in Palestine.
      5. Jews came to Palestine as refugees.
      6. Thereafter, Jews have been murdering Palestine since 1945
      7. In 1945 Jews took Palestine over
      8. Since 1945 Jews have been trying to find one evidence that proves there was a country that is called Israel, and yet nothing has been found.
      9. It has been called Palestine since, Ancient Egyptians, Canaanites, Ancient Israelites, Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Ancient Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, the Muslims, the Crusaders, Ayyubids, Mameluks, Ottomans, the British, The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.
      10. Jews a group of people who are not Muslims or Christians.
      11. Jews are relating to Judaism.
      12. Jews can be found in Africa, USA, Europe, Asia, Arab Countries and everywhere.
      13. Jews are not a nation as such.
      14. Due to the bad treatment in Europe they wanted to have a country in Palestine.
      15. Ironically, they came to Palestine and chose the most beautiful cities to declare them as their country.
      16. In Jerusalem there is one of the most important church “Church of the Resurrection” , and the most important mosque for Muslim, and they claimed that is a very important temple under the church and the mosque really!
      17. Isreal will be vanished soon.

      P.S. To all Jews in Palestine only, heroes do fight like Palestinians.

  • andy boswell says:

    So Palestine is not a country, just a roman name for this for this area.The British chose to call the land they mandated Palestine, and the Arabs picked it up as their nation’s supposed ancient name, though they couldn’t even pronounce it correctly and turned it into Falastin a fictional entity. So that they wouldn’t have to call it what it is-ISRAEL. Thanks for the info.

    • vixi says:

      Names can change , as Lebanon, Canaan, Saudi, Iraq, Angola but people stay. Israel also is a fictional given name. What were the American Indian called before Columbus ? what was their country called ? NO one knows neither do they . So does that mean as people they did not exist ? You do realize no one knows the true story abut the Philstines, but we know if you chose the Bible. They are mentioned long before Israel . Make sense.

    • Sam says:

      Is that what your little brain surmised from this post?

  • Mike Giles says:

    The world is really un-informed to the facts presented here. There is no such thing as “The Palestinian homeland”.
    Through out world history the names of countries have been changed many times because of war.
    The land of Canaan became Israel after Joshua subdued the land. Later 2 kingdoms came out of one, Israel and Juda, which the entire area was later called Judea during the time of Jesus.
    Not until the Romans changed the name did Israel become “Syria Palaestina”.
    However, today as it was known in the time of King David, the name of the country is Israel.
    The so called Palestinians do not have a country called Palestine.
    Case closed.

    • Andrew Opoku says:

      I could not agree with you more on this and it’s pathetic to hear people calling the land as Palestine. Even the so called people who claim to be christians are saying the same thing – Palestine. They read the bible daily without paying close attention to the details of history of Jews and their various migrations from the land(first to Egypt during the famine round 19th century BC, then Babylonian attack in 606 BC, then the force migration in AD 70 by General Titus who later became Emperor)
      These are facts written not only in the Bible but in ancient text books like the one by Flavius Josephus and the likes

      Case closed indeed.

    • Joe Case says:

      Maybe you can’t read.

      The land was called Philistine prior to the arrival of the Jews. Philistine = Palestine. Well before it became the Apartheid state of Israel

    • Al Jude says:

      It is indeed a breath of fresh air to read from some one who reads the good book, comparing it with circular ancient history books and understand it, to address falsehood that has been spread since 1948. When David Ben-Gurion declared the land called Palestine as Israel, the then American president was shocked, because every body thought there were going to call them selves the republic of Palestine or something. This is due to the fact that if there is a people to be called Palestinians it is the Jews not Arabs. Definitely there is not a single Philistine alive and none with a philistine DNA today. However, the Jews has never forgotten the name of their land their land after 2000 years of exile, though the circular world has completely blotted it out of their mind. Palestine is never a people it is a land. The good book says whom it belong to, and the book don’t lie.

    • Examination says:

      Actually, I would argue otherwise. I cant remember the source, but apparently genetic testing has shown that current day Palestinians are related to the Philistine/Canaanites

  • grant says:

    It is great to be presented with pure fact about certain things. I spent many years as a young man in Israel and love it very much.It just does not sit right with me to call the land of Israel ,Palestine.I also wonder why after understanding the facts that people still refer to it as Palestine.Over the years i have read many books on Israel.Because of my own belief and interpretation i slant toward pro Israel books. I have always wandered why even these books will refer to the region as Palestine,when they themselves have more than proved that the correct name is Israel.Even your article is called ”facts about Palestine”.I read a theological book a few years ago on the history of the Hebrews. He was a highly educated man ,but it irritated me how he used to quote Hebrew stories and say how it happened in the land of Palestine.Am i being too rediculous .Or have i missed something.I myself ,though not Jewish will never refer to Israel as anything but Israel

    • Andy Whittaker says:

      …I totally agree with you, I spoke to the speaker recently, following a Christian gathering I went to, after he had repeatedly made reference to ‘Jesus walking about in the streets and villages of ‘Palestine.’ I said to him, I didn’t want to split hairs but, Jesus never ever walked about in the streets and villages of Palestine – he walked about in the streets and villages of the Land of Israel – that the Land of Israel wasn’t renamed Palestine until about 100 years after the time of Jesus. Yes, it really winds me up too!

  • Boaz Senator says:

    All I know is that there was no Palestinian identity untill 1917.1920 , I have never heard of the state or nation of Palestine. .
    As we all know the arab counties were invented during first world war by England and France ,on table while drinking tea.
    Considering the fact that Israel occupies 0.1% of middle east and arab countries occupy 99.9% , I would know where palestinians should go.

    • Eugene says:

      Indeed, there is no such a thing like a Palestinian people, or a Palestinian culture, or a Palestinian language, or a Palestinian history. There has never been any Palestinian state, neither any Palestinian archaeological find nor coinage. The present-day “Palestinians” are an Arab people, with Arab culture, Arabic language and Arab history. They have their own Arab states from where they came into the Land of Israel about one century ago to contrast the Jewish immigration. That is the historical truth. They were Jordanians (another recent British invention, as there has never been any people known as “Jordanians”), and after the Six-Day War in which Israel utterly defeated the coalition of nine Arab states and took legitimate possession of Judea and Samaria, the Arab dwellers in those regions underwent a kind of anthropological miracle and discovered that they were Palestinians – something they did not know the day before.

    • corners says:

      and nobody had heard of Israel for over 2000 years……

      You people seem really simple minded, its sad. Its crazy to think people honestly feel they have a right to land because they say their god said so, and they lived there a couple thousand years ago. Well, war happens. Names get changed, people assimilate or get forced out. Right? Happens all over the world ans has for thousands of years.

      Not sure whats with all the hate about Palestinians not being people or having a culture. That kind of talk is just wrong on so many levels. Why so quick to dismiss a culture or people? Im shocked anyone claiming a jew could even talk like this with all the persecution jews have been threw over time. Im just sad….

    • Trish says:

      Corners – First of all, England had the mandate over the area and GAVE it to the Jewish people. What was here before was almost barren land with a few Bedouins. Now it is a lush place thanks to the Jewish people. I live in Jerusalem. It should still be a barren place with nothing but rocks and a lot of dried up grass. But it’s not. There is green everywhere, with flashes of pink and orange, it’s absolutely beautiful. They’ve grown a gorgeous garden in the middle of the desert, whereas in the more humid US their crops are drying up and green is paved over.

      You’re right, names get changed because of wars. And in 1948 Israel was invaded by 5 countries of the Arab league. Tiny little Israel should have been defeated, but thank God they were not. Why are YOU so quick to dismiss the Jewish people? Especially after the Holocaust they DESERVE a place to rest. With all the persecution of Jews all over the world, they deserve to have their home back, and even more so because they couldn’t be taken out in 1948 after being invaded by not one, not two, but 5 countries! The fact that the Jewish people still exist is a modern day miracle. You seem really simple-minded to bring up how “war happens” yet are quick to dismiss Israel’s legitimacy even though its existence is essentially also a product of it. Also, who says only war can makes countries? The term “Palestinian” was barely used here in Israel 20 years ago. It is a term obsessively used by the MEDIA. If it wasn’t for the media, the term “Palestinian” would still be barely used, if at all.

    • Rusty Coen says:

      If it weren’t for the media, who is to say that the Palestinians of Israel/Palestine would not be by now victims of genocide? The land grabs and ghettoization of the Palestinians has had to be somewhat measured so as not to inflame world opinion…world primarily today meaning the USA, Israels primary benefactor.

      As for Jewish identity, a Jewish kingdom had not existed for over 2000 years and by no means was there a Jewish nation. Where was there even any significant population that made up a majority in any significant geographical area for said 2000 years? The “Palestinian” Muslims and Christians made up 96% of Palestine even into the 1900’s until the British began filling the region with European Jews for their own geo-political ends, this until the British were forced to roll up their Empire after forcing 2 world wars. And hence by the Israeli governments immigration policies, later to be primarily Russian Jews. By your logic since the UN/Britain gave Palestine to the Jews, I guess they could just as rightly take it back. What was done has nothing to do with the rightness of what was done. Saying that would be the equivalent to saying that it was for Germany to decide what to do with the Jewish populations under their control, and they did what they did so get over it.

    • geeta sakri says:

      0.1% and 99.9%, dosnt that tell you something? check your history, Arabs, YES

  • spapkis says:

    From greek “philos” friend , and “estia” that means :dwelling, source of fire. Working with iron and metals (weapons) they had a source of fire in the center of their homes. Thus the name “Philistines” Phili (plural of philos)) and Estia
    The philistines came from greek lands/islands from the sea to Israel .

    • william says:

      Yes you’re right, they own the land for the reason you exposed: Their God, not their god says so and that settles it. The’re the rightful owners of Israel, a Holy Land….and nobody takes it away from them, no matter how hard they may try, they’ll see that’s impossible to achieve because He, their God is on their side and against their enemies, if not, just watch and see….of course, you can always turn to God, and He will forgive you all and spare you all the harm of finding yourself fighting against Almighty God…bye…bye.

  • David Pearl says:

    Let us be real here. Let us honestly see this for what it really is. People have for many millions of years been migrating all over the planet seeking all kinds of resources: food, land, water et cetera. They find a good place, they call it theirs, they give it a name; it does not matter which name they give the land. Then others invade and take the land and kick the previous ones out, giving the land another name. In order to justify these various land grabs, people tend to say that one deity or another directs them or instructs them, which is total lunacy! Call it what it is: taking land from previous dwellers. Churches, mosques and temples should not be built anywhere because they are all places that perpetuate mass delusion. Bottom line: Planet Earth has not enough resources to support the human species.

    • James says:

      David Pearl your comment in simple terms are: Ignorant and delusional and uniformed. Your bias is obvious!

    • Shawn says:

      Humans are not a species Mr. Pearl…looks as you operate under the religion of Darwin, evolution….and now your religion thinks itself higher than ALL the others and are up to exactly what you mention, moving in and taking over! You live a lie.

    • ruth samuel says:

      it matters greatly what you call your land. after the destruction of the second . Temple by the Roman Empire, the name of the land was changed to Palestine, to erase the name of the Jewish entities that had existed there- Judea and the Israel- and the name of Jerusalem was changed as well- to Capitonlina. this is how the Romans controlled the places they conquered- remove the original settlers and erase the name of the land from memory.
      to use the name palestine in the mouth of arabs who claim it as their homeland is a terrible lie, and is preventing Israel from living in peace. the jews did not come to throw peaceful shepherds out of their pictoresque villages. the jews came home to their ancient land after having tried for 2000 years to put down roots in other places. since no such place existed anywhere, the revival of the jewish state was the result. a blessed event which the world should applaud. instead, now there is a movement afoot to deny the jews their independence. so-called historical palestine includes syria and jordan, yet the arabs of gaza and judea and samaria do not claim that for themselves. it should make one think!! so think!

  • Kanata says:

    Palestinians came from today Dalmatia during the great migrations known as the People of the Sea. They arrived to Palestine around 1250-1225 BC. They were not Semites, they became Semites as the Brits became Germanic or the French became Latins. Don’t be silly ! Not the Brits called the Palestinians so, but the locals who were NOT the Hebrews. At that time, the Brits DIDN’t exist yet ! Abraham or Abram (“the father of a multitude” – Hebrew : ʼaḇ-hămôn goyim) arrived in the area at about the same time, NOT from Ur, but THROUGH Ur FROM Punjab, India. And the Jews KNOW that ! Both people Palestinians and Hebrews were invaders over the local people, mainly called Canaanites.

  • D Richard paul says:

    The land of canaan is a land blessed by God. Perhaps the Garden of Eden where Adam and Eve were created and kept might have been there. It is said that the land is a place of milk and honey for it is a place rich in natural resources. But latter after the time of floods of Noah the second son of Noah Ham saw the nakedness of his father and therefore God cursed canaan the son Ham. Canaan begat many tribes such as the philistians, Sidom, and the canaanites. All these tribes settled in the land which is at present called as Palastine. But latter God led His people i.e the Israelites from Egypt to this land and Many of the tribes of the Philistians Sidomites and all other tribes who were there were chased away from the Holy land which God had created for His people, right from the day of creation of Adam and Eve. The Israelites however occupied the land Palastine. In latter days during the period after Solomon the 12 tribes of Israelites were divided into 3 parts. The tribe of Levi was kept in common as they were the priests. Judha was one tribe to whom the land of Judhaea was given which had Jerusalem as it capital. The remaining 10 tribes of Israel (Jacob) occupied the remaining portions of Palastine with Samaria as their capital. But latter since the 10 tribes committed sin God delivered them as slaves to the King of Asyria. They were taken as slaves to Asyria.(II Kings Chapter 17). The King of Assriya brought men from Babylon, and from Cuthah,Ava,Hamath and from Samaria and made them to occupy the land of Palastine (II Kings 17:24). All these people were people who were cursed by God and who did not worship the true God but latter after AD 632 took up Islam as their religion. These tribes consisted of the tribes from Canaan the grand son of Noah, the tribes from that of Ishmail born to Abraham through the Hand maid Hagai whom God did not consider as the son of Abraham (Genesis 21:12). God also certified that Ishmael will be will be a wild man and that his hand will be against every man(Genesis16:12). There were other tribes also who deviated from God and joined the latter Islam tribe. The tribe of Judae who continued to be in Judaeah who had their capital as their Jerusalem also did sin against God and as God had warned through the prophets they also were taken as slaves for 70 years and they were taken to serve the Babylonians during the time of King Nebuchadnezzar. These Babylonians were also the people who did not obey God and who latter became Islams which is the land of Iraq. After 70 years they were released as God had told them in Jeremiah 25:11,12. The tribes of Judha returned back on the proclamation passed by King Cyrus and reoccupied the land of Judhaea and rebuilt the temple of Jerusalem. But latter again they committed sins and God had warned them several times and once again God made them to be scattered through out the world. But however God had promised them that they will be again gathered in the land of Israel from throughout the world. Not only the children of Judha but the children of all the 12 tribes and they will bear the name as Israelites.(Isaiah11:11&12). It is only after the time of British during 1948 Israel was declared as an independent nation and the Israelites all throughout the world are gathering now in Israel and are engaged in setting up their boundaries for which these Islam tribes are working against. As said by Daniel in Chapter 9:25 “The streets shall be built again and the wall even in troublous times” this prophecy is being fulfilled.such troublous situation still remains in the Gaza strip and on the eastern side of Jerusalem. Though the whole world may work against Israel yet none can shake the fulfillment of the word of God. The Bible also predicts that the Temple of Jerusalem will be rebuilt even though the mosquest are at its vicinity (Rev 11:1&2). and the Lord God will be praised and be honoured and people all over the world will come and worship he true God(Micah 4:1&2). The last 7years before the day of Judgement are very important years for out of these 7years the first 3 1/2 years will be very blessed years when the Lord will pour His Spirit upon all flesh (Joel 2:28,29). But in the last 3 1/ 2 years the land of Jerusalem the Holy city will be given to the hands of the Muslims the Arabians who will take away the holiness of the city(Daniel:8:13) and Satan will sit on the Holy of the Holy place of the Jerusalem temple where the Glory of God sat in the temple (II Thesolonians 2:3&4). This is termed as “ANBOMINATION OF DESOLATION” as told by Daniel in 11:31. and expalained by Jesus. Jesus had explained that the time the Holi place tarnished the Lord God’s anger will come upon the earth and the that will be the day of Judgement of Jesus. It is after the Judgement that the present earth will be made into a place of lake of fire and the unholy and and Lucifer the satan will be thrown into this lake of fire. There fore this will be destroye d by fire and not by water. ( IIPeter 3:6&7). This will be the Global End. So the Second coming of Jesus, the Day of Judgement of This earth, and the Global End will occur on the same day (Mathew 24:3). This earth after becoming a lake of fire will be removed from its orbit and kept apart. A new Heaven and earth will be created by God in which those redeemed people of God will live there for ever and ever.(Rev:21). The New Jerusalem will descend from Heaven unto this new earth. The Global End will occur on AD 2481.

    • Rose says:

      The garden of Eden was in Ethiopia.

    • joy says:

      Excuse me Dr. ..what about the millenium ?

    • Shawn says:

      The Garden of Eden was destroyed in the flood so we don’t know where it is, it’s under 100’s of feet of mud now rock so it’s not in Ethiopia….and yes, there will be a 1000 year reign and then Satan to be loosed again and THEN cast into Hell which God has prepared for him….Right on Mr Paul except for a few details.

  • VICTORY says:

    God and Satan controls this earth 50/50 back and forth between them fighting god gives good and Satan’ steals it from people what god gave them. Satan is not a description of what we were taught but a professional schemer liar that deliberately makes accident in our lives living and killing people, that is why people die and we wonder why daily work from Satan’s and he builds power from it.
    God is the opposite gives good when you see good thing happen it directly comes from god in our daily lives.
    If someone is rescued it was on purpose from god. God and Satan have an instant remote control on all our lives and the changes go from god and Satan daily. Names of God are god, Jesus, mother of god, Mary.
    Names that Satan goes by are Satan, lord, father and saint. God wrote the bible and Satan put his name and work in it too so people pray to god and Satan and people think they only pray to god not true. God and Satan battling for prayer power from people. Satan put the word saint in front of good people in churches in statues to get prayers from. Praying directly to god Jesus and Mary is the best way to get to god not the statues in churches. God and Satan divide everything on earth to get power from people.
    Satan steals makes edits public information so we can be brainwashed and lied to and the excuses for us to believe Satan is a master giving it to the people. Just like Jesus Satan killed Jesus then made the Jewish people believe that Jesus should not be in their lives and the Jewish people don’t know it. Normal disasters come from Satan just like the flood of Noah it was Satan who made the flood. Satan brainwashed Hitler to kill, Satan brainwashed bin laden to destroy the wtc. When people are saved by god a lot of times god does not get the credit. In the news bad things are reported more than good thing. In the bible it says god punishes, god does not punish Satan punishes people. The reason why the Middle East is in conflict all the time because Satan distorted the truth and people are always fighting for land but the real reason is Satan gets power from anger and he is building his empire through people. Satan does not want people to have equal rights instead he makes people want to believe and does trespassing each other like there is not enough of land for all. God makes things happen like a new community or business, Satan takes it away from people do they can be miserable and he feeds power from it. God makes success and Satan makes the red tape as long as possible. The real prophets in the bible and where they lived and worked is the real size of Israel not the size of Israel we see now. Satan made Israel the size it is today. Satan made all those extra religions so he feeds off the power and god still gets the power the other half. Satan has the power to make and give diseases to people that is why we always have new ones. God cures. If someone commits a crime Satan slowly puts it into people’s minds first by putting the people in a spot of desperation and corners them and Satan gets his satisfaction. The new and Old Testament both belongs together with God’s words but it’s contaminated by Satan too. This letter is for people to know that blame Satan not God.

    • R.T. Byrum says:

      Wow, Victory, are you ever messed up in your knowledge of God, Satan, and the Bible. God won the first battle with Satan and threw him from heaven. He allows the devil to only do so much (read the story of Abraham), and when the time of man is fulfilled, then God will first bind Satan and his minions for a thousand years then loose him for a short period. In the end, God will destroy all evil beginning with the devil and those who follow him. There is no struggle between Satan and God for the Father of Liars is not equal to God in any way. The Bible is not and cannot be contaminated by Satan. And, by the way, God brought the flood in Noah’s time to cleanse the earth of increasing wickedness. Ah well, read and study before you endanger yourself. Revelation warns against taking away from or adding to the scriptures…and you are doing just that.

    • Goliath says:

      What have you been smoking?

    • Shawn says:

      It’s not 50/50….Satan has access to God and able to petition against humans, access as in he can go between the spirit and physical world, he is central and not omnipresent like God…Satan hates humans since we were created in Gods image…He has 100% dominion over Earth, the evidence is where he offered Jesus the land and cities of the earth if he would follow him..Jesus returns to reclaim the deed to the Earth in Revelation so cast’s Satan out…and how could Satan give something to who made it?

  • Mic says:

    So….. There never was an Arab people group known as the Palestinians. The UN is being asked to divide the land of Israel to make a Palestinian nation to separate Jew and Arab and give each autonomy. Ironically this was the original plan after WW1when the land known as Palestine- home to Jews and Arabs, both Muslim and Christian-was chosen to be divided in two. The plan was for a Jewish side on the west of the Jordan and Arab side on the East but it hit a large snag when the land on the East, called Transjordan by now, was given over to King Hussein. Had the Arab side of the land retained the name Palestine there would be less argument today but it was renamed Jordan.Thus the name Palestine disappeared. Interestingly, the ‘Palestinian’ movement never asks the UN to give them Jordan as a Palestinian Nation; though their ‘nations’ flags are virtually identical. Nevertheless the situation is complex and pain has been inflicted on both sides. God alone can bring lasting peace to the situation now.

    • Owen David Tshabalala says:

      looking at most comment by either russian,ethopian,german or spenish jews we find that most of this group deny the existence of palistian race as original inhabitans of of palistine but to my suprise they claim that palistine belong to them, my question is that if palistine belong to jews on the basis of claim that 3000 years ago left palistine for diaspora, then tell me did the jews left palistine three thousand years ago as a monolith or one race and what was that race,was that race african,middle eastern ,european,indian,or chinesse.answering this question will resolve this problem of who owns palistine.

    • Shawn says:

      To mr. Owen David Tshabalala…The diaspora, as I know, happened near 70ad, not 3000 yrs ago…Jews were/are Semites and so are east Indians and the Chinese, sons of Shem, a son of Noah…Ham’s descendants went into Africa and Japheth’s into the west, Europe and Russia…the Diaspora caused their bloodline to mix, this is why there is blond haired blue eyed Jewish people…I saw a show/documentary on what Jesus would look like, they found a family of Jewish people that had stayed in the land for the last 2000 years, and they looked closer to Greek and Arab, olive/darker skin with wavy black hair..and Jesus did not have long hair or a beard…the new testament mentions long hair is not good on a man or a beard..and so it was the custom then to have short hair.

  • Sebas says:

    Grant, I don’t think that you can speak of a ‘true name’ of a country or a certain piece of land. Boundaries and names for the land that lies in between are always made up by people. Hence they are always social constructs and I don’t see what objective criterion defines certain names as true and others as false. To me, truth does not seem to be a quality of names. I guess the article shows the way the construction of names as well.

    I just have been reading some old articles from the New York Times on the World Zionist Congress in Basle in 1946 and it reports how zionists were referring to their desired homeland as ‘Palestine’. What is referred to as ‘Palestinians’ and ‘Israelis’ were back then described as ‘Palestine Arabs’ and ‘Palestine Jews’. I guess that the Arab population of the area only adopted the denominator of ‘Palestinians’ sometime after the foundation of the state of Israel.

    • Adam says:

      Now here is your problem…you do not understand context of history. The Jews are the Nation (or People) of Israel. In 1946 our historical homeland was under the control of the British, who occupied the area under a League of Nations Mandate (the French had Syria and Lebanon, the British what they called Palestine and Iraq.

      So, legally and administratively the World Zionist Congress referred to the shortened name of the BMT (British Mandate Territory) of Palestine, as Palestine. Amongst Jews it was always Eretz Y’Isroel (Land of Israel, Israel being the name give to Jacob, (the son of Isaac; who was the son of Abraham), when he became the father of the 12 Tribes.

      The first major mention of Israel, the nation, is in a major inscription in Egypt around 1207BCE as being a military power the Egyptians had fought…so a nation state of Israel definitely existed then. There is also correspondence with the Hittites etc. But nothing for Palestine.

      So you CAN name a territory and land boundaries, that’s what states and nations are all about. And BEFORE the State of Israel was named anew, it was the Jews of the BMT who were called Palestinians, the Arabs eschewed the term for themselves.

  • Paradise says:

    أصل كلمة فلسطين
    ترجع كلمة فلسطين Palestine إلى منطقة من الساحل الشرقى للبحر المتوسط من البحر إلى وادى الاردن ومن جنوب صحراء النجف إلى بحيرة الجليل فى الشمال و تشتق الكلمة نفسها من بليشث Plesheth ولقد ظهر كثيرا هذا الاسم فى الكتاب المقدس و دخل الى الانجليزية بفلستين Philistine ، كلمة Plesheth أصلها بالاش Palash و هى تعبير عام تعنى المتدحرج rolling أو المرتحل (المتغرب) migratory وهذا يشير إلى غزو فلستين Philistine و فتح الساحل من البحر. لم يكن الفلستينيون Philistines عربا و لا ساميين بل لهم اتصال وشيك باليونانيين التى لهم أصول من اسيا الصغرى و الأماكن اليونانية Greek localities و لم يتكلموا العربية و ليست لهم أية أصول عرقية ، لغوية أو تاريخية متعلقة بالعربية أو بالعرب .
    وصل الفلستينيون Philistines الساحل الجنوبى من اسرائيل فى موجات عديدة ØŒ مجموعة منهم وصلت قبل فترة الأباء الأوليين Ùˆ استقروا جنوب بئر سبع Beersheba فى جرار Gerar حيث كان الصراع مع ابراهيم Ùˆ اسحق Ùˆ اسماعيل . مجموعة أخرى جاءت من كريت Crete طردهم من محاولتهم لغزو مصر بواسطة رمسيس الثالث 1194 Ù‚.Ù… ØŒ Ùˆ حبسوا فى المنطقة الساحلية الجنوبية حيث أقاموا مستوطنات غزة ØŒ اسكالون ØŒ اشدود ØŒ اكرون Ùˆ جات Gaza, Ascalon, Ashdod, Ekron and Gat)) .إلا أنه قد اكتسح محتلون أجانب خاصة من جزر البحر المتوسط الأحياء الفلستينية Philistine districts فى عهد الفارسيين Ùˆ اليونانيين. Ùˆ منذ القرن الخامس قبل الميلاد ØŒ حسب المؤرخ هيروديتس ØŒ سمى اليونانيون الساحل الشرقى من البحر المتوسط “فلستين سوريا” “the Philistine Syria” مستخدمين اللغة اليونانية من الاسم Ùˆ فى سنة 135 بعد الميلاد بعد اخماد ثورة بار كوشيا Bar Kochba revolt ØŒ اكبر ثانى ثورة لليهود ضد الرومان أراد الامبراطور هادريان Emperor Hadrian أن يمحو “المقاطعة اليهودية” الرومانية the Roman “Provincia Judaea” Ùˆ أعاد تسميتها ” مقاطعة بالستينا السورية” “Provincia Syria Palaestina” وهى النسخة اللاتينية من الاسم اليونانى فكان هو أول اسم مستخدم كوحدة إدارية. Ùˆ اختصر هذا الاسم فيما بعد إلى بالستينا Palaestina Ùˆ منها اشتق الاسم الحديث الذى استخدم على النهج الانجليزى “فلسطين” “Palestine”
    ظل الحال كما هو عليه حتى نهاية القرن الرابع ، عند بزوغ إعادة التنظيم الاستعمارى لفلسطين فأصبحت ثلاثة ، الاولى و الثانية و الثالثة و ظل هذا التشكيل حتى القرن السابع، عندما تمت فتوحات (غزو) الفرس و المسلمين.
    استخدم الصليبيون المسيحيون كلمة فلسطين Palestine للاشارة إلى المنطقة العامة كلها ، الثلاثة فلسطينات “three Palestines.” و بعد سقوط المملكة الصليبية لم تعد فلسطين لها مسمى رسمى official designation. و استخدم الأسم بعد ذلك بصفة غير رسمية للاراضى التى على ضفتى نهر الاردن و حكم الاتراك العثمانيون وهم ليسوا بعرب ولكنهم مسلمين متدينون ، فحكموا المنطقة لمدة 400 سنة (اربعمائة عام) (1917 – 1517) و انضمت المنطقة الفلسطينية تحت الحكم العثمانى من الناحية الأدارية لمقاطعة دمشق the province of Damascus و حكمت من اسطمبول و أعيد إحياء إسم فلسطين Palestine مرة أخرى بعد سقوط الامبراطورية العثمانية فى الحرب العالمية الاولى و أطلق الاسم على الولاية فلى هذه المنطقة the territory in this region التى وضعت تحت التفويض البريطانى لفلسطين the British Mandate for Palestine
    كلمة فلسطين “Falastin التى يستخدمها العرب اليوم لفلسطين “Palestine” ليست كلمة عربية و لكنها النطق العربى من الكلمة الرومانية بالستينا “Palaestina” تقول جولدا مائير Golda Meir:
    واختار الانجليز اسم الارض التى أداروها mandated بفلسطين Palestine فاتخذها العرب كوطن لهم على افتراضية الاسم القديم بالرغم من أنهم حتى لا يستطيعون أن ينطقوا الاسم بطريقة صحيحة و حولوا الكلمة إلى فلسطين Falastin وهو كيان ملفق fictional entity. :
    ترجمة مقال لسارة هونيج Sarah Honig ن بريد اورشليم فى 25 نوفمبر 1995

  • Paradise says:

    أصل كلمة فلسطين
    ترجع كلمة فلسطين إلى مننطقة من الساحل الشرقى للبحر المتوسط من البحر إلى وادى الاردن و من جنوب صحراء النجف إلى بحيرة الجليل فى الشمال و تشتق الكلمة نفسها من بليشث و لقد ظهر كثيرا هذا الاسم فى الكتاب المقدس و دخل الى الانجليزية بفلستين ، كلمة بليشث أصلها بالاش وهى تعبير عام تعنى المتدحرج أو المرتحل (المتغرب) وهذا يشير إلى غزو فلستين و فتح الساحل من البحر . لم يكن الفلستينيون عربا و لا ساميين بل لهم اتصال وشيك باليونانيين الذين لهم اصول من اسيا الصغرى و الأماكن اليونانية و لم يتكلموا العربية و ليست لهم أية أصول عرقية ، لغوية أو تاريخية متعلقة بالعربية أو بالعرب.
    وصل الفلستينيون الساحل الجنوبى من اسرائيل فى موجات عديدة ØŒ مجموعة منهم وصلت قبل فترة الاباء الأوليين Ùˆ استقروا جنوب بئر سبع فى جرار حيث كان الصراع مع ابراهيم واسحق Ùˆ اسماعيل . مجموعة أخرى جاءت من كريت بعد طردهم من محاولتهم لغزو مصر بواسطة رمسيس الثالث 1194 Ù‚.Ù… Ùˆ حبسوا فى المنطقة الساحلية الجنوبية حيث أقاموا مستوطنات غزة ØŒ اسكالون ØŒ اشدود ØŒ اكرون Ùˆ جات إلا أنه قد اكتسح محتلون اجانب خاصة من جزر البحر المتوسط الاحياء الفلستينية فى عهد الفارسيين Ùˆ اليونانيين ومنذ القرن الخامس قبل الميلاد ØŒ حسب المؤرخ هيروديتس ØŒ سمى اليونانيون الساحل الشرقى من البحر المتوسط “فلستين سوريا” مستخدمين اللغة اليونانية من الاسم وفى سنة 135 بعد الميلاد بعد اخماد ثورة بار كوشيا ØŒ اكبر ثانى ثورة لليهود ضد الرومان اراد الامبراطور هادريان أن يمحو المقاطعة اليهودية الرومانية Ùˆ أعاد تسميتها “مقاطعة بالستينا السورية” Ùˆ هى النسخة اللاتينية من الاسم اليونانى فكان هو أول اسم مستخدم كوحدة إدارية Ùˆ اختصر هذا الاسم فيما بعدإلى بالستينا Ùˆ منها اشتق الاسم الحديث الذى استخدم على النهج الانجليزى فلسطين
    ظل الحال كما هو عليه حتى نهاية القرن الرابع ، عند بزوغ إعادة التنظيم الاستعمارى لفلسطين فأصبحت ثلاثة ، الاولى و الثانية و الثالثة وظل هذا التشكيل حتى القرن السابع ، عندما تمت فتوحات (غزو) الفرس و المسلمين.
    استخدم الصليبيون المسحيون كلمة فلسطين للاشارة إلى المنطقة العامة كلها ØŒ الثلاثة فلسطينات Ùˆ بعد سقوط المملكة الصليبية لم تعد فلسطين لها مسمى رسمى Ùˆ استخدم الأسم بعد ذلك بصفة غير رسمية للاراضى التى على ضفتى نهر الاردن Ùˆ حكم الاتراك العثمانيون Ùˆ هم ليسوا بعرب Ùˆ لكنهم مسلمين متدينون ØŒ فحكموا المنطقة لمدة 400 سنة (اربعمائة عام) (1917 – 1517) Ùˆ انضمت المنطقة الفلسطينية تحت الحكم العثمانى من الناحية الأدارية لمقلطعة دمشق Ùˆ حكمت من اسطمبول Ùˆ أعيد إحياء إسم فلسطين مرة أخرى بعد سقوط الامبراطورية العثمانية فى الحرب العالمية الاولى Ùˆ اطلق الاسم على الولاية على هذه المنطقة التى وضعت تحت التفويض البريطانى لفلسطين
    كلمة فلسطين التى يستخدمها العرب اليوم لفلسطين ليست كلمة عربية Ùˆ لكنها النطق العربى من الكلمة الرومانية بالستينا – تقول جولدا مائير
    واختار الانجليز اسم الارض التى اداروها كلمة فلسطين فاتخذها العرب كوطن لهم على افتراضية الاسم القديم بالرغم من أنهم حتى لا يستطيعون أن ينطقوا الاسم بطريقة صحيحة و حولوا الكلمة إلى فلسطين و هو كيان ملفق
    ترجمة مقال لسارة هونيج بريد اورشليم فى 25 نوفمبر 1995

    The original comment is in Arabic. It has been translated in English:

    Origin of the word Palestine
    Returns the word Palestine to Manantqh of the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea from the sea to the Jordan Valley and the southern Negev desert to the Sea of ​​Galilee in the north and derive the same word of Blisht and has appeared frequently this name in the Bible, and entered the English Bvelstin, the word Blisht origin Balazs a general expression of concern or Rolling Almerthal (Westernization) and this refers to the invasion Velstin and open coast from the sea. Not Filstin Semites are Arabs and not even contact them and check Greeks who have origins from Asia Minor and Greek places and did not speak Arabic and do not have any ethnic, linguistic or historical related to Arabic or Arabs.

    Filstin reached the southern coast of Israel in several waves, a group of them arrived before the first two parents and settled south of Beersheba in the tractor where the conflict was with Abraham, Isaac and Ishmael. Another group came from Crete after being expelled from their attempt to invade Egypt by Ramses III in 1194 BC. M and locked in the southern coastal area where they established settlements in Gaza, Escalón, Ashdod, Akron, and Gat, but it has swept the occupiers foreigners, especially from the islands of the Mediterranean neighborhoods Filstinah in Prince of the Persians and the Greeks, since the fifth century BC, as of Herodats, called the Greek east coast of the Mediterranean “Velstin Syria” using the Greek language of the name and in the year 135 AD, after put down the revolution bar Cochea, the largest second revolution of the Jews against the Romans wanted to Emperor Hadrian to erase the Jewish district of Romania, and re-named “Balstina Syrian Province” and is the Latin version of the name was the Greek name is the first user as an administrative unit and Achtsr this name with Badely Balstina and modern name derives from the approach used on the English Palestine.

    Under the case as it is until the end of the fourth century, when the emergence of colonial reorganization of Palestine became three, the first and second and the third remained this configuration until the seventh century, when it was conquests (invasion), the Persians and Muslims.

    Use the Crusaders Almsheion word Palestine to refer to the general area of ​​the whole, the three Velstinat and after the fall of the Crusader Kingdom no longer Palestine has named an official and use the name after that on an informal basis for the territory to which the banks of the River Jordan and the rule of Ottoman Turks, and they are not Arabs, but they are Muslim religious , Vgmoa the area for 400 years (four hundred years) (1917-1517) and joined the Palestinian territories under Ottoman rule, from an administrative point of Mqltah Damascus and ruled from Istanbul and was revived the name of Palestine again after the fall of the Ottoman Empire in World War I and called the name on the jurisdiction over this region, and placed under the British mandate of Palestine

    The word used by the Palestine Arabs of Palestine today is not an Arabic word and speech, but from the Arab word ROMANIAN Balstina – Golda Meir says
    And chose the English name of the ground, they ran the word Vatakzha Arab Palestine as a homeland for them on a virtual old name, although they can not even speak in the name correctly, and turned the floor to Palestine and is the entity apocryphal
    Translation of an article by Sarah Honig in the Jerusalem Post November 25, 1995

    • Adam says:

      Have you people not noticed the irony implicit in claiming to be the ancient Philistines AND an indigenous people? YOU CAN’T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS!

      On the one hand, you refer to the Greek-origin Sea Peoples who invaded the coast (not mentioning they were expelled or repelled by pre-Arab Egypt) and settled on the coastal plain (now mostly the Gaza Strip) and about 20km north). They were never a nation STATE, nor did they call themselves ‘Philistia’ – that’s the latter Greek term. The Egyptians referred to them as ‘Peles et’ or Sea People’ They formed a loose confederation of city-states, the Pentapolis (Five Cities), the last destroyed by the Assyrians around the same time as the Northern Kingdom of Israel was destroyed.

      They did not become Arab and to suggest so indicates that you know the Arabs migrated into the areas LONG afterwards, if at all…and therefore, CANNOT BE INDIGENOUS ON TWO COUNTS!

      I really think you need to re-write your re-write of history!

  • Sophia says:

    Israel (12 tribes) was split into 2 parts by God at the exile from him- Israel (10 tribes) & Judah (2 tribes). Today we are still in exile. That explains why the jewish people wanted a jewish state- the have no idea who the 10 ‘lost’ tribes of Israel are. Well, they know Judah are the 2 jewish tribes, and the other 10 are gentiles, but a jewish state called Israel is wrong.. they are still Judah and in exile from God, thus the ‘jewish state’. In actuality- the Palestinians are Israel, and the Jews are Judah.

    • wayne short says:

      Palestinians are not Israel, The 10 tribes were carried away into Babylon. They were “lost” in history but some evidence shows they were traded as slaves and some escaped to Europe. The Jewish state was there from around 1300 BC until 73 AD when Rome destroyed the temple and Jerusalem.

    • Hillel says:

      Sophia, your comment is full of 1/2 thruths. Yes there were a total of 12 Tribes (plus the tribe of Levite and the clain of Kohan, Kohanim are decendants of Aaron, brother of Moses, both, are of the tribe of Levy). The entire state of Israel refers to the decentants of Jacob, when he changed hsi name to Israel.

      After Solomon’s death, the country broke into two (each ruled by a son, from diffedrent wives, of Solomon) 1) the southern half made of the tribes of Benjimen and Judea was called Judea and the 10 remaining tribes (in the north) called Isreal. In truth both countries are decendants of Jacob and are ALL SONS OF ISREAL, jACOB, hence all technically are Isrealis.

      When the Assyrians attacked the north (Isreal), many people from the 10 Northern tribes migrated to the south, to realtives in the Kingdom of Judea. Don’t forget while there were two political entities, ruled by Kings (both decenants of the house or David) there was much intermarrying between people of the two political entities.

      So in truth, calling it Isreal (decenants of Jacob) is geneticially, poltically, ethnically correct.

      The name Palestine as written about int he orirignal postiing was to not only destroy the policial entites which Rome origianlly set up after the conquest of the Judea, Summaria & Galalie that was the biblical Isreal/Judea. The Jewish people were the only people to revolt against the Roman Empire for over 7 yrs (the longest ongoing revolt by any country Rome conqured). Rome not only wanted to psychologically and physically destroy the Jews but to give a warning to all other areas Rome controlled that if you revolt you will be wiped out of existance. The Roman Emperor, Vespasian, not only destroyed the Second Jewish Temple (now where the Dome of the Rock is, also called the Temple Mount) and then changed the name to Isreal’s historic enemy, the PHilistines (thnk David and Goliath), and call it Phalistine. Jews continued to live on those lands till modern times.

      I suggest Sophia you should revise t your historical information In 1938 the Grand Mufti (Haj Amin al-Husseini) , the uncle of Arafat, went to Berlin and became an ally of Natzi German and went back to Palestine and organized a Palestinian storm troopers that fought againt the allies; while native Jews who’s famillies have always lived in Palestine joined the British army to fight the Natzi’s and their allies, The Grand Mutfi called upon all “True Believers” in Palestine to attack and kill Jews in Hebron and other Jewis Towns/Cities. Over 80,000 Jews were murdered and thousands were forced to leave their homes, they legally owned, in Jeruselum. (some familes have lived there since prior to the Roman occupation). Not many people realize that the Grand Mufti (Haj Amin al-Husseini

  • Rico says:

    Why are you not on Facebook??
    Make a Facebook Page and Please Notify me, That way, we can reach more people.

    • admin says:

      Thanks Rico!

      We are now on facebook. Please visit the page and start spreading the word!

    • corners says:

      “They had to move to areas across the globe to evade persecution right up through Nazism. So how can they be invaders, or occupiers when they are the only people with a legal right to their ancestral lands.”

      Should african americans show up in Africa somewhere and take over a coastal country? They have only been gone a couple hundred years, not a couple thousand. Who has more of a case?

      Im not sure pointing to one of the big books and saying”well god said its ours” is good enough a reason in 2012,other wise half the planet could move back to their “ancestral homelands” after a few dna tests.

  • Hamza Bilal says:

    I am of Palestinian origins, and I always read about the history of my homeland. It appears that people are paying attention to “names of lands” instead of talking about the history of people and the land itself.
    I don’t care about the name of my country, name it Palestine, Israel, Canaan or whatever; however this doesn’t change the fact that this land had it’s people living there before the Israeli immigration aided by the British.
    It’s a historical fact the people from very different ethnicities and religions; Christians, Muslims and Jews have been living for centuries in this land. A “Jewish state” in a land previously inhabited by almost all religions is just unacceptable by any sane mind.
    the Palestinians (being Muslims, Jews, Christians, Atheists…etc) are not asking for a religion based country BECAUSE THEY ARE OF DIFFERENT RELIGIONS!
    the Israelis however, are debating about a Jewish state for Jews wiping away all the rights for other ethnicities to live in their homeland!

    bottom line: this land have always been for everyone, and it should stay for everyone, no matter what their “current” religion is.

    • sabrin says:

      Amen fellow Palestinian 🙂

    • Bob Lyons says:

      Your statement that “the Israelis however, are debating about a Jewish state for Jews wiping away all the rights for other ethnicities to live in their homeland!” is just plain incorrect. The Arabs living in Israel are, in fact, freer and have more rights than the Arabs who live in any of the 22 Arab countries. People who call themselves “Palestinians”, and who live in Israel, are also freer and have more rights than “Palestinians” who live in any of the 22 Arab countries.

    • Scott W. says:

      Hamza, History did not begin with the British Mandate, nor with 1948-9 war, not when the Ottomans conquered the region, nor when the Romans conquered the region, nor when Cyrus the Persian conquered the region, it goes thousands of years back, long before any Arab ever lived there, yet the Jews did live there from day one through today. The land of Judah is the root for the term Jew.

      Palestine is a word that is made up and is not even Arabic, and derives from the Roman era where they renamed the land, based on Philistia. The Philistines were not Arabs either, they were from Greek roots. Arabs have never had any right to the land. They came to fill the void created when the Jews were pushed out by the Romans as late as 70 A.D. The name does not matter really, what matters is that those lands are not the ancestral lands of any Arab, including Lebanon. You and the rest of your people need a serious history lesson, the true history, history that pre-dates the Muslim seizure of these lands at the hand of Muhammadens and other INVADERS.

      The Israelis, and the Jews you call peoples of other nationalities are such because they were kicked out by force from THEIR ancestral lands. They had to move to areas across the globe to evade persecution right up through Nazism. So how can they be invaders, or occupiers when they are the only people with a legal right to their ancestral lands. Arabs come from Arabia, hence the reason we use names. Changing a name of a land does not change its history.

      Just stating something as a fact does not make it so, it must be backed up by documentation, that is why we write and keep records, so people do not just make things up to support their erroneous claims like yours. By the way, Arabs have full rights in Israel and VOTE there. Can any Jew vote in an Arab country where they may live? NO! Get your facts straight!

    • Jim Alexander says:

      Don’t let emotion cloud your thinking. Only by studing the whold truth can you make the proper decision.

    • far left liberal nut job says:

      Gingrich is right…..they are an “invented” people. They did not exist before 1940s and most likely before 1948. Well Hamza explain the origins of the city JERUSALEM and BETHLEHEM. Both are ancient HEBREW names. Also, explain the TEMPLE OF DAVID. You can’t. Do you even know the true lineage of ISHMAEL ?

      The lost tribes of ISRAEL were not taken into BABYLON BTW. They were taken by the ASSYRIANS and re-settled to the area
      north of the CAUCASIAN SEA, hence the term from which CAUCASIANS descended. They were integrated with the people of the area and eventually made their way into western EUROPE and to the BRITISH ISLES. Note the similarity between the HOUSE OF JOSEPH and the quilted patterns of present day SCOTLAND. Note also the passage of PATRICK to IRELAND. There is a connection between the lost tribes (GENTILES) and the two tribes of ISRAEL (JUDAH remaining). History has always turned up proof. So many people denied the existence of so many things in the bible, which in present day have been proven to BE TRUE ! Including Jesus Christ, denied. Until a third party was discovered in writings of JOSEPHIUS. The TEMPLE OF DAVID and SOLOMON MINES, until recent discoveries by modern day archeology. Also, the HITTITES and the HSYKOS. Both mentioned in BIBLE and scoffed at, but found exist. There is no doubt that the 11 original disciples, then apostles, then Paul, existed. The skeptics keep throwing out doubts, but more and more discoveries are made each day. Even in Egypt were it is common knowledge of stories with the child JESUS growing up there, cover up th truth of the BIBLE when the farmers hide coins with images of JOESPH. Couple that with the modern day teaching of HATE against JEWS to little children in the area. Thus you have the perpetuation of the fascism and persecution that existed on unprecedented scale since the NAZI’s and HITLER. But wait , some of these people deny that the HOLOCAUST even existed. Yet the NEW WORLD ORDER is closed to the neo NAZI’s in the MIDDLE EAST or AFGHANISTAN or KASHMIR. Such hypocrisy abounds.

    • Dana says:

      If this land is supposed to be for everyone, why does the current Palestinian leadership say that no Jews can live in their possible future state? They are the new Nazis.

    • Raz says:

      I am Israeli and I completely agree. I think you are 1000% right, the land should be for all people’s. Yet history has consequences. When they divided the land into halves during the UN resolution the Israelis didn’t like the idea but they submitted and signed, the Palestinians rejected it and decided to ally with the surrounding Arab nations and wipe out Israel. This happened three times. This is where we are now, its not random, its a consequence of history. You may think its unfair, I can understand that, but actions have consequences and forgiveness has to be earned and not wined about and achieved with more hatred and bloodshed. I think the Palestinians need to change there perceptive and stop blaming Israel for everything and start building a country instead of hate is my point of view, the Jews were hated all across Europe for generations, segregated, what did they do? They made the best out of it and educated themselves and became successful. Maybe one day this dream of one nation can happen, I know this can work because going to Israel I see Arabs living amongst Israelis freely, marrying, I see famous bands (Orphaned Land) half Palestinian half Israeli… hate Israel as much as you want, but in actuality its a great place for people of all faiths to live. yet, I also believe that the Orthodox Jews are a huge obstacle as is Hamas. The problem is the Orthodox Jews (still thank god) do not control Israel, the problem is Hamas does control Gaza. I’m not trying to point the finger here, but in my opinion the main thing stopping this peace process is Israel’s lack of trust in the Palestinians (considering 3 wars and Hamas), I know its easier to blame Israel for everything, but we are neighbors as long as there is no trust, nothing can happen.

    • corners says:

      “The Arabs living in Israel are, in fact, freer and have more rights than the Arabs who live in any of the 22 Arab countries.”

      Im an American, and thats like me justifying locking someone up and saying” well, were treating him better then where he came from”…. Its ludicrous.Treat people the same, Israel is supposed to be a beacon of democracy in the middle east not a Theocracy like the rest.

    • Adam says:

      That is rubbish. There have been FOUR nation states in the land which were independent. All Jewish. We are an ethnicity, with a language, culture AND a religion, from which YOU derived YOUR religion as a so-called ‘Abrahamic faith.’ WE were the indigenous, you came to conquer after 637CE. The Arabs NEVER formed a nation state in the area, nor had a culture which was distinct from any other Arabic people. There never was a Palestine just as there never was a Philistia – and all the Arabs have done is appropriate an ancient Roman term the British used unofficially and officially to segregate the area from the French zone of Syria, from 1919 to 1948.

      The official Constitution of the PA is that Islam is to be THE religion of the State, so your ‘all peoples, all religions’ is a lie!

    • geeta sakri says:

      allah waakbar. your right hamza. people should try to live together, and just try to be happy, but it would be nice to be able to go to israil for a holiday, as iv always dreamed of going there. Isralies dont care were your from, unless your a jew, then you may enter. That i dont agree. Things are about to change. Lets hope its for the best

  • eyad says:

    WOW, too much Jewish propaganda around here….. to all Jews reading this page, the god promised the Jews |(in surat al-israa’) that they will rise two times ,and that they will be destroyed by His soldiers in the both times. Well, the first time was at the era of king David and his son king Solomon then they were destroyed at the hands of the Persians ,and the second time is now ,and Israel will be destroyed by the battle between the Muslims and the Jews. So, if you want to save your life ,get out of Palestine and go to your beloved America.

    • Darwin says:

      It is, was and always will be the land of Israel. It is Canaan land. No matter how anti-Jew you are it doesn’t change the truth you can use all the (you-want-it doesn’t-change- the -facts)

    • Truth says:

      Sura V:12, 20-21. Your own book says the land & Jerusalem belong to Israel. Learn to read your own book!

    • ether says:

      Hello, read your history books more carefully. Persian never invade Judah and the invasion of Judah & Israel did not happen during David & Salomon’s reign (in fact it was hundreds of years afterwards). ASSYRIA conquered Israel before BABYLON conquered Judah. Battle between the Muslims & the Jews? I thought the Arab coalition lost to the Jews in just 6 days during the 1948 Arab-Israeli War

  • King David says:

    What Israel did to the Arab countries that tried to attack it in 1967 would have been in the Bible had it happened 2000 years ago. There is and will be defeat to Israel. Israel is staying where it is, and no amount of whining and distorting history is going to change it. There is nothing any Jew can do about it. So live with it or go live somewhere else. The only reason Israel did not take over more territory in 1967 is because Israel couldn’t get it without equaling herself with the same level of ugliness as the Holocaust. The word Palestine derives from Philistine. It was the Philistines the Hebrews defeated to take the land known as Judea. The name was changed from Judea to Palestine by the conquering Romans. It was the last time a foreign enemy defeated the Hebrews in an equal game. The Palestinian name alone proves that the Palestinians were there first and it is their land. And it will stay that way now.

    • Raz says:

      That is one of the most common misconceptions, Philistines are an extinct people’s they are completely different then Palestinians. Just because the two start with a P, does not make them related in any way. Palestinians are more closely related to Jordanians if anything. I suggest you go do some reading and stop posting your ignorant word-matching as fact, it isn’t fair to the Palestinians and it isn’t fair to people who read this who assume your speaking the truth.

    • geeta sakri says:

      its not about winning or losing Ether, its about whats right and wrong, how would you like it if i came into your home and taked every thing from you? and to top it up, KILLING YOUR FAMILY right in frunt of you. WHY do such a crule thing? Theres one thing i could never get, Why fley from Garmeny at the time of when hitler was around ww2 to escape the gas chambers and so on, to have freedom in Palistine, to go and do worse things. That i could never understand. God bless

  • Rick says:

    Call it whatever one wants, everyone will have opinions, usually passionate, and few will agree. But let’s see what the Quran has to say about whom Israel belongs. You may just be surprised. No Bin Laden and his thugs made up their own rules (and it had absolutely nothing to do with the Quran); who says clearly (on numerous occasions “Jerusalem & Israel Is For The Jews. Period. Any questions? Thank you. Rick

    • Amin says:

      And pray … where in the Quran it says that…. a few references would be nice?

      Quran always mentions Israel and Jews in the past. So where does it say Israel belongs to Jews in the past.

    • Rose says:

      Jerusalem and Israel is for the Israelis not only for the Jews, the Jews are just 2 tribes, Judah and Benjamin. There are 10 tribes which are known as the lost tribes which are scattered over the world. God gave the land to the Israeli not just the Jews. There is nowhere in the bible that states the land was given to the Jews.

  • Marc Corona says:

    TAKE DOWN ALL BORDERS and let humanity run loose!! these cultural/religious/social/financial boundaries just create more problems than it is worth, ESPECIALLY THE RELIGIOUSLY FUELED STUFF…i think we can all agree on this… i think 😛 i believe HISTORY itself can PROVE that putting up boundaries and claiming things as your own is NOT WORKING. JUST BE HAPPY YOU ARE LIVING. NO GOD REQUIRED.

    • jj says:

      How new world you are in your statements.. I once believed the same way.
      I admit I came to a place of realizing that there was no fact or evidence of studying History or Biblical research to back up my statements. I came from an emotional place of believing. My life changed when I pursued the truth! After many years having a personal relationship with the creator and wresting with him in regards to many beliefs and questions .. I came to a place of understanding; there is only one truth and one way to heaven. I think Borders and Boundaries are necessary in the world, and our personal life..I believe in protecting the homeland of God . and protecting myself! You say “God is not required” This comes from your heart .. it is a personal statement that leads me to see that you are in need of a power greater than yourself to walk with you , and listen to your concerns. Ask him to show you. Ask HIM to give you wisdom and direction .. He is with you waiting for you to ask him into your life.

  • Truth says:

    For Amin, who asks where it says the land of Israel exists, and does not seem to want a reply? Try this Amin:Sura V:12, 20-21!

  • Tom says:

    POINT: it is a region or territory NOT a nation used by Rome to point to where Jews lived! Take a look at what the Holocast is really about. It followed two other offers to return to land of Israel for the Jews. Could it be GOD making Israel return for the second coming???

    • Kari says:

      That is truly an excellent essay by Rubin. He gives voice to many thoughts that I have had myself, especially his explanation of why many on the right, including evangelical Christians, are now sincerely pro-Israel. It is very disappointing to me that more American Jews do not understand this.

    • Jimmy says:

      opaucction; whose citizens adhere to a standard by which anyone shooting at their soldiers is a terrorist and thus adhere to a standard by which there is no distinction between citizens and soldiers?to what degree are those citizens simply innocent?

  • Tom says:

    No question this name is Roman based. Which in effect means “Where the Jews live”. Second fact is how they got back to Israel after being forced out by Rome and Arabic actions. Fact is that was the what was prophesied in the Old Testament and has remained that way for some 2,000 years. Now they are back AGAIN as prophecies in the Old Testament. If you do a little research you will find they were offered this by a letter written prior to WW 1. The refused but remember they NEVER became a real past of any nation but lived separate in Jewish communities. After WW 1 the League of Nations was formed and one of the first documents was called “The British Mandate” to open the door for Jews to return. They refused. WW 2 broke out and at the end of that battle the United Nations was formed and one of the first things was to reinforce the British Mandate. This time following the HOLOCAST they went home as non place existed for them to reoccupy as Hitler had wrecked all of them. This time they went. Could it be that the HOLOCAST was a act of God to FORCE Israel to return to the land of Israel?? If so then you can bet the end is coming very soon as the markers are falling into place all over the world.

    • Melina says:

      The only one of the 57 Muslim nantois that still fights us, even occasionally, is the Palestinians. I’m pretty sure the hundreds of Katyushas that hit Israel in 2007 were not fired by Palestinians.

    • Mhyar says:

      The only way for the knife to go deeper is for Obungo to declare war on Israel (I mean a shooting war). He has already declared a political/ideological war against them. This Muslim fool needs to go now. Impeach Him!!!!!!!!

    • us of israel says:

      Lately I heard an opinion from a friend. Its aid the HOLOCAUST itself was permitted to take place by the jews (through the allies) to help make a reason for exodus to israel. I, myself don’t believe that but there are very strange facts 1) Why didn’t the allies bombard the concentration camps 2) Rich jews escaped being taken there 3) Hitler offered to free the jews from the camps in exchange for money. 4) Eichmann was half-jewish.

    • corners says:

      is it really gods work when people just put up big bucks for lobbyist to make Israel happen after ww2?

      Kind of like trying to make a prophecy happen. Doubt god imagined a treaty creating Israel again

    • corners says:

      “1) Why didn’t the allies bombard the concentration camps ”

      Um, because you would have killed all the jews yourselves if you did that? Ive heard many reasons why they werent bombed, from distance to not knowing what they were

    • corners says:

      “2) Rich jews escaped being taken there 3) Hitler offered to free the jews from the camps in exchange for money. ”

      This is true. If you could afford to pay this years and nexts income taxes in Germany and leave most of your possessions behind you could leave the country.

      People need to go history channel or something. Im shocked at the lack of knowledge yet so many people so sure of themselves on here when clearly many are incorrect about “their facts”

  • daniel says:

    Palestine was throughout time an area- sometimes referred to as such. Saying that there were never any historic Palestinian Arabs during the various periods of Antiquity is ignorant- since Arabic did not exist, they were Semites along with Jews. The Bible has been at times accurate historically other not. If one thing can be said about Jews- since their beginning they have rarely been a people of “Place”. The so called Kingdom was conquered re-taken etc several times and Jews always on the move. Jerusalem- site of the Temple-was sacked in 70ad. Then 135. Jews have been a diaspora far more than they have ever been a nation/state. In fact if one is going to invoke an anthropomorphic God as most of you do- The Jews promised land has yet to materialize very well. For those Jews using Christians as your support- dont forget, their only reason is to prove vague biblical scripture in the hope that it will be the final battle ground and that the Jews are burned. That very idea has permeated Christianity resulting in Pogroms, harassment, mini genocides and major genocides, Inuisition etc- all blaming the Jews for the plague, crop failures, you name it. So keep in mind that those Jews associating with the Christians here- ask them what they think will happen to you if you do not accept Jesus during the “end of times”- its insulting. You will be burned for not accepting. Guess where Jews sought refuge against the twisted anti-jewish Christians? Muslim lands- look up Inquisition among other round ups. Jews are called “Christ Killers” so be aware of any Christian who tries to smooze you. Islamic anti-Jewish behavior has been for the most part since the establishment of Modern State of Israel. Yes some Jews were killed in the beginning of the spread of Islam- but it is nothing compared to the harassment of the Jewish Diaspora in the Christian lands. Read work done by Lucy Davidowitz and how they fared in the dark and middle ages… not soooo well. They did far better under Caliphates.
    Dont trust your Christian friends that are defending your right to exist at the moment- because it is only for selfish reasons, and certainly not so that the Jews can establish a permanent land in which Christians would accept them as part of their society while they reject Jesus as Messiah. Jews do not believe in Jesus as Messiah. Jews did have Jesus put to death. But it is also symbolic in that Jesus would have been put to death if he came into being now- by Christians- because he was anti- establishment anti greed and profit. Show me one part of the Gospel where Jesus promotes making money, using that money to make more money, then consolidate the wealth for power in order to make more money- ie our system today. Show me where in the Gospel it says that. So Jews- be aware of most Christians because you are mere stepping stones in the fulfilment of prophecies that speak of your doom. They cant wait for it. Most of the doom was directed specifically towards Jews who did not ultimately accept Jesus- because this was written at that particular time for this particular group.
    As a few have said- Palestine historically is a region- similar to the term Levant. People of all sorts lived there over the ages. Semites include Jews, and Aramaic and Hebrew led to early Arabic. All the tribes in this area during Antiquity were
    Semites unless they were invaded. Jews and Muslims have far more in common than Christians and Jews- religiously in the laws etc. In fact the Qu’ran is very much a review and reinforcement of Jewish Law- read and compare and you will see.

    • Jenny says:

      Derek, what are your thoughts on Galatians 3:23-39, esp. vs 25, Now that faith has come, we are no longer under the supervision of the law. Is the law the law of sin? Or Torah? Is the we Jew, Gentile, or both?

    • Lenya says:

      Christians do not practice taqiyya as you seem to be implying here. This trait belongs only to the Muslims they are the masters of deception. Any people who hate and murder Jews and call themselves Christians are lairs and use the name of the Lord in vain. This includes the Spanish Inquisition, the Crusaders and Nazi Germany plus all the other “Christian” denominations that persecute Jews. This is because Jesus Christ.(a Jew himself whos namesake Christians took) commanded his disciples (all Jews) to go out into the world and preach the Gospel unto all nations. Did Jesus command his Jewish disciples to convert the heathen so they can turn on their own kin? I think not. Jesus loves the Jewish nation..He cried over Jerusalem because of their stiff-necks (For not recognizing their Saviour) and compared himself to a hen that would gather its brood under its wings…as the Jewish nation under his protective arms. True Christians in which a remnant existed even through the dark ages and the Nazi Holocaust have been sheltering and hiding Jews from danger throughout history and this has been accounted for by the Jews themselves. You write about the Muslim caliphates that took in Jews during the Spanish inquisition, but what was their true motive?…I don’t really know, but it is a fact that they never treated the Jews as equals and the Jews were despondent in those Islamic domains. Even though they tolerated the Jews, many Jews suffered at their hands in the many programs inflicted by Muslims who have some gripe against any Jew. The true hatred toward Jews by Muslims was revealed during Hitlers extermination campaign in which the Mufti of Jerusalem signed a pact with Hitler for the Muslims to operate the extermination campaign of Jews throughout the Middle-East. If we go back to Mohammed’s time you will find the horror inflicted on Jewish tribes by the Muslim “prophet and his desert gangs.

    • Shawn says:

      As a Protestant Christian who’s forefathers were driven from THEIR homes in Sinard, France by the Church of Rome, I realize the importance of the chosen people…many fail to realize or even know that Rome instituted the ‘replacement doctrine’ which states that since the Jews crucified Christ they forfeited their right to be the ‘chosen’…You’re wrong Rome/Church of Rome…that is man declaring himself above God Almighty and trying to replace what GOD STATED CLEARLY!…and you will answer for that I’m sure…In Revelation 4 the rapture occurs, the Harpazzo, and then the rest of Revelation becomes VERY Jewish in it’s symbolism…it is also stated that the Jewish people will petition for His return in which many 10’s of thousands are doing so now…as a protestant, I realize the importance in the playing out of God’s word that the Jews have, practicing Jews that is.

  • suharto sumayan says:

    The former US Congress Speaker was misled into believing that Palestinian People was invented entity. His terrible bias against the Palestinians led him to arrived to that conclusion. The people who are being being oppressed by the so-called chosen people of God are the true inhabitants of the Land now being claimed by the people who were entirely form Europe & then claimed that Land by the help of the colonial power. The people who lived there prior to the arrival of the european jews happens to be an arab speaking people.

  • Abu Tayyi says:

    “American” From Amerigo Vespucci. A “made up” term referring to the people of a region. It has come to mean a far different thing than it did centuries ago.

    “Palestine” From Philistine, referring to a people of the region. It has come to mean a different thing than it did millenia ago.

    There is little question today regarding the term “American.” The only reason there is a question regarding the term “Palestinian” today is because Golda Meir was advised that it would be a good propaganda point.

  • Hussein says:

    Philisteen = Palestine as what the Bible shows its map in the first page named (philisteen). Philiteeni’s are the original owners of the land from north to south and west to east( Jordan was part of Philisteen and part of Syna desert also). Jews immigrated by England (free of charge) from Europe, Iraq, Morocco and Yemen to live in this beautiful land, the land of olives (land of peace). The only history in Philisteen goes back to the Christians and Muslims time, there is not a single thing shows that Jews were living in this land (as what Jews stating them selves). Please its enough going around the truth.

    • Shawn says:

      When in the world are you Arabs going to realize that we are ALL the descendant’s of Noah…and the most accurate portrayal of truth is in the BIBLE….your Koran was written/orally handed by Augustine monks to Mohammed trying to use desert dwelling Arabs to kill Jews and Christians in and around Jerusalem so the Church of Rome could move there…it’s so obvious! The Koran mentions mother Marry more so than even the new testament and every capital city in every Arab nation there is a masonic lodge…The Koran says the Sun rises and sets in a murky pond? the Bible states the TRUTH…please, I pray y’all will return to ‘the book’…the one descended from Noah and his truths of this planet and the Creators creation…It says in the Bible to not WORSHIP the stone of Artemus, and guess what, that is exactly what y’all do when going on the haj to Mecca, worshiping a little black meteorite in that building which is a METEORITE brothers…come on

  • Stuart Mathieson says:

    Nice bit of propaganda by Israeliphiles. I have always been suspicious of reconstructions of history by philology. The the first move in consolidating conquest is linguistic. According to Silberhorn and Finklestein, Israeli archeologists, the original people were all Canaanites. There is no such thing as Race let alone racial purity. The distinguishing characteristic is neither genetic, religious or cultural. It is political and has more to do with geopolitical considerations, basically divide and rule.

    • darwin says:

      It’s not political it’s called truth. Then again I’m sure truth is just as strange to you as Israel
      Reality is real whether you believe is or not. I guess hating Jews is alive and well in you.

  • usa of israel says:

    I am surprised about most of the comments, I bet most of you are naive ( and brainwashed) Americans. EVEN IF the name of Palestine was not Arabic, or Canaanite, Aramaic, Hebrew etc.. (maybe it is only a theory that it is of Greek origin) does that mean that the land you love to call Israel belongs ONLY to Israelis? You certainly don’t know that the first Semites came from the mountains somewhere in northern Syria or beyond to the north, from there they emigrated southwards . (Harran itself, which is said to be the homeland of Abraham is a village in Turkey, a stone’s throw from the Syrian border). I mean to say the people who later lived in Palestine came from another place, be it Greece or Syria, etc.. and the tribe of Abraham was called abrim BY the people that were already in Palestine, and they called them ibrim , Arabic ábrín, which means, those who go/came across a bridge or river because they entered Palestine across the river of Jordan. In the end they intermingled with the people there. And when Moses came most of the people in the middle east converted to Judaism. Later on a large proportion of them converted to Christianity, and later to Islam. For a long time the middle eastern Jews , as well as Christians, Muslims were called Arabs (Arab is a term applied to the people that speak Arabic, regardless of their faith, Arab is not a people, those of Syria are arameans for instance) And when for some purpose Zionism got coined peoples from around the world went to Palestine, where they committed lots of massacres (Palestine Arab Jews did not suffer form the Nazis, so they were not savage, even more ,most of them are against the state of Israel, because -in contrast to Zionists- they have read all the Torah (not only the story about the promised land), which says Israelis are NOT TO make a state, and must be dispersed, when God comes back to earth. The purpose of these massacres was to reduce the non-Jew population, since it made 80-90% of the total.And those who were not killed flew away, leaving their houses for the invaders. Other facts: 1) How can a blond Swedish Jew, and a black Ethiopian Jew belong to the middle eastern race: Jews of the middle east have much in common with Christians and Muslims of that very region, than with people of African or Chinese race you would like to see Palestine free from the 20th century invaders Other facts: 2) Israel of ancient times only lasted for around 20 years and was the size of a modern medium size city, (as the British historian Arnold Toynee stated) If you stick to your story of “the promise that God gave to Abraham”, why don’t you go back to Harran then, and why do not Americans leave America, since it is not their land.3) Middle easterners -as with people in the south -, not to mention the age of their culture ,compared to the culture of plastic countries like usa and Israel, are open-minded and tolerant, that is why there has ALWAYS been freedom of faith there and christian and Jew Arabs were absolutely free to practise their religion (Maimonides, for instance was a famous Jew Arab scientist ) . Then all of a sudden Muslims turned upside down and began to be terrorists? . Have you heard of manipulation of facts? .An Arabic proverb: He hit me and was faster to file a complaint against me.

    • corners says:

      i think you would be surprised to know many Americans are looking more and more at the conflict and not just blindly siding with Israel. Our politicians are a different story. Money talks in Washington, and lots of money comes in from jewish lobbies and pacs. Well, from all lobbies and pacs, its sad. But the jewish lobbyist in Washington are very powerful and rich. Doesnt matter of you are wrong, money rules.Its corrupt.

  • usa of israel says:

    To Lenya: Maybe to a lesser extent than your yankee fellow gingrich, but you, too are in need of lessons in History 1) It was the Syrian Saint Paul ( he converted on his way to Damascus,the capital of the Syrian Arab Republic) who coined christianity , and not Jesus . 2) The advisor of Mohammed was the rabi of Mecca ( a jew) and Mohammed’s best “friend” was a christian priest 3) Some arab tribes (jewish, christian, pagan)were very hostile towards Mohammed ., so it was not only the jews that were fighted against.3) Christians and jews in the countries taken by the moslims had the choice either to convert to islam or pay some tax. And muslims urged them NOT to convert to islam (money was most important for them, like the yankees). 3) Master of deception: You must know that the further you go northward the more deception you meet (People living in the southern part of the globe are open and much more frank, regardless of faith 4) How muslims treated jews: You , yourself said you don’t know. Let me help you: antisemitism is a european inventon, and -as with 3)- the further you go northward the more nationalism and agression you encounter, again regardless of faith 5) “the true hatred towards jews…” The mufti of Jerusalem does not represent the muslims, very much like the pope that launched the crusaders, who killed all the people they encountered, regardless of faith .

    • Shawn says:

      So when I go north I’ll find Siberians and the Eskimo to be the biggest of liars and lovers of money while the Christians and Jews down south in the Mid East bask in their wonderful abode of enchanting truth under their Arab rulers…wow man, your truth pervades all the universe…..hmmmmm and if I’m in N Korea I can go to South Korea to find them the aggressor…you are mislead my friend…but, in the southern states of the USA that is true, but, there are good people in the North though…the world got the Unions government of aggression I suppose, now thats true, and here we are with the New World Order that is rewriting history even before it hit’s the air waves.

  • Antoine says:

    Facts: first Zionist congress in Bahl Switzerland, in 1897, under the Hungarian Theodore Hertzl, Palestine was not an empty land and the Zionists were not people without a land.

    Second, the English James Arthur Balfour should have promised England to Haim weizmann and not someone else’s country : Palestine. Palestine was promised to the Zionists by the English and not by God, and now its adopted by the Americans.

    Conclusion: the present tragedy of Palestine has nothing to do with religion it is a politicaillerie one. Let us all pray to God That all Palestinians are treated with justice and dignity, so peace CAN prevail in the Holy land of Palestine.


  • Antoine says:

    Fact: Menahim begin came from Poland to Palestine, was wanted by the british police for terrorists activities, later on became a prime minister.

  • us of israel says:

    And menahim begin was not the only one terrorist; take jitzhak samir for instance.

  • attino says:

    its funny how ‘Israel formed’ and claiming to be the chosen people that’s laughable they should all go back to Europe and the united states as 90% were not from Palestine before ww1 and ww11 the sad truth is no one wanted them and they decided on Palestine it was supposed to be Uganda or Argentina but then they claimed to be the religious reasons? that’s a joke too, its land for Christians, jews and muslims not just for one
    Facts you need to know about Masjid Al-aqsa

    next time someone says Palestine , Jerusalem is only for Jews or ‘its Israel’ and there the chosen people hit them with these facts from Islam perspective, ( i will do one from the Christian faith too)

    Masjid al Aqsa

    a) the first qiblah of Muslims

    b) the station of al-isra and al mi raj

    c) the second house of God built on earth

    d) the place where hundreds of messengers of god are buried

    e) the place where many companions are buried

    f) a place where miracles were shown by allahswt will

    g) a place which allahswt himself calls ‘a blessed place’

    h) referred to directly and indirectly, seventy times in the Quran

    i) the place where angles have descended with gods message

    j) the only place on earth where all the messengers of God prayed at the same time led by the prophet Muhammad pbh

    k) the ONLY masjid mentioned by the name in the Holy Quran apart from the Ka’bah

    its is for the above reasons and many more like human rights to name a few, we need to understand our responsibilities regarding the safeguarding of masjid al aqsa and Palestine which is in great danger of being demolished by Zionist extremists..

  • Sick andTired of this stupid argument says:

    Who cares which of you were in that land first? Land is yours when you claim it and can defend it. Today is all that matters, not yesterday. Do what Israel did – define your new country and declare your independence. Be prepared to defend it and die for it. Stop waiting for someone to give it back. Live free or die.

  • darwin says:

    The Bible does NOT have the made up word Palestine in it! It is a made up word. Let me ask you a couple questions. Is there a language called Palestinian? “NO” Is there a Palestinian alphabet? “NO” Is there a Palestinian currency? “No” End of debate, period! They are Arabs trying to mislead and lie about Israel but then again no big shock, liars lie!

    • Gorgeo says:

      Is ther an Israelian language? is there an Israelian alphabet? there is an Isrealian currency as it was also a Palestinian currency. no end of debate, period! you are aliar who believes in his lies. One fact that you all forget. When ever the Jews were choosen by god and were freed by God from Egypt.. and after that they were lost for 40 year in Sinai. at that time the Pelstinians where already in Palestine. Read your books correctly and not any book was written by a zionist. Read the story of Mozes after getting out of Egypt. then you come to the truth.. the first truth.. that Palestine is not the invention of any human being.. it was already there before Mozes was Chosen. period.
      And if Isreal will stay for ever, or Palestine will come again.. it is a matter of time.. time will tell.. and I wonder if all wise peopel on this page will be a live or dead.

  • Joe Thomas says:

    You have two choices perpetual war or peace. Almost all on this blog prefer perpetual war, may God not have mercy on your soul.

  • jadehan777 says:

    Yes and it will be forever yes
    Yes Israel is an eternal country and nation

  • boxthejack says:

    Extraordinary comments. People read an article which demonstrates that the name Palestine has a geographical referent for over 2500 years and uses it as proof that it is a ‘made up’ word. The fact is many places exist with multiple names for the same place. I live in Scotland which is not an independent state but it no less exists as a place for that. If I refer to Albion or the British Isles, I am talking about (respectively) less than and more than the nation state of the UK. This doesn’t mean I am negating the UK.

    To the Jews, the land has been considered Israel since 1948, and before that the environs of holy Jerusalem. Under the Ottomans there were various administrative divisions of the land, though Palestine was referred to in some literature. Increasingly it was considered part of Greater Syria, the bilad as-sham. The largely Aramaic-speaking Christians of the region before the rise of Islam would have a ranged of words for the land, including Palestine. Etc. etc.

    As for Palestinian identity, the administrative identity of Jews, Christians and the Muslim majority was Palestinian during the Mandate. That’s what was written on birth certificates. The emergence of a Palestinian national consciousness emerged in the 19th Century with other nationalisms. It became more coherent after the Afula Affair in the second wave of Zionism, just as Zionism itself was beginning to gain traction as a Jewish ‘national identity’ in Europe. So what?

    The questions pertaining to the establishment of Israel, Israeli military control of Gaza and the West Bank, and the Palestinian refugee problem are not ones ultimately of sovereignty but of who has been uprooted from their land, who lacks basic political, economic and social rights, and how these injustices can be rectified. Call it Israel, Palestine or Western Asia – it makes no odds. States have no rights to exist, people have the right to exist in states.

  • Ariel Barrera-Haddad says:

    palestine comes from plesht which is an egiptian word meaning immigrant which dominated canaan, canaanites called to these inmigrants as pleshtim(plural), pleshti(singular), assyrians called them as Philistu, in babylonian aramaic were called as Philistai, when greek like herodotus get to arrive to this land called it as Palestine derived from the canaanite word Pleshtim, greeks called to this people as Palestinii(plural), Palestinios(singular), herodotus refers palestine from mediterranean sea to the jordan valley, herodotus never speak about hebrews or israel land, these words only appears in the religious books like tanakh or bible, and they are not historical books but theological. aristoteles called this land as palestine, the same flavius joseph , romans byzantines, arab people, nowadays palestine is an arabic country, speak arabic since 7th century, but their roots are canaanites, arameans, persians, hellenics and arabians. the only one old jews descendants today are the palestinian people.

  • Samer says:

    Palestine, was named after the Arabian god Baal, it is a greek name, greeks also worshipped baal, some called him Pal, other Veles, had the same function as the arabian god, fertility, cattle, and prosper. they called the land Pale/velestina, Stin -aryan root for land-… The arabs called the land Kanaan = Lowlands, in contrast to Aram = Highlands. The inhabitants of the land were called Canaanite, and spoke Canaanite Arabic. The worshipped Baal, considered him to the helper of Allah, so did the meccans.. they Named regions after him, like Baalbek, and themselves Hannibaal = Servant of Baal in Arabic “hanbal” , Hamirabi = Servant of the lord.. They named their capital ” Dorslem” where Dor = House Slem = the name of the God of Baal, Slim a name of Elloh or Allah, Darussalam in Arabic, or Jerusalem in English. Jerusalem was not intended to worhsip Baal, rather Elloh/Allah. in contrast to Carthage, were Kret = City and Jdeta = New Kret gdeita, was intended to the Worship of Baal, hence its leader Hannibaal 🙂

  • ariel says:

    Palestine pople nowadays are descendant from the old inhabitants of the biblical judea, galilee and samaria, mixed with arabs and hellenics. the jewish are the people that just practice jewish religion. zionists they don’t have any relation to old jewish . diaspora never happened, just the jewish palestinians convert to christianism and islam. it is so easy and logical.

  • ariel says:

    palestine is old name, people from palestine is palestinian, the biblical israel just was kingdon in the palestinian territory and southern lebanon, judah was only the central mountain area part of palestine. herodotus refers palestine from mediterranean to the jordan river. it is palestine, zionists called it as palestine to

  • marwan says:

    i would like to tell

  • Luke Larouso says:

    Sorry Ariel but you are dead wrong.
    The whole area there is Israel’s. Having conquered the Canaanites and the Philistines. Israel inherited the land because they defeated all of their enemies.
    There were no such things as Arabs or Palestinians in those days. Any offspring or mixed blood from the Philistines had no home or integrated with other cultures.
    The word Philistine means “People with no culture”. The hybrid term was a made up word of mockery by the Romans who called these people with no legacy “Palestinians”. There is no record in history, nor is there any geographical location that rightfully belongs to Palestinians, Arabs or anyone that represents Islamic religious beliefs.

    This land was promised to Isaac the son of promise and rightful heir. However, through Abraham’s adultery, Ishmael was the first born. The Arab people who are descendants of Ishmael want the land for themselves, however, the rights to the land was not valid because of the act of adultery.
    When Isaac came along, his descendants the Israelites were the rightful owners to the land.

    These nomadic leftovers of the Philistines understood the term Palestine as a reference to a region within the same area and have since then being trying to fight for something that does not belong to them.

  • Adam Kosh says:


    I’m not an Israeli, nor a Palestinian.

    I don’t subscribe to a religious franchise, in fact, I might be classified as an agnostic.

    The Bible, more the New Testament than the Hebrew Bible, in my opinion, is mostly a collection of myths, tales, and fables, inter-laced with certain dates and some historical facts, therefore not a reliable historic document.

    Obviously both the Jewish, as well as the Palestinian contributors are presenting their own parochial arguments supported by their interpretation of God’s will and so called historical facts.

    There is one indisputable fact, which is that European settlers mostly of the Jewish faith settled in a hostile, undeveloped dessert, unclaimed and unwanted by any of the surrounding peoples, with the exception of scattered Bedouin nomads, and over the next 70 years or so turned it into a lush, fertile, productive Oasis; they built a civilization and modern cities where none existed before, establishing the sole stable Democracy in the Middle East.

    From my point of view, the people presently inhabiting the Gaza Strip might find it profitable to imitate determination of their neighbors to the North.

    Cheers, Adam.

  • Sharon says:

    You guys are all confusing religion with this. It’s called Palestine, and that’s all it will ever be called. Israel is a biblical made up name. Real Jews denounce Israel’s war crime. Real Jews wouldn’t steal land and kill people. Look in your holy book again.
    The Palestinians have culture, religion, language, etc. Their Arabic dialect is different from the Lebanese, Syrians, Jordanians, and Egyptians. So don’t say that the Palestinians are one of them.
    The Zionists are making up lies because no body wants them in their country. Zionists are Nazi’s. Or even worse in fact. DO NOT call yourself a Jew if you support Zionism. The 2 don’t go hand in hand.
    The Palestinians let the Jews in during a time when they were oppressed since the Americans or other European nations wouldn’t let them in because they had bad ideas of Jews because of Hitler. Since the Palestinians were kind enough to let them in, they Jews took advantage of these poor people, stole their land, kicked them out, and won’t even let them back in. How pathetic.
    Today, millions of Palestinians are suffering through Israel’s war crimes, and many people have died. They continue to live in harsh conditions and it is assumed by the year 2016 or 2020, Gaza WILL BE unliveable. Millions of people are suffering there because of Israel’s selfish nation.
    Let’s put an end to Zionism and Israel. Let’s restore Palestine. Boycott Israeli goods and spread the news to everyone because a lot of people don’t know what’s going on since Israel controls a lot of television networks and blocks these things out.
    Please help the suffering Palestinians before it’s too late.

  • Mohammed says:

    Simple and easy your stories and your bible that you reading nowadays is bogus.but falasteen is true and holy and blessed land you are just jealous

  • vixi says:

    There is absolutely no evidence for most of the Biblical claims concerning the Philistines and he Biblical account and is dismissed in those cases where it is inconvenient but accepted when it fits the new conventional story.

    Example : the stories of Abraham and Isaac separately meeting with a Philistine King are dismissed. Even the account in Exodus describing how the Children of Israel avoided the land of the Philistines has got to be dismissed because according to the conventional chronology, they could not have been a settled powerful force by then.

    The territory that God gave to the children of Israel must also be dismissed because one of the markers was “the Sea of the Philistines”. (Exodus 23: 31) No Philistines, no territory given by God.

    Remember that all this is not just the conventional thinking of ancient historians and archaeologists, it is the accepted thinking of academic Biblical scholars. This is taken from the Anchor Bible Dictionary.

    We are asked to believe that a sea faring people coming from somewhere in the Aegean send their families thousands of miles by land through tremendously hostile territory to meet up with them later at the borders of Egypt, then attack the most powerful nation known on earth at that time…………for what purpose? Because they had to leave their own land. Why? Because they were too weak to hold it!!!!!!

    They defeated the whole Hittite nation? Where is the evidence for that? The name is not even mentioned in any Hittite record

    The absurdity that equates the Peleset with the “Pelasgians” who through some miraculous transformation become Philistines.

    The Biblical account of the origins of the Philistines In the table of Nations in Genesis 10:-

    Now these are the generations of the sons of Noah, Shem, Ham, and Japheth; and to them were sons born after the flood….
    And Pathrusim, and Casluhim, (from whom the Philistines descend,) and Caphtorim.)

    the Philistines are the descendants of the Philistim in the line of Casluhim, son of Mizraim, ancestor of the Egyptians. The Philistines are stated to have come from Caphtor (at least at one time) which is generally agreed upon to be Crete. (Jerem. 47:4. The Jewish sages never accepted this view and maintained that any time the “isles” were referred to in connection with these peoples, they always meant the Egyptian Delta, a position also held by the Egyptologist Alessandra Nibbi. However they were a substantial presence at the time of Abraham with a King, Abimelech and a host for an army.

    Thus the Biblical account has them a settled people in South West Canaan long before the invasion of the so-called Sea Peoples at the time of Ramesses III.

  • Shawn says:


  • Teresa says:

    OMG I was so excited just now D Richard paul September 20, 2011 at 11:51 am had me really going.. I was thinking to myself yes finally the truth is being told. After all that is all I am seeking is just the truth… I have to battle for Israel whether they are in the right or the wrong.. I’m an not the one to Judge that but having the truth of what history really is would be a great help in keeping me looking like an idiot in the mist of my battle here. People aren’t buying the biblical reason as being a good enough reason. They are falling for the picture that is being painted as the Jews are evil horrible people and everyone is pro Palestine like we are about to play a game of kick ball and we are picking our teams now. I am pro Palestine. Come on Palestine help me double my money when real lives are being turned upside down. How can an atheist know which side has the moral rights to the land? Who owned it before the Jews? Was it Britain? If so what did they do with that land? Sell it or give it away? Who bought it or who received it? Who had lived their before don’t mean jack. The only thing that matters is who has the legal ownership of that land now? I say it’s up to whoever owns this land legally now gets to pick and choose what they do with it.. If there are people who say Britain had no tight to sell it or give it away isn’t the conflict between Britain and whoever thinks Britain didn’t have legal rights to give it away even if they legally owned it. When you act like animals and just conquer nations because you are bigger and stronger then the ones who live there now makes it really hard to say legally what the right thing to do is. We all don’t live under the same rule of law and there are people that even if given a law still won’t follow that law. If someone sold me a house I don’t care who lives there now they are moving the hell out and I’m taking over. If they don’t like it take it up with the person who sold it to me. If that person got ownership by steeling the land or house and that can be proven then cover my losses and the deal is done but I’m not moving out of my newly bought home until all my expenses are given back to me or my money back in which was used the buy the house. I know in America I can’t gather up 20 of my friends and brake into an old person home and kick them out and take over their house.. I know I am not allowed to do that.. When it is country taking over others land this is considered ok cuz your butt just got kicked and they won the battle. Its a stronger army if you want that land back. Now we have the entire middle east waging war on Israel. A peace of land that was given to them.. One of two things can happen. Either the middle east beats them in war and takes that land and kicks them out or myself and God stand behind Israel and tell the middle east to go shove it. There isn’t enough land in the middle east were the Palestinian people can go? Because when it comes down to it God decides who is going to live there and who isn’t.. Every nation in this entire world can team up to kick Israels butt and they still wont win..They are beating on a dead drum. God don’t need anyone to help Israel. He can handle it on his own. He did say though those who try and help the Jews to keep the land of Israel I will reward you for your great deeds. So Pick a side. You want to help the losing team or do you want to stand with the team that gets the reward? Either way the Jews aren’t going any place unless God says they are. If the Palestine wants peace they pick up their butts and move in with the Arab nations of which they are related to or sit there where they are at and shut up. By the way the sitting there shutting up don’t mean you are superior over the Jews. It don’t mean they are going to pay you taxation of any kind. You sit there and you live as an equal or get the hell out. Those who do not like this agreement feel free to take it up with God himself.. I’m sure he will be willing to show you hes not joking around. For the Atheist good luck with finding the truth everyone seems to have their own story on this issues depending on what they themselves has in stake and with whom. Year 2012 and we can’t even figure out who gets what. The earth wasn’t created with equal opportunities spread out evenly. Some areas are nicer then others and greed pride and self entailment gives an evil backlash of death pain and suffering hardship and insecurities and an existence of constant fear among those who live on this earth. One slip up and your done. Survival of the fittest. That’s what it comes down to.. Who can kick butt the best best gets the gold. Just don’t mess with America.. We lie and we agree to do stuff and say we did stuff when we actually never did.. You may think one thing is truth but in fact its not that way at all. We are mellow not cuz we are weak we are mellow cuz we can be.. We have ourselves covered bankrupt or not. Or are we actually bankrupt? We been at this a long long time. We know what we are doing and those we keep around we keep them around cuz it suits us to do so other wise they wouldn’t be around.. As of today we are backing Israel. Don’t mess with them or you will be messing with America and my country is more nuts then all of you all put together. I’m not even sure if my president is an American.. I’m telling you all my country is nuts. I just hope we don’t become a totally evil empire cuz that would be unbearable. Lets sit back and see what Obama does this time around. God help us..
    By the way if anyone at any time out here happens to run into the real truth about Israel Id really like to know it.. Conflict is exhausting and its much easier to diminish it as soon as you can verses living in the middle of it.. I will say one thing for such a tiny tiny little piece of land it certainly has to hold some importance or the whole world wouldn’t be fighting over it now. You know the bible being just a book of silly stories and all but if that was indeed what everyone thought we wouldn’t be here ready this story.

  • Teresa says:

    oh my point about D Richard paul September 20, 2011 at 11:51 am and the truth. I was thinking oh yes finally until the last few words out of his mouth which were The Global End will occur on AD 2481 and I totally when damn. For all the bible knowledge and he doesn’t know the bible says no one ever will know the date until it happens. I just want the truth.

  • luke says:

    If you are a Christian you will recall that God loves all of us.

    If your ancestors have lived on the land for centuries to say they don’t belong there brings to mind the US settlers attitude to the Native Americans living in the West. Just get rid of them…we want the land.

    Last of all Jesus said….love one another as I have loved you. ….as He loves put’s it on an entirely different level.


  • Israel Forever. says:

    Zaid you are a racist anti semetic fool. You speak only non sense. Here are the facts for those of you that are uneducated in this topic. THERES NO SUCH THING AS PALESTINE.

    Arabs themselves always denied that “Palestine” or “Palestinians” exis. Proof:

    “There is no such thing as Palestine in history, absolutely not,” Dr. Philip Hitti, an Arab historian representing the Muslim world, told the Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry in 1946.

    “The Palestinian people does not exist. The creation of a Palestinian state is only a means for continuing our struggle against the state of Israel for our Arab unity. In reality today there is no difference between Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese. Only for political and tactical reasons do we speak today about the existence of a Palestinian people, since Arab national interests demand that we posit the existence of a distinct “Palestinian people” to oppose Zionism. For tactical reasons, Jordan, which is a sovereign state with defined borders, cannot raise claims to Haifa and Jaffa, while as a Palestinian, I can undoubtedly demand Haifa, Jaffa, Beer-Sheva and Jerusalem. However, the moment we reclaim our right to all of Palestine, we will not wait even a minute to unite Palestine and Jordan.” said Zuheir Muhsin, the head of the terrorist PLO’s “military department” in a March 1977 interview with Trouw, a Dutch daily newspaper.

    Muhsin’s admission that a separate “Palestine” people is only a tactical deception in the Arab war to destroy Israel simply confirms the obvious: the Arabs invented “Palestine” and “Palestinians” in the 1960s for tactical propaganda purposes even though the terms have no historical validity whatsoever.

    Only when Israel liberated Yesha in the 1967 Six Day War did the Muslim world suddenly discover “Palestine”.

    Arafat himself said the same thing, on many occasions. In his authorized biography (Terrorist or Peace Maker, by Alan Hart), he is quoted saying: “The Palestinian people have no national identity. I, Yasser Arafat, man of destiny, will give them that identity through conflict with Israel.”

    …….and youre going to sit here and tell people this is about land and not hate?

  • factseeker says:

    Let us consider a significant event in recent history.Because of Arafat”s open declaration of support for Saddam Hussein during the Gulf war, Palestinians were expelled from Kuwait.The international community did not respond.I consider this to be tacit acceptance of a comment by a Kuwaiti government official to the effect that any country has the right to deport those that are a security risk.A condition of citizenship in any country is the oath of allegiance.anyone who abrogates this oath becomes persona non grata.The PLO was expelled by Jordan in 1970 after it tried unsuccessfully to take over that country by way of armed insurrection.Before the Jews moved into the land in question in the latter stages of the nineteenth century,it was , by all accounts,barren, desolate,denuded and very sparsely populated.The Jews purchased the land from absentee Arab landlords at inflated prices.The fact of the matter is that the land was in that state for centuries until the Jews developed it.The resulting economic viability attracted thousands of Arab immigrants.This in itself is sufficient to put paid to the lie that the so-called”Palestinians”were the rightful owners from time immemorial..During the 1948 war of independence,Israeli Arabs were urged by the invading armies to leave Israel,thus getting themselves out of harm”s way.In anticipation of a quick victory,they were promised a generous distribution of the spoils once all Jews were exterminated.Of course,this did not eventuate and the Arab states left them high and dry.If Jordan and Kuwait will not accept them,why should Israel?The conflict can be understood only within the context of the tenets of Islam.The canonical writings of Islam exhibit a pathological hatred of Jews and exhort Muslims to bring about the death of all of this people.Goebbels correctly observed that the bigger the lie,and the more often that it is repeated,the more it will be perceived as the truth.The upside of this is that the bigger the lie,the easier it is to expose.I am not Jewish and do not seek to ingratiate myself.I could very easily expose all of the lies that have been repeated ad nauseam,but I prefer to leave that to those people,who ,like myself,have zero tolerance for all manner of dissimulation……lies, half-truths,euphemisms,glossing over,filibuster ,spin and obfuscation…

  • Chris U Bahago says:

    when people twist history they do it with ulterior motive, Islam is a religion of deceit, therefore the Arabs & the Ilamic world are fighting to protect their bunch of lies. Jerusalem, philistine & palistine are not arabic words, even the Israelis are not arabs, note that Israelis are different from Israelites, the former are all those living in Israel irrespective of their ethnicity, while the later are jews. If the above names are not arabs by etmology, the people are not arabs by ethnicity, claiming Israel or a portion of it, is baseless. Arabs are interested in Israel for religious reasons to cover their agelong deceit. Test the DNA of the so called palestinean Arabs, the will have no connection with anybody in the whole arab world.

  • Ldgreenjr says:

    The foreign occupiers of the colony of Israel are not real Jews they are Askenazi sons of Japheth or gentiles who converted to Judaism because they got hold of a copy of the Bible and began to claim to be Jews but are not. The book of revelation call them out on that – they are Anglo-Saxon all Germanic invaders of the middle east. Palestinians must remain in their proper persona if they ever expect justice-they must claim their free national name not some foreign brand. We have all been robbed through revisionist history and miseducation.

  • To:- Zaid
    Arabs forced 1,000,000 Jews out of the Middle-east and the Maghreb from the late 1940s through to the 1970s. there remains today barely 6,000, mainly in Morocco and Tunisia, unfortunately not for much longer. The few hundred Jews still left in the Yemen down from 55,000 in the early 1950s are suffering from Jew-hatred, and some have even been murdered because they wouldn’t convert to Islam. Young Jewish girls were abducted from their loving families to be forcibly married and converted to Islam so they could be married off to elderly chieftains. In 1941 while world war two was raging, pro-Nazi Iraqis murdered many Jews in Baghdad, (The Farhud) In 1945 as the war was ending Libyan Arabs again attacked defenseless Jews. In 1947 Syrians attacked and butchered to death many Jews in Aleppo, Syria. (that’s when my family got out). 20% of the Jewish population of Israel are Arabs, Christian, Muslims, Druze and Circassians, go and ask them where they would sooner be, Israeli citizens or citizens of Hamas in Gaza, the Palestine Authority, or citizens of any other Arab country. You are the people that ethnically cleansed the Jews from the Arab world and not the other way around. Well over 50% of the Jewish population are the Jews and their descendants who were either kicked out or fled their homes in the Arab world. The real estate that we the Jews of the Arab world owned was sis times the size of the whole of Israel today. We the Jews of the Arab world outnumbered the Arab refugees of Palestine by two to one. We lost far more than your brethren did. However nobody wants to know about us.

  • SAM says:

    Philistines, Canaanites, Greeks, Romans, Moses, Mohammad, Jesus. Enough with each side trying to trace and lay claim to what is now Israel and the Occupied territories / Palestine. You have to be stupid to not understand that Israel is not going to go away. Israel has to be stupid if they think Palestinians are going away. The West Bank/ Gaza and part of Jerusalem has to be the Palestinian homeland and Israel stays where it is. Having said Israel stay where it is, that means stop trying to build settlements in what is obviously the future land of Palestine. Illegal settlements and the illegal transfer of it’s population to land that the whole world acknowledges is not yours to plow through is not going to give Israel any kind of peaceful future. If Israel doesn’t get this something horrible will happen to it and we will be talking about it in the past tense. I know I said that it was not going away, but that was conditional on it doing the right thing. That is not what it is doing today.
    Reading the prior posts really makes me think that people are crazy and rely on centuries ago of who lived somewhere instead of who live there now to understand what has to happen, is idiotic. Moses, Biblical stories, Islam, to just get to today instead of starting with what is today is counter-productive, as you can tell from each side being able to convince only the people who were already buying their horse sh * * to continue do so. I have been hearing the same bologna forever. We all came so close before but fell short. Israel needs a kick in the backside to get it to cross over that line as do the Palestinians to accept it. I hope something horrible doesn’t have to happen for things to change. The way it looks though that is the direction we are heading in. Stop rehashing and interpreting history before it repeats itself.

  • Richard says:

    Shlomo Zands “The Invention of the Jewish People”
    Finkelstein and Silberman “The Bible Unearthed”

    1) The ancestors of today’s Palestinians had been in continuous occupation for about 2000 + years.
    2) The ancestors of today’s true Jews were not “kicked out ‘ but moved out over a couple of hundred years for various reasons.
    3) The Brits and the UN had no right or mandate to give over 50% of another people’s land to refugees, however tough they had had it.
    4) Many of the Central European returnees were no more Jewish by long descent than I am. Or the new Jews from Africa.
    5) Al Naqba is true, the War of Independence is a fictitious label to hide a (failed) policy of total ethnic cleansing.
    6) The problem is that the 2 state solution is dead, Sharon killed it deliberately.
    7) Reconciliation and a confederated state are the only solutions. Too many will die before greedy self interest really realizes this.

  • Tausug Moro says:

    I’m from Philippines. Spanish colonizers named my country as Philippines and they called us Moro it because we are just like Moors Morocco. All that I can say is this page/article is really good. It will help the truth-seekers.

  • Ariel Barrera-Haddad says:

    Palestine comes from the Greek Palaistine(Παλαιστίνη) it is the nominative and vocative cases for Palaestu which is the way that Assyrians called that land. Herodotus said it 7 times as Palaistine 5 centuries b.c.e. In his book histories. Philistine is not Palestine because Philistine is a genitive case for philistia in english instead Palaistine is nominative case in classical greek. Philistia is name which comes from the vulgate by saint jerome which said Philistea in century IV c.e. The Herodotus description includes all from lebanon to egypt and mediterranean sea to the jordan river while philistia is a small strip at the coast. The arabic name for Palestine is Falestin or Filasti even Filistin (فلسطين) is not from Philistia is from Greek Palaistine , Sound for P in Arabic doesn’t exist therefore is used F for both P and F. Philistine is english genitive for philistia , Filistin is arabic nominative for Palestine.

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