Brief History of Palestine

What was the history of Palestine between Biblical times and the modern era?

Canaanites are known to be the earliest population that inhabited Palestine who lived in the land around 3rd millennium BC. The 2nd millennium saw the area taken over by Pharaonic Egypt and their rule was weakened by new invaders, who included the Hebrews from the Semitic tribes of Mesopotamia and a group of Aegean people from Indo-European stock, the Philistines. The country was given the name of “Philistine” because of their Philistine inhabitants. The Israelites were an alliance of Hebrew tribes, who although defeated the Canaanites, found defeating Philistines much difficult. The philistine population took over the southern coast of Palestine and established an independent state there, controlling Jerusalem, the Canaanite own, and defeated Israelites in 1050 BC.
Construction and Destruction of the First and Second Temple One feature which gave Israelite tribe recognition was their unity which enabled Prophet Dawood to work for an independent state for his people, which he did, making Jerusalem the capital of this state. A place of worship was built by Prophet Dawood’s son, Prophet Suleyman and this magnificent structure was named The First Temple. This temple was destroyed by the pagan Assyrians as it housed the Ark of Covenant. After Jews were allowed to return to Jerusalem, they built another temple deciding the site of The First Temple for this purpose. The Second Temple which was further expanded by King Herod but was turned to rubble and the city along with it, when Romans reached Jerusalem in 70 CE. Muslim Rule in Palestine In 324 CE, Constantine of Byzantine marched into the city, rebuilt it and opened it for Christian pilgrimage; however, they were harsh on the populace. Their discrimination was not only limited to Jews who were banned from entering into Jerusalem but they were equally unjust to those Christians who would not act upon the same teachings as they did. The situation was completely different with Muslims who were known to have compassion and mercy as victors. Therefore, when Muslims entered the region, the people of Palestine gave up the city without much struggle and there was no bloodshed or massacres. Instead, people were given the freedom to leave the city with all their goods if they wished or stay with compete religious freedom and security. Peace and prosperity in the region was introduced by Muslim Conquerors who put an end to oppression and tyranny which prevailed in the land for centuries. Palestine flourished to the extent that it became a learning center and produced a large number of scholars. Muslims ruled over Palestine for 1300 years, with the exception of a period where Crusaders took over it and named it Filastin. The Crusader occupation brought injustices and massacres whose targets were Muslims, Jews and Christians equally. Palestine was liberated from the Crusader clutches by Salahuddin Ayyubi, who worked once again to bring peace and justice to the land and to implement Islamic law. Israel and Palestine Today The First World War brought the fall of the Ottoman Empire, following which the French and British victors divided the Arab region. It was also the start of British occupation in Palestine. While this was going on, the population of Jews in Palestine started increasing through immigration with the help of non-Muslim countries. In 1917, Britain issued the Balfour Declaration which stated Palestine as a homeland to Jews and after the defeat of Ottoman Empire, it encouraged Jewish immigration from European countries to Palestine. The population of Jews in Palestine kept increasing so that by 1947, total Jews in the area had become 650,000. They began establishing organizations to train the Jews in arms and terrorist activities. They prepared to the extent that Jews had thousands of trained and armed people at their disposal at the time Division of Palestine was announced.

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  • Charles kentrison Idemi says:

    You people are God’s chosen people…That was the reason why,your coming back was,successful…

    • Blake says:

      Once Jesus arrived in Jerusalem “Jew” no longer a racial term because Jews either had to accept Him or reject Him. At the beginning of Gospel of St John Jesus told the Samaritan woman “Salvation comes from the Jews”. However the term Jew changed in definition when Jews who accepted Jesus were known as Christians in new Israel & Jews who rejected him known as jews or as John says in the Apocalypse those who call themselves Jews are really liars & should be henceforth known as synagogue of satan. There are more than 2 dozen clear verses in the Holy Bible stating unbelieving Jews were never to occupy the Holyland.

  • Smart says:

    What a poor narration by Hammed by saying that Ishmael is the Father of the Jews and Isaac is the Father of the Muslims. It is the other way round. As long as God is taken out of the problem of Judah and Samaria (now Palestine as changed by the Roman Emperor Hadrian around 135 AD) there will never be peace in Palestine. We know as Bible Scholars that lasting peace will return to Palestine on the day Jesus lands on mount Olives close to Jerusalem with the raptured saints and angels to fight the on day battle of Amagedon and thereafter ride back to Jerusalem to begin building the millenial temple. IT WILL NEVE BE ANY OTHER WAY. I DO NOT EXPECT OUR MUSLIM BROTHERS TO BELIEVE THIS, BUT AT THE FULLNESS OF TIME, GOD WILL ESTABLISH HIS WILL OVER SAMARIA AND JUDAH AND INDEED THE WHOLE OF ‘PALESTINE’ AND THE JEWS WILL BE VINDICATED.

    • NotSoSmart says:

      You are quite hilarious. You act as if Bible Scholars hold factual knowledge, when most if it is full of contrived and pitiful lies. And if you read some history, you’d know that Palestine does not belong to the Jews at all.

  • Hamed says:

    the story of the tribe of Israel who were ordered via the Prophet Musa(Moses) to conquer the land after they were liberated from Egypt….the Quran clearly mentions that they refused thus they broke Gods order and were left to wonder for another 40 years……Also we know in the bible it says that God will give the land to the seeds of Abraham, now we know that Ishmael was the father of the Jews but Isaac was the father of the Muslims which means that they can both lay hands to that plot of land…however something needs to be clarified here….both Isaac and Ishmael were first hand sons of Abraham therefore being of semetic origin, the majority of the jews in Israel are NOT of semetic origin but rather European Origin….this does not make them a semetic people and therefore renders their claims to Palestine as null and void…..the majority of the jews in Israel have their origins in Europe….the majority of the palestinians can trace their origins back to the canaanites…the first recorded tribe that were established in palestine

    • Loretta Rajkumar says:

      The Arabs were then in the Old testament, but they were Pagan worshipers, Jesus came in the 1st century, Islam came in the 7th Century. Abraham was a Muslim, Sara was a Muslim, Isaac was a Muslim, a promised seed, Since Abraham was a Muslim and Agar his maidservant was a Egyptian, how can Ishmael be a Jew, as he got Muslim and Egyptian blood. The promised Messiah, Jesus was a prophet, not God who became flesh, as prophecised by many prophets whom God spoke to directly. We need to know what God is saying and to whom was He speaking to, why was He giving the land to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and not to Ismael and his many other sons whom he had after Sara’s death. He gave them their portion, but the whole promise is for Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, he has chosen 12 tribes and named them clan by clan, and can Hamid confirm which clan the Muslims belong to? Hamid also argues that the Jews were not Semitic origin but rather European origin ,so the the Jews were in exile in Egypt and in Babylon, for 400 yrs and came back to their land, are they Egyptian and Babylonians origin? so if they are , then they are entitled to Egypt and Babylon, which is present day Iraq.

  • Teresa says:

    Si conoces la Biblia de verdad verás que los judíos descienden de Abrham,Issac y Jacob no de Ismael,porque Issac es el hijo de Abraham y Sara ,el hijo de la promesa.Ismael es hijo de Abrham y Agar ,sierva egipcia de Sara.

  • D Richard paul says:

    The land of Israel and Palastein were the occupation of the Canaanites who are the descendents of Canaan the grandson of Noah. Canaan tribes are the tribes cursed by God because Cam the son of Noah had seen the nakedness of his father Noah. They had occupied the land of palastein and other surrounding lands. But the Lord had kept this land prepared for the Israelites the descendents of Abraham. God promised Abraham that He will lead the people to the land of canaan and will deliver the land to the descendants of Abraham.(Genesis 12:7). Ishmael was born to Ahar who was an Egyptian and the hand maid of Sarah the wife of Abraham. The Egyptians are the Medianites (Genesis 37:27&28) who were of the descendants of Caanan the son of Cam. They were the various tribes who were cursed by God. They had settled in the land of Palastein. This land was in fact was prepared and kept by God for the descendents of Abraham. But it was illegally occupied by the various tribes which were cursed by God. But God told Moses “I have said said, I will bring you up out of the affliction of Egypt unto the land of the Canaanites, and the Hittites, and the Hivites and the Jebusites, unto a land flowing with milk and honey.” Exodus 3:17). Now the question araises a to who are these Israelites calledas the children of God. The Bible is clear that these Israelites are the descendents of Abraham. The title Israelites came becauise they were teh descendents of Jacob the Son of Isaac and the Grand son of Abraham. Jacob was renamed as “Israel”(Genesis 35:10). 12 tribes came up from the 12 sons of Israel who were called as the Israelites. The descendants of these 12 tribes were also termed as God’s people. They all were born out of the seed of Isaac the son of Abraham. God did not recognise the descendants of Ishmael as they were born of the hand maid ‘Ahar’ though they were also the seed of Abraham. God made this very clear to Abraham saying “This (Ishmael) shall not be thine heir;but he that shall come forth out of thine own bowls (Isaac) shall be thine heir. In Genesis 22: 1&2 God commanded Abraham and said “Take now thy son, thine only son Isaac whom thou lovest”. Therefore the Israelites are the descendents of Isaac and no of Ishmael. Latter during the time of King Solomon the 12 tribes of Israelites were divided into two viz. the Israelites consisting of 10 tribes of Israel. The descendents of Judha the son of Jacob were called as the Judhas and they were given the land of Judhaea with Jerusalem as the capital. the remaining 10 tribes were given the remaining land of Palastein with Samaria as their capital. The 12 th decendants of Levi were called as the “levites” and they were given the job of the priests and they were in common to the israelites and the Jews. These Israelites were led by God through Moses to the land of Canaan i.e Palastein and the tribes who were illegally occupying the land were chased out by God’s strength. (Joshua chapter-24). But since these Israelites had committed sins during the time of the reign of Israel King Hosea these Israelites were handed over to the hands of King Shalmanesar the King of Assyrua who took the Israelites as slaves to Assyria and they were made to settle in Halah and HHabor by the rivers of Gozan and in the city of the Medes (2 Kings 17:6) Latter since the Jews also committed sins they were also taken as slaves during the time When King Jehoiakim ruled over the Jews in Jerusalem by King Nebuchadnezzar the King of Babylon. King Shalmanesar had brought men of Babylon and from Cuthah and Sepharvaim and placed them in the cities of Samaria instead of the children of Israel and they possessed Samaria and dwelt there and they feared not the Lord” (2 Kings 17 :24) This how the Muslim brothers came into the land of Palastein. But during the reign of the Persian king Cyrus He liberated the Jews from their 70 years of slavery and the Jews returned back to Judhaea and rebuilt the temple of Jerusalem. But again since they had committed sins of fornication and idol worship they were scattered into the various part of the world during the time of the reign of the reign of the Roman empire (BC 63 to AD 395) and also during the period of the reign of the Muslim rule (AD 638 – AD 1517) But the God had promised that He will gather all his people the Israelites i.e the Israelites and the Jews as one tribe the Israelites unto the land of Canaan again, and a seperate ensign (flag) will be given to them (Isaiah 11:11&12). Accordingly Israel was declared as an independant nation and given a flag for the nation on 5th May 1948. The Israelites scattered throughout the world are now gathering in the land of Israel.

  • Bride says:

    The pure seed of Jacob ( was later called Israel) will come up in the end. God will preserved it.We are not exactly sure of what the saying European origin, or babylonian origin,o soviet origin, these jews that are being scattered around the mediterenian or in other parts of the world are not all mixed races or shall we say Hybreed,We never know any way that some of them married the same race, These people of Israel has a capability creating a community of their own. In fact those Jews that has been persecuted in Europe they where together hand in hand as they were being chased and those survivor some able to come back to the promise land.Beside those who migrated from other country during the time of persecution, and dispersal was known to be educated and elite so they have the capacity to migrate, unlike those Jew that still remain on that land some of them are farmers and some belong to middle class below and they opted not to leave the land or the country.These people are intack, pure in their gene, belongs to the tribe of Judah. God knows how to deal with it. In revelation there are 144,000 Jews that will come out of Israel and these people are not european origin or any other origin but pure gene of Jacob. And the prophecy will be coming to past.

  • Blake says:

    What kind of faux Israelite propaganda is this? You ought to be ashamed of yourself condoning the oppression of a native people by a sick disturbed cult

  • tayyaba says:

    there are many …. not only nine are enough

  • Charles Idemi says:

    The bible, has shown to us the way to many hidden treasures. It is now left for us to search for that hidden treasures.
    The bible is the book of the beginning and the end.

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