What is the Arab history in Palestine?

Arabs are not a singular people. Origins are complex and intermingled with many peoples and lines. According to tradition, true Arabs are descendants of Abraham and his son Ishmael and prior to the 20th century, “Arab” designated the Bedouin, tribal-based society of the Arabian desert, which is the birthplace of Arabic. Other Arabs are ethnic groups that have been extant in their lands of origin for millennia. Modern Arab nationalism is a product of 19th- and 20th-century developments and has no prior historical basis. Before the rise of nationalism, most Arabic-speakers identified themselves as members of a particular family or tribe; as residents of a village, town, or region; as Muslims, Christians, or Jews; or as subjects of large political entities such as the Ottoman empire.

Historians generally agree that the ancient Semitic peoples (Assyrians, Aramaeans, Canaanites (including the Phoenicians and Hebrews) and, later, the Arabs themselves) migrated into the area of the Fertile Crescent. Arab invasions came after successive crises of overpopulation in the Arabian Peninsula beginning in the third millennium BC and ending with the Muslim conquests of the 7th century AD. These peoples spoke languages based on similar linguistic structures, and the modern Semitic languages of Arabic, Hebrew, and Amharic (the language of Ethiopia) maintain important similarities.

In approx. 1200 BC, the Petra area (in modern Jordan, about 80 kilometers south of the Dead Sea) was populated by Edomites, descended from Esau according to the Bible, and was known as Edom (“red”). Before the Israelites arrived in Canaan and repeatedly battled with them, the Edomites controlled the fertile valleys from the Red Sea at Elath to the Dead Sea, and hence the trade routes from Arabia in the south to Damascus in the north.

Subsequently, the Nabataeans, one of many Arab tribes, migrated into Edom, forcing the Edomites to move into southern Palestine. By 312 BC the Nabataeans occupied Petra and made it the capital of their kingdom. The Edomites were later forcibly converted into Judaism by John Hyrcanus (died 105 BC), and then became an active part of the Jewish people. Petra prospered as the principal city of the Nabataean empire from 400 BC to AD 106 when it was absorbed by the Romans. The Nabataeans flourished in the spice trade and engineered an impressive hydraulic engineering system of pipes, tunnels, and channels that carried drinking water into the city and reduced the chance of flash floods.

After the Roman conquest of Judea, the Nabataeans and others, “Palastina” became a province of the pagan Roman Empire and then of the Christian Byzantine Empire, and very briefly of the Zoroastrian Persian Empire. In 638 AD, an Arab-Muslim Caliph took Palastina away from the Byzantine Empire and made it part of an Arab-Muslim Empire. The Arabs, who had no name of their own for this region, adopted the Greco-Roman name Palastina, that they pronounced “Falastin”.

In 1099, Christian Crusaders from Europe conquered Palestine and took Jerusalem. After 1099, it was never again under Arab rule. The Christian Crusader kingdom lasted less than 100 years. Thereafter, Palestine was joined to Syria as a subject province first of the Egyptian Mameluks, and then of the Ottoman Turks, whose capital was in Istanbul.

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  • john paul gettelman says:

    Arabist statism is the prism through which we have been forced to look at the Arab Empire’s sons Each Arab State is an offfspring of the Arab imperial states of earlier generations.The Socialist bias of defining social frameworks by state lines is wrong .This goes for all dimensions of our human race.If we were to divide the social world of the human race into halves,we would include the Islamic in the occident or western social half. Now within the west we obviously have Judaic,Christian and Islamic divisions as well as Greek rooted secular social philosphy.Within Islamic social realms are more and less Arabist divisions. Kurdistan and Darfur are examples of Islamic non Arabist social worlds.Along side The Islamic social worlds that are partners with the more ethnic Arabist social sphere are Turkic,Iranian and Pakistani.The Islamic outsiders are the social worlds of north Africa and south west Asia in closest proximity to the Arab,Turkic, and Iranian states.The Berbers, Black moors,Darfur,Nubians and Kurds are the best known Islamic outsiders from the Islamic States.At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries the Ottoman Turks dynasty was in a state of decline and insider monopoly. Against this was the contrast of the earlier Ottoman golden ages of tolerant Islamic social life under Sulriman the Magnificent and Mehmet the Great hundreds of years ago. Now we have the Arab Empire’s sphere of influense divided into civil social realms of ethnic Arab,Iranian and Turkic States.The outsiders do not understand the nature of the Arab Empire’s sphere of influence or axis quality.We get hypnotized by staism ‘socialist state defined social frameworks.This is why people have a hard time answering charges that Al Qaeda was not tied to Iraqi nationalist socialism.What was the meaning of terms like the Arab street,or Arab fighters if there was not some underlying Social realmthat transcended separate Arab stae lines? Meanwhile Turkey was not as helpfull as could be with fly over space. Darfur,Sudan and Kurdistan are great examples of Socialist insider control of states and how it leads to ethnic conflict.This is at the core 20th century WW I and WWII as well as Russian and Chinese ethnic conflicts within those imperial realms. Tibet ,Chinese Turkistan, and former east block countries hostilities to Russia are strong examples of Socialist statism’s drive towards ethnic imperialism.This is at the core of the Ottoman partnership with Socialist Nationalist WW I Germany.It also explains the ultimate socialist suicide of all civil social frameworks.This social identity theft of statism’s socialist insider monopoly over civil social life destoys our social sense of the human race and all social subcultures. Arabist statism ,Arabist imperial socialism and their sphere of influense have to go through something akin to the soviet socialist crackup and the fall of the Berlin wall. This in turn must tend to liberate Palestine Arabs, Turks, and Iranians to name a few.

  • john paul gettelman says:

    Very simply ,Palestin Arabs and all else self determined to be Arabs could use an unadulterated social framework of Laissez faire Liberal Individualism. Take note, I wrote “social framework of Laissez faire Liberal Individualism.” Now, we can call this school of philosophy,Individualist social economy. Or we can call it Laissez faire Liberal social practice.Classical Liberal social thought,or 20th century Libertarian social ideas will do also. This conservatory of individualist social philosophy is a social thought process that is based on methodological individualism in social science. Any of these combinations of social identification are akin to all else in the list. 20th and 21st century conservative libertarin social ideas are what is desperately needed by Palestine Arabs as well as Judaean Hebrews.Let us iumagine Palestine Arabs were a pro Zion Israel refuge for Judaean Hebrews all over the Judaic Hebrew social world. If Socialist Israelis or Judaic socialists any where institute steeper taxes on Judaean Hebrews,then a Laissez faire liberal social economy of Palestine Arabs could provide a haven for Judaic investment capital.This would also grow the supply of Palestine Arab wealth and opportunity in mutual symbiosis with Judaean Hebrew capital investment competing with Zion Israel.So Palestine Arab social economy could provide a haven for Judaean Hebrew capital investment. That could be a way for friendly neighborly competition for capital investment. I am well aware that right now this would seem like pie in the sky .It must be stated in expllicit terms what Palestine Arab social development could be like instead of the Palestine Arab tragedy we witness as of the last hundred years.

  • john paul gettelman says:

    There is a great wealth of information to be exhumed regarding Arab Empire assimilation in Palestine Arab roots. There is also a great deal of room for Palestine Arab individual contributions to Judaic Hebrew social studies Palestine Arab individuals are reputed to have comparitively better than average education in the Arab world.Maybe Palestine Arabs have had to work harder because they are the only Arabs to not be automatically at the top of the social hierarchy. In the states that are the offspring of the Arab Empire over Africa and west Asia,Palestine Arabs have been frozen as a kind of guest worker migrant worker class. The new fields of gene research and ancestral roots could lend some help to all individual Judaean Hebrews as well as Palestine Arabs The wealth of Arabic learning in Palestine Arab social science and humanities could help enrich Judaic Hebrew studies.Social cross sections of Semitic and related language studies could be carried on with much more effectiveness when Palestine Arabs lfill in the miising parts of the social chain of Judaic Hebrew studies.

  • john paul gettelman says:

    PalestineArab hating on ZionIsraelJudaenHebrews is a tragedy on PalestineArabs. This is a fine example of what the Koran warns against.The Koran tells us that Israel must take firm hold of the holy land Allah gave Moses’ people.The Koran follows traditions of strong self examination of our engraved images.This is in the line of preceeding holy scriptures of both JudaeanHebrews & JudaeanChristians.This is why the Koran calls the Bible writing Social cultures the peoples of the book.Both the JudaeanHebrew scriptures,the Christian Old Testament,& the JudaeanChristian scriptures,the Christian New Testament,are the root,stem,& fudamental framework of the Koran.The Koran recites the Bible stories teachings.Please do not let Socialist anti social insiders defame Islam,the Koran & PalestineArab & any Arab & Islamic peoples elsewhere.Socialist insiders monopolize their host social cultures all over the world. Let’s not let them do that in this case.

  • john paul gettelman says:

    PalestineArab socialist anti social engraved images occupy PalestineArabism. Zero sum anti social thinking occupies all socialists all over our whole human race.PalestineArabism’ covenant-charter,The PLO charter-covenant says PalestineArabs are sons heirs of PalestineArab fathers.Now of course all social cultures have the right to self determination of their self definition.But this crosses the line to anti social, against their fellow kin of our common human race,when it is used against any body else’s self determination & liberty from extermination. There is Great Social potential in PalestineArab hospitality to ZionIsrael JudaeanHebrewsThe more we bless anybody else’s social well fare the more we get blessed in return.The stories of the patriarchs of Israel tell us to bless Israel and get blessed in return.PalestineArabs now have PalesrineArab authority to do just that.Building PalestineArab country into an alternative ZionIsrael JudaeanHebrew haven & refuge will build PalestineArab country into a Monaco,Switzerland,or wealthy PalestineArabia that could rival peninsula Arab countries.

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