What about Christians in Palestine?

Christianity has a long history in the land of Israel, a history of indigenous communities whose fortunes have been linked to the many conquerors — Muslims, Crusaders, Turks and Jews — and the many national communities — Armenian, Egyptian, Ethiopian, Syrian, Russian and French — that have made their way to Palestine. Palestine was once a Christian country and there has been a continuous Christian presence there since the time of Jesus. From the middle of the fourth century to the Arab conquest in the middle of the seventh century, the Roman province of Palestine was transformed into a Christian country with Jerusalem its glittering metropolis. Under Byzantine rule, Palestine not only attained spiritual pre-eminence in the Christian world, but also reached a level of material prosperity and population density that was not surpassed until modem times. Arab and other Middle Eastern Christians today are a living link between ourselves and the earliest Christian churches.

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  • james ainoris says:

    christians have been the enemies of the jews for much longer period than Moslems…. only after ww2 they calmed down after the world realized how they collaborated with nazi s. The catholics in france ukraine and poland and the protestants in holland and norway…I challenge any one to research the crudades and how they butchered all non jews on their way to the “holy land” in the name of the “prince of peace”…So it is unfair to label just the Moslems as violent aggressors… The vatican stil does not recognize Israel! If they had their way Israel would be 100% catholic! Can jews or moslems pray at the vatican? Only Moslems can live safely in Arab countries today…why? dhimmi principle in Koran vs luke 19;27.. It also says in the Koran to kll the Jw! Maybe some day Moslems will return to their rich heritage of the times of the Moors and Saladin..james ainoris

  • v says:

    You allow James Ainoris to use scripture from the Holy Bible and to use it to give a falsely teaching on it, but you do not allow the correction of that false teaching.

    In response to James mentioning the Roman Catholic Church, I said that they had been exposed as being corrupt and false and not a true Christian church centuries ago, which is true.

    I also said that true Christians are not against the Jews but on the contrary they are for them, Christians are not blind to their mistakes, after all we all make them, but Christians do support the Israelites.

    Christians are persecuted and killed in many places in the world, not just in the past but also today, do we see headline news of this flashing around the world, of course not. Apart from Christians who cares? The world has never cared about Christians or what happens to them, but the world does bend over backwards when it comes to Muslims.

    Sadly those who operate this site are no different, your bias in this is staggering, if you are not going to allow Christians to respond to false teaching then you shouldn’t allow the false teaching to remain on the website either.

  • Solo says:

    This is all very confusing to some of us. Actual facts should be stated for truth to prevail. One interesting fact is that those fighting are children of the same family. Dig into history and find out. For peace to reign, there must be compromise on both sides. Enough of this human sacrifice that only benefits the politicians on both sides.

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