Early History of Palestine

The Early History of Palestine (Before World War I)

The origin of some of the earliest known civilizations is traced back in the Middle East where the land of Palestine comprised of a human habitation existing even before the biblical times. With the name of Palestine so prominent in the news, it is important that we know where its roots lies.

Where did the name Palestine come from?

The land area of Palestine refers to the region which lies between the Syrian interior and southern Mediterranean coastal plains. The word Palestine is the derivation of “Plesheth”, which meant migratory or rolling. “The land of Palestine” was inhabited by a warrior tribe for most of the population while there were also Hebrews living there. But in the Old Testament, the land is not called Palestine but Canaan.

What was the extent of Palestine in Biblical Times? The name “Plesheth” has appeared in the Bible frequently and has come to be known in English as “Philistine”. The start of the Biblical period brings Palestine in Christian significance; however, the region was inhabited even long before Abrahamic religions. The region was referred to as the land of Israel or Eretz Yisrael in the Old Testament as it was not called Palestine in those times.   What is the evidence for the antiquity of Israel? Around 13th century BC, the Exodus from Egypt brought the Children of Israel in the land of Canaan where they first settled as a tribe and then established their separate kingdoms of Judah and Israel. The name of Jacob is changed to Israel in the Old Testament following his encounter with God. In Genesis, God address Jacob: “Your name shall no more be called Jacob, but Israel, for you have striven with God and with men, and have prevailed.”   Who were the original inhabitants of Palestine? The trace of the original populace of Palestine is rather difficult but the ancient inhabitants of Palestine are known to be ancient Greeks hailed from Asia Minor and not Arabs or Semites. The location of Palestine at the crossroads to some chief civilizations like Egyptians, Babylonians and Romans made it a frequently invaded land with several people living here through the ages.   When did the Jews come to Palestine? The presence of Jews in Palestine is evident from the mention of the name “Israel” in a historic Egyptian inscription where this ethnic group is said to have located between the areas of the Jordan Valley and Mediterranean. In Hebrew Bible, “Land of Israel” is used as a term in as old as the texts of Exilic period. The highland zone was occupied by two separate kingdoms, the Kingdom of Israel situated in the north while the Kingdom of Judah to the south.   What do the names Judea and Samaria refer to? Judea and Samaria are the biblical names for the area that is now known as the West Bank. The area holds importance for the Arabs as a large population of them is living there while conflicts arise with Israel trying to take over the territory. Historically, the ancient kingdoms of Judah and Israel are known to have corresponding to Judea and Samaria roughly. After the fall of the two kingdoms, the name Judah was Hellenized to Judea and Israel was renamed Samaria from Shomron.   What is the Arab history in Palestine? The origin of Arabs is intermingled with several races and ethnic groups instead of a more singular line. The tradition says that Arabs come from the line of Abraham and his son Ishmael. The tribal, Bedouin society of the Arabian Desert is the birthplace of “Arab”. There are other ethnic Arab groups as well that spread in the land and existed for millennia. Before modern Arab nationalism which developed in 19th and 20th century, Arab speaking people identified themselves with a particular tribe, a village or a family.   When did Islam come to Palestine? Following the Battle of Yarmouk in 636 CE, the Islamic Empire was established in Palestine as Muslims conquered Syria and there started a Muslim rule which spread over 1300 years. It is known that the Muslim empire was a “golden age” for Jews as they were treated much better than by the Christians   What was the history of Palestine between Biblical times and the modern era? The land of Palestine has been populated by the nation known as Palestinians since historical times. These people are known to have been religiously diverse always with Muslim as its majority, living peacefully with fellow Jews, Christians and Druze people. However, with the Zionist movement of 20th century, a large number of Jews immigrated to Palestine from many parts of the Europe which increased the Jewish population drastically, leading to conflicts between Arabs and Jews.   What is the significance of Jerusalem to Jews and Muslims? Jerusalem is probably the only city in the world which has gained continuous attention and controversies, especially among the followers of the three biggest religions: Islam, Judaism and Christianity. For Muslims, Jerusalem is the third most holy city after Mecca and Medina. This is the place where Prophet Muhammad SAW made his ascent to the heaven, an event which holds a huge religious significance for Muslims. Also, before Muhammad SAW was asked to pray facing Mecca, Muslims faced Jerusalem for their prayers. The soil and air of Jerusalem is holy for Jews and they mention the city’s name in their prayers. King Solomon made Jerusalem the capital of his vast kingdom and built the First Temple in 10th century BC.   What is Zionism and who are Zionists? The turn of the 20th century saw a Jewish nationalist movement springing up with Theodor Herzl as its founder. This ideology was named Zionism and its supporters are called Zionists, the name derived from Zion, Jewish synonym for the land of Israel. The goal of this movement was to gain Eretz Yisrael back and to create a Jewish homeland in the country of Palestine. There are a large number of Jews who do not support the Zionist views, stating it to be completely different from the traditional Jewish beliefs, laws and the teachings of Torah.   What is Aliyah? Aliyah is one of the three major components of Judaism and in Hebrew its means ascent, immigration of Jews to The Land of Israel. The term holds a high importance for the religious Jews and has become an aspiration since the Babylonian exile. Jews hold the view that travelling to Israel is going up the level both metaphysically and geographically as anyone moving to Jerusalem from Egypt, Mediterranean basin or Babylonia climbs to a higher altitude, 2,700 feet above sea level.   Who, besides Jews, supported the Zionist’s ideas? It is known that the idea of Jews returning to the Holy land was supported not only by the Jews but some prominent figures like King Edward VII, Queen Victoria, Napoleon Bonaparte, Henry Dunant of the Red Cross and the political leaders of United States, South Africa, Czechoslovakia and Italy. Zionists found their support in some Christian, Hindu as well as Muslim people where the Shah of Persia met with the Jewish leaders from British in 1873 and suggested that Jews should buy a land and establish their home.   Who were the inhabitants of Palestine before the Zionists? The historical figures show a substantial Arab population in Palestine till 1914 until Jews started pouring from across Europe as a result of the Zionist movement. As Palestinian refer to people who were the descendents of races living here, they have been the original inhabitants from centuries and even at present, 49% of the population consists of Palestinian Arabs, concentrated largely in West Bank and Gaza and the rest in Israel.   What about Christians in Palestine? Christians consider Palestine a Holy place as it is the birthplace of Christianity; however, there is very little Christian population in Palestine, comprising only 5% in West Bank and Gaza collectively and 10% of the Israeli population in Palestine. Due to the emigration that led from the Six-Day War in 1967 and 1948 War, many of the Palestinian Christians now live outside of the Mandate Palestine but a lot of them still live in the Palestinian territories nonetheless.   How did the Zionists acquire land in Palestine? In 1947, Palestine was divided among Arabs and Jews with an unjust 55% to Jews and 45% to Arabs. When Israel announced independence in 1948, the previously only 6% percent of the Jewish population increased drastically, taking more than their share, a percentage that is increasing to the present day because of the Zionist movement. Zionists acquired land from Arabs unjustly, inciting and launching wars on the Arabs, depopulating the villages and   What was the impact of the Zionists on Palestine? Aims of the Zionist movement failed to compliment the positive approach with which Palestinian Arabs thought of gaining independence. From the very beginning, Zionist movement has made efforts to achieve Jewish majority in Palestine with immigration as their tool and establishing Jewish property on as much as land as they could. All this necessitated the displacement of Palestinians from their homes and conflicting with their interests. Mac Miller Tickets 2012  Madonna Tour Tickets  Rockin Ever After Tickets

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  • Abdurrahman Palastine says:

    The land of palastinians belongs to them since oldest history ,not belongs to Israelise their permanent habitat is in an europe.Ask Germans for more details,the jews were spread away on afraid of Adoult Hitler(the nuclear of jews).

    • jacqui says:

      The true history of Israel/Palestine is not given here. from early bible days the land of Israel has belonged to the Jewish people. the Philistines who fought Israel and lost are no longer. The land of Israel was coined Palestina from 70 AD when Israel was taken over by Rome. n the term was to insult the Jew concerning their long time enemy the Philistines, the remnant of Jews who lived in the land now called Palestine still outnumbered the Arabs. The land was mostly uninhabitable as dry desert or malaria infested swamps. as the jews started coming back the Arabs sold land back to the Jews at way over priced costs. as the Jews began to work the land and clear it up, many rabs came in and helped work the land being paid now by the Jews. mostly they were friendly with each other until the leaders tole their people to leave as they were going to destroiy the Jews. those who stayed are still there, those who left now are kept in refugee camps by their leaders not Israqel. why do you think they are still in the position they are in? who has all the oil money? Not Israel. why did Israel take in their refugees but not The Arabs? arafat always said at first don’t call us “Palestinians” we are Egyptians, Jordanians, and such, in 1964 He decided the term would benefit their cause and they became the “Palestinians” as they are today called. there never was a Palestinian state or language or money or anything else because the term is made up by Rome to erase the name Israel. the story has been going on for thousands of years. Check out the book of Esther, Nehemiah and see the same story as of today. God has promised that all who bless the Jew will be blessed and all who curse the Jew will be cursed, not because He loves one over another, but for His plan of salvation who comes from the Jew. please check out the truth and not believe a lie told by leaders who know the truth but don’t really care about their people, if they did they would not hold you captive and blame Israel and let your children die for their cause.

  • Barry Vard says:

    PLEASE GET IT STRAIGHT !! There was no Palestine before Yassa Arafat. Name a single leader of Palestine before Yassa. Palestinian is a new word created for some people who decided to live in an area close to the Jews a few years back. There are no such people as Palestinians in history. READ THE HISTORY BOOKS. The immigrants who moved to the area live off the Jews. If the state of Israel was to disband, the Palestinians would also dissapear. If the truth be known I would guess them to be immigrants from Syria. Yes Palestine is now officially recognised as a state by many, but it is a new state thanks to the Jews who at anytime could kick them out, and tell them to find another patch of dirt to live, and it may be legal to do so !!

    • Kanan48 says:

      What history books, brainwashed Zionist? Do you mean the “holy books”?!!! keep your pathetic history, this land called Palestine for almost 2000 years, until apartheid Israel was established in 1948, and Palestine used to be part of greater Syria, and it is up to its native Arabs to call themselves as Palestinians or Syrians, see Sykes-Picot Agreement in 1916 between Britain and France to colonize and to divide Syria after the Ottoman defeat, and one year latter was Balfour Declaration, to European Jews Palestine as a “homeland”, and both France and Britain had no business there except stealing the region recourse and controlling it through installing racist apartheid among the divided Arabs, as the European colonizers and criminals did in Africa.

      The Zionist racist Jabotinsky, a Russian colonial settler and an icon for many racists and right winger Zionists can explain well the Zionist colonization and their ethnic cleansing crimes to ignorant Zionist, like yourself, he wrote in 1925:
      “Zionist colonization, even the most restricted, must either be terminated or carried out in defiance of the will of the native population. This colonization can, therefore, continue and develop under the protection of a force independent of the local population –an iron wall which the native population cannot break through. This is, in to, our policy towards the Arabs. To formulate it any other way would be hypocrisy.” (Expulsion Of The Palestinians, p. 28)
      And he wrote in an essay, titled “The Iron Law”:
      “If you wish to colonize a land in which people are already living, you must provide a garrison for the land, or find a benefactor who will maintain the garrison on your behalf. … Zionism is a colonizing adventure and, therefore, it stands or falls on the question of armed forces.” (Expulsion Of The Palestinians, p. 45)
      Like all Zionists, Jabotinsky advocated not just a Jewish majority in Palestine, but also the use of force to “transfer” them out of their homes, farms and business. Ze’ev Jabotinsky stated in a letter to one of his Revisionist colleagues in the United States dated November 1939:”There is no choice: the Arabs must make room for the Jews of “Eretz Israel”. If it was possible to transfer the Baltic peoples, it is also possible to move the Palestinian Arabs.” (Expulsion Of The Palestinians, p. 29)

      BTW Arabs have their own Christians, and Jews these are the natives so don’t mix between them and your buddies, the colonial settlers thieves from Russia and Europe, who seek “their god promised land” based on myths and legends and to steal the Palestinian lands and expel its natives and forbidding them them to return their homes and properties.
      Educate yourself about the Arab natives and their culutre, which your colonial settlers stole alongside the land, the Arabs are related and the descendents of Canaanites, Amorites, Aramaeans, Assyrians, Akkadians. And there are many Palestinian cities, like Jericho, are at least 6000 years before Judaism or the idea of one god, which is an Egyptian idea, were invented. So Palestine doesn’t belong to one specific religious group, and for sure it doesn’t belong to colonial settlers from Russia and Moldavia like the racist Lieberman!

    • Samer Kharbush says:

      How can you say that? The Jews pretty much took over the whole area after they decided no other place would suit them for a homeland besides Palestine.

    • Chris Pulse says:

      There were Palestinians in Palestine long before the invasion of the Zionist. The Palestinians had their own villages, farms and ranches. This saying of a land without people for a people without land is a lie and was used to justify the Israelis displacement and takeover of all of Palestine. I suggest that Barry Vard find out what he is talking about before writing such misguided pieces.

    • MJ says:

      Who the hell is yassa? You don’t even know the name of the Palestinian leader, jet you claim that you know so much about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Clearly you have a bias view on the subject.

    • Chris Christian says:

      you could turn that around and ask who was the leader of Israel before 1948. The area was governed by the British Empire after the victory on WW1. Prior to the British Empire it was governed by the Ottoman Empire.

      Look at the color of the complexions of the Palestinian people and the complexion of the Jewish population. If the Jews claim that to be their lineage you would think that they would be darker. I’m a pasty white Irishman but I’m just saying. The Palestinian people look more like they come from that part of the world than the Jews.

      What happened to the Palestinian people is absolutely disgraceful. Unfortunetly my country, the USA, is guilty as the UN.

    • maher says:

      when it comes to history , palestine was a nation that was talked about by jesus christ in his time and the history of the holy land , now whoever it belonged to back then it was called palestine nonetheless , if you look back into israelean history it deosnt date back till what a few 1-2 thousand years , now look on interviews with the true jewish followers , they will speak for themselves when they say ” we have been living amongst people for te past 2 thousand years what gives us the right to invade and occupy a land which wasnt rightfully ours in the first place , if you say that it was first founded by israelians when in history was it first conquered by palestinian , it never was , it was always called palestine even when saladin conquered it from the christians , so get your facts right , no matter what religion you follow everyone knows palestine was the original name for that holy land and not israel so fuck off

    • mary says:

      Jews occupied their country after world war two , because russians and americans and english were dividing territories, go and read that on Wikipedia.
      by the way its all brainwash what is happening in Israel they think that it was their country all along, lets face it , Jews were always under rule of someone and were tribes who didn’t have their own country

    • Jay says:

      We can debate all these facts until we are red in the face and still don’t agree on basic facts since we have to rely on historical tracking which may be biased for one side or the other. What I think is highly ridiculous and to claim land as yours which may have been yours 2000 years ago and make it a modern state without recognizing modern day humans live there now and have been continuously doing so for the past centuries. That included Jews by the way.
      As you describe historical facts, around 1300BCE Abraham and his followers immigrated to “Israel” from Babylon, in today’s Iraq. When anyone describe “God’s” words they always forget that the religious books of any faith were written by men sometimes many years after the alleged events which were then written down to reflect the writer’s own interests (most probably). Jews tend to rely of that “godly” information like its the law of the land to make their decision and try to justify their actions because “God” gave them the land. I m sorry to say but that doesn’t cut it. For that matter before the Jews even existed there were people on that land. Since the logic seems to be giving land which belong to other people so long ago why should we stop at 2000 years ago ? We should give the right to all lands to people who were there 10,000 years ago and their decedents. After all they have seniority.

  • mike says:

    I’ve studied the history of the Middle East for some time and find the details here quite accurate. It’s quite distressing to encounter vitriolic comments such as some of those above which dismiss the truth as “Zionist”. I could name many history books which confirm the veracity of this site but I will not since they too would no doubt be dismissed as lies, which gives a good indicator of who is brainwashed. By the way, “Palestinian Arab” is a contradiction in terms: Palestinians are descended from the migrant “Sea People” of Southern Europe, Arabs are descended from the “Desert People” from east of the Jordan River and west of the Red Sea. Neither originate from the area known historically as “Israel”, or since 1917 as “Palestine”. The word “Palestine” is actually a verb, not a noun, meaning itinerant or wandering, and in modern English the expression “Palestinian” means “immigrant”. Please note, my interest in this matter is purely historical, I have no interest in politics or religion, only in accuracy.

  • William says:

    The torah states that the jews are forbidden a state until the messiah returns.. So you see israel contradicts the jewish religion..so if israel is real judism must be fake..however the majority of real religious jews know and believe that the land belongs to Palestine..there have been a number out protest in new york in which jews rally for palestine… I believe america needs to cal out on all the politicians that are receiving money from israel in order for israel to kill, another contradictory to the jewish religion.. 1 is real and 1 is fake.. Free the palestinians, they have been facing the worst time ever in history, and yet they still live with the love of God… free Palestine

    • sqnhunter says:

      William, don’t say it, show it. Where does the torah say Jews are forbidden a state until the return of the Messiah. Since time immortal man has fought amongst himself. Mostly over religion. Your statement just tells me all religion is fake. In the bible, god commanded men to fight for what is right. In all religions. So why is a religion fake to fight for survival. Sounds like you said something without mouth in gear. Now lets look at who occupies the holy land now and all who surround and oppose. Why is it that these so called righteous Arabs in your book could not prevail against so few Jews. The Jews prevailed against so many because god was on their side. So if you ask which religion is fake, all would have to say the Muslim religion. Lets look at wars in the last decades. Balkan war, Iraq twice, Afghanistan, and lets look at terrorism, almost all committed by Muslims fighting, sounds like a fake religion to me with Muslims with no god on their side loosing all wars. fake religion confirmed to all. If we` are silly enough to take any notice of your reconstruction of facts to try to save the Muslim religion and Palestinian (philistine) personage. Who by the way, were Greek in origin and christian.

    • Why you talk in the name of the Torah? says:

      just not true. there are no such words in the Torah, those you talking about are very extremists and a small minotry in the Jewish tradition. as there are many Muslims that support Israel (type “Arabs for Israel” in Google and find more info).Most of the Jews believe that only the messiah can build the third temple not return to Zion. this is why Israel is not building the third temple.

    • Bill says:

      There are so many people that are duped by the Palestinian cause especially American and European leftists.I have seen photographs prior to 1948 of present day Israel which depicts a dissolute wasteland with very few inhabitants. The Jewish people worked hard and the land become productive with fruits,vegetables and other crops that are exported throughout the world. There are many Palestinians as well as other Arab peoples and Christians who work and live in Israel and are treated very well. If you remember back to 2005 when Israel withdrew from Gaza they left many material goods including machinery for labor and production.

      Instead of benefiting from that the Palestinians destroyed everything and began lobbing rockets into Israel.I have a book titled From Time Immemorial by Joan Peters that describes the PLO as master public relations propagandists. Peters was a 1960s American leftist who went to the Palestinian in the 1970s to show solidarity with the PLO cause and was invited into the confidence of Arafat and his inner circle. She came away with a different mindset after finding out what things were really like. She saw a very corrupt and violent PLO leadership that had millions in currency at their disposal while the poor common people were living in abject poverty. She left there returning to the US and denouncing Arafat and the PLO as nothing but a scam that was generating millions. She began researching the ancient archeological as well as Biblical history of Jerusalem and Palestine as well as the different people groups going back to antiquity. She determined that Jerusalem and present day Israel does rightfully belong to the Jews. She was liberated from being a brainwashed radical leftist who supported the Palestinian cause to someone that could look at the facts and speak out on them.

      As a Christian I have no hatred toward Arabs or Palestinians but hate their violent acts toward people they disagree with. My heart goes out to the common Palestinians who just want to raise their families and have some normalcy. Their are unfairly used by Fatah and Hamas. Any group that has such an almost demonic hatred toward Christians and Jews will never progress. Also, with all the money that many wealthy Arab states possess, why do they not send more to alleviate the suffering of the impoverished Palestinians. Truth be told as I have had discussions with Arabs in the US who hail from various Mid Eastern countries it appears that they don’t really care for the Palestinians. However,those other Arab countries use them for their own benefit. I also strongly believe that the Jews are God’s chosen people who have contributed many great things to civilization in spite of periods of severe discrimination. The Bible states that God will bless those that bless Israel and curse those that curse Israel and I hope the US continues to support Israel along with the 30-40 million American evangelical Christians who support Israel with prayer and financial contributions. I know that my views are not in line with the leftist media but remember that because we live in a Western society that values freedom I am free to express my views. I would not have that right in the majority of the Middle Eastern countries.

  • chuck in st paul says:

    Mike has it correct. In addition, the nomadic Jewish tribes wandered into the area several thousand years ago. The area was known as Canaan (and sometimes is still called that). Due to some religious differences the land was split into a northern and southern Jewish fief with Judah to the south and Israel to the north. These were further subdivided amongst the twelve tribes. The borders and names changed many times over the centuries. Arabs and Jews lived together in this land, but once the Jews settled it was never ‘Arab’ land from that time on.

    The hateful spew here (and elsewhere) is the direct result of sixty years of lies taught to generation after generation of young Arabs by the clowns who thought they were just going to massacre the Jews back in 1948. Instead, they got their heads handed to them by the Jews and ever since they’ve stewed in the juices of their hatred.

    Guys like Kanan48 need to do at least a little research. Try going to http://www.palestinefacts.org to learn about the actual modern history of the British Mandate of Plaestine, a home for the Jews mandated by the League of Nations. Or not.

    • Jay says:

      I find the whole argument is strange. Before Judaism ever existed there were people living in Canaan. Maybe we should consider giving the land to those people since it seems acceptable to restitute claimed land from 2000 years ago and make it a modern state. Why not go back further in time ? maybe 4000 ? After all the people who lived there then have seniority.

  • sqnhunter says:

    The short and terse comments in favor of Palestinian (philistine) peoples are both abusive and unfounded with nothing but abrupt denial of fact to support their wishes. Fact one – There is no such thing as a Arab philistine or Palestinian as the ignorant would insist. The original settler on the coast called philistines was Greek of origin. For those not too ignorant to read history it is fact as shown by supporters of Israel in this thread. I see nothing to support those who deny the Israelis their land except they would wish the rest of the world believe their word only as fact. Good luck with that as most of the world believe written history and believe in Israelis right to homeland. Thank god history was recorded by literate persons with intelligence. Every person who refutes the Israelis right to home land is calling recorded history by both Arab and Jew a lie.

    • Fannycmor99 says:

      can u explain the argument between Israel and Palestine please!!!!

    • Nadia says:

      Deir Yassin: If you read this, I hope you will rcesnoider though I will understand if you do not. It would be a terrible shame if the tone and overwhelming preponderance of argument drove away the sole Palestinian who participates in the comment threads here.

    • Jay says:

      Zionism is the problem. There was no problem between Jews and Arabs before Zionists decide to invade the area for their political and expansionist ideas. There were people in Palestine, a civilization, architecture, culture, cities and vibrant life. It was not an empty land up for grabs. The British are totally guilty of carelessness and are the root cause of today’s problem. The Balfour declaration specifically states .. “His Majesty’s government view with favor the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavors to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country”. The Zionist aggressors imposed themselves in the region and out of guilt the Western powers (dominating the UN votes) decided to give Jews land in Palestine contrary to any sense of equality and justice for the locals because of what had happened during Nazi Germany, the massacre of millions of Jews. Zionist used the guilt effect to have the UK agree to it.
      Nevertheless, it would be the same scenario if Mexicans decided that California, Texas, Arizona and New Mexico were Mexican states and therefore all the people living there now should leave and go somewhere else. Would that make them (the Californians, Texans, Arizonans and New Mexicans) terrorists ?

  • lilly says:

    In the 2nd century CE, the last attempt of the Jews to achieve independence from the Roman Empire ended with the well-known event of Masada, which is historically documented and universally recognized as the fact that determined the Jewish Diaspora in a definitive way.

    The land where these things happened was the province known as Judea, and there is no mention of any place called “Palestine” before that time.

    The Roman emperor Hadrian was utterly upset with the Jewish Nation and wanted to erase the name of Israel and Judah from the face of the Earth, so that there would be no memory of the country that belonged to that rebel people. He decided to replace the denomination of that Roman province and resorted to ancient history in order to find a name that might appear appropriate, and found that an extinct people that was unknown in Roman times, called “Philistines,” was once dwelling in that area and were enemies of the Israelites.

    Therefore, according to Latin spelling, he invented the new name: “Palestina,” a name that would be also hateful for the Jews as it reminded them their old foes. He did so with the explicit purpose of effacing any trace of Jewish history. Ancient Romans, as well as modern Palestinians, have fulfilled the Hebrew Scriptures Prophecy that declares: “They lay crafty plans against Your People… they say: come, let us wipe them out as a nation; let the name of Israel be remembered no more’.” – Tehillim 83:3-4 (Psalm 83:3-4).

    They failed, and Israel is still alive. Any honest person would recognize that there is no mention of the name Palestine in history before the Romans renamed the province of Judea, that such name does not occur in any ancient document, is not written in the Bible, neither in the Hebrew Scriptures nor in the Christian Testament, not even in Assyrian, Persian, Macedonian, Ptolemaic, Seleucian or other Greek sources, and that not any “Palestinian” people has ever been mentioned, not even by the Romans that invented the term. If “Palestinians” allegedly are the historic inhabitants of the Holy Land, why did they not fight for independence from Roman occupation as Jews did? How is it possible that not a single Palestinian leader heading for a revolt against the Roman invaders is mentioned in any historic record? Why there is not any Palestinian rebel group mentioned, as for example the Jewish Zealots? Why every historic document mentions the Jews as the native inhabitants, and the Greeks, Romans and others as foreigners dwelling in Judea, but not any Palestinian people, neither as native nor as foreigner? What is more, there is no reference to any Palestinian people in the Qur’an (Quran), although Muslims claim that their prophet was once in Jerusalem (an event that is not mentioned in the Quran either). It appears evident that he did not meet any Palestinian in his whole life, nor his successors did either.

    Caliph Salahuddin al-Ayyub (Saladin), knew the Jews and kindly invited them to settle in Jerusalem, that he recognized as their Homeland, but he did not know any Palestinian.

    To claim that Palestinians are the original people of Eretz Yisrael (the Land of Israel) is not only against secular history but also against Islamic history!

  • Karen Nakamura says:

    Palestine was populated by three principal sets of peoples: 6000 years ago the Phoenicians who lived along the shores of Mediterranean and are still respected as sailors/explorers, the Caanites who lived inland and were at one end of the trade routes and the Abrahamic herders who came a 1000 years later and were nomads traveling with their sheep herds on the fertile crescent. Caanites were horribly massacred by Moses’ son in law, Phoenician DNA is found in over half of present day Palestinians and Lebanese. I have a friend who’s a Caanite. Remember, Caan, the land of milk and honey?

  • Lena says:

    The Israelis are descendants of Abraham (Ibrahim) who originally came from Iraq. They intermarried with the indigenous peoples committing the genocide of the Jewish race.

    Judges 3:5-6, “The children of Israel dwelt among the Canaanites, Hittites, and Amorites, and Perizzites, and Hivites, and Jebusites: and they took their daughters to be their wives, and gave their daughters to their sons, and served their gods”.

    So who are those who call themselves Jews? Mixed race descendants of Abraham and the indigenous peoples of Canaan and of conquering peoples.

    The Palestinians (Phillistines) are thought to have originated in the Mediteraenean (Crete) or from abandoned Egyptian garrisons. By 1000 BC, and after warring with Philistines and other Canaanites, an Israelite state was founded by king
    Saul, Palestinians held five important city-states when the fighting with Israel began.

    Archaeologic and genetic data support that both Jews and Palestinians came from the ancient Canaanites, who extensively mixed with Egyptians, Mesopotamian and Anatolian peoples in ancient times. Thus, Palestinian- Jewish rivalry is based in cultural and religious, but not in genetic, differences.

  • john paul gettelman says:

    How do these zero sum anti social thinkers rationalize Arab imperial conquests,for one thing? I could at least do that.The Koran says only defensive war is ok.By extention ,like all good reasons for socially resposable neighborly intervention,the Koran lays down the law. Free captives.Free abused.Help helpless.Do not strike first if your neighbor does not violate you or yours first.I do not think the Koran expects us to sit by while anti social forcces prepare to violate our rights. Not a hair on the head of even idoloters should be harmed without provocation. Furthermore Israel is to take a firm hand in the holy land Allah gave to Judaean Hebrews. These standards include common sense practices. Do not huarm fellow Muslims. Do not follow any rumors against outsiders spread by fellow Muslims. How does this stack up to today’s sons of the Arab Empire? Palestine Arabs ,Sudan Arabs Iraqi Arabs and Lebanese Arabs waged war on the basis of racist Arabist supremacy .Darfur,Sudan, Kurdish,Iraq, Coptic,Egypt and Lebanese,Lebanon all testify to Arabist racism by the sons of the Arab Empire. This violates the Koran’s rule of law..

  • james ainoris says:

    Very good explaination…so therefore after the Bar Kochba rebellion Hadrian expelled who from ISRAEl? the jews!…so they are the only true refugees expelled from their country…lol. Also at one time the Moslems were the most educated and tollerant people unlike the christians. Saladin the conqurer defeated evil european crusaders and officially proclaimed jews belong in Jerusalem (christians murdered all Moslems and Jews there in first crusade). Our top Rabbi was his doctor and advisor “Rambam”. Cyrus the Great of Persia (iran) also did the same and actually started to build third temple (before evil herod). Look. if you are a Christian or a Moslem or even a whacky reform jew you belive G-d gave Moses the TORAH which clearly defines the borders of eretz Israel. Unless you are atheist etc. its a no brainer. Also, after 1948 over a million jews were expelled from arab countries. All their property and money taken…they had to go to eretz Israel… why doesnt the world speak of these jews (mitzrahi) ?

  • David says:

    “Palestine” for sure was the name of a state under British Mandate. If you doubt that Palestine was a mandated “state” read for example the pre mandate treaty between France and Great Britain regarding future borders of mandated Syria and Palestine and that the “state under mandate” (french: “l’etat sous mandate”) is going to accept this treaty. Or read a decision by the permanent international court that Palestine was obliged to respect treaties from Ottoman times, because it was a successor state. Or read countless bilateral treaties between Palestine and other states, even between Palestine and Great Britain before the mandate. Or read statements by the chairman of the Permament Mandate Comission of the League of Nations that Palestine was state and the international treaties and its nationality law would show this. Palestine was a state, but a not yet and independant state and only a dependant state under mandate.

    “Palestinian” for sure was the nationality of Jewish and Arab Palestinians since the establishment of Palestine’s nationality law in 1925 (“Palestine Citizenship Order”) . “Jews” and “Arabs” were ‘nationalities within this citizenship’. Palestinians had their own ID-card not to be confused with the British Passport Palestine which was a travel document for Palestinians, because of the British mandate they were internationally regarded as British Protected Persons and were allowed in foreign countries to use British consulates in lack of their own.

    The only thing that changed since 1964 is that the PLO’s definition of “Palestinian” automatically still includes pre mandate Jews (and their descendants) but excludes Jews which immigrated since the mandate. (This doesn’t mean that Jews and others could never apply to become Palestinian under this definition.) This also means that “Palestinian” still is not an ethnic, but a national term – a citizenship. “Jew” has never been a national term in the sence of citizenship.

    • James says:

      The people who call themselves “Jews” today or “Israeli” are actually European immigrants who have no biological connection to Palestine or the Middle East. DNA test proves there is no such thing as “Jew”. Anyone can be Jews. There are Ethiopian Jews in Israel today who are discriminated against by the European Jews. European Jew spoke Yiddish. Which is a German language that uses the Hebrew Alphabet. The “There is no such thing as a Palestinian” BS you “Jew” like to spit out is just anti-Semitic. Quit being an anti-Semite, you illegal European settlers.

  • nathan says:

    Islam is quite a harsh word. So is muslim. I don’t know if it is because of all the associations that go with it like, for example, distraught ruined lands, screaming abusive leaders, terrible, (I mean really terrible) human rights abuses, backward systems that do nothing for the people under them, no freedom of expression or ability to practice free thought, total dictatorship and fascist style states with extreme punishments for dissenters, virtually no contribution to progress in the world as we know it at all or the point blank illogical denial that any of these facts are true but I’m guessing that it could be. Muslims are continually telling me, ‘read the Qur’an, read the Qur’an, cover to cover’. I tried this and it was irredeemably dull and confusing, nothing like the beauty of the Hebrew scriptures or New Testament, not even close. They will not admit this either as if Shakespeare or Charles Dickens took his influence from the Qur’an. The other reason I struggle to read it is because of the fruit it has produced and is still producing. Surely the fruit is intimately related to the root although this is also vehemently denied and if the fruit is utterly rotten there must be a problem with the root. In the end I decided not to debate my Muslim freinds.

    • Henna says:

      Islam means Peace you might want to do some research and stop embarrassing yourself and others. The British Christians have gone into war with Afghanistan for oil, and your saying that they are abusive. When the Country was under Saddam Hussain there were in total two rapes because of the Shariah law, how many are there in Britain and other non Muslim countries- its hard to count. You struggle to read it because you clearly lack any worth while education, don’t blame your stupidity on the Qur’an. Being a Muslim myself i definitely don’t feel oppressed in kind of way and your clearly not one so you don’t really know or understand if we are oppressed. That is exactly how you talk to Muslim friends, if you cant spell the word how likely is it that you have any. Learn some respect and spend some time educating your amateur mind before you decide to get political about another religion. As Muslims ARE NOT aggressive all I’d like to say is i hope on the day of judgement you are forgiven for your sins, God help you because you going to need it

  • james ainoris says:

    Moslems,christians and jews agree Moses recieved the TORAH on Sinai…. Christians and Moslems based their books on ours…. we have been in this land as well as the Arabian penninsula all the way to Yemen 2000yrs before Islam or Christians existed. …Moses was not from europe….The Romans chased all Jews out around 140ce making the jews the first refugees from this area….Ottoman Turks legally sold land back to zionists from russia and lithuania… and were allies of Israel and America… Some beduin tribes wandered through barren waste land no one wanted until the pioneer zionists built farms and cities there….now they try to say only arabs lived here….arabs are from arabia….there are no caaninites or philastines today…majority of current Israels populas is mitzrahi(jews from surrounding countries expelled by Moslems doing exactly what europe did) Its as silly as european americans telling american indians they were here first ..Moslems take your brothers back..james ainoris

  • paulcollings96 says:

    The Romans changed the land of Canaan to Palestine 2000 yrs ago. There have been many different peoples and religions living in the area, since that time, but no Palestinians, until the Jews made claim and were allowed to make that small strip of land theirs, did a people called ‘the Palestinians’ suddenly appear.
    Before the turn of the 19th century the area had a mix of people, but no single majority of any religion, or race. The whole area was barren, and Jerusalem had been falling into disrepair for centuries. In less than 100yrs the returning Jews have turned the area into an oasis. There is about 5-6 million people live there, surrounded by 400-450 million Muslims who try everything they can to kill the 5-6 million Jews.
    The Islamic people are obsessed with killing all the Jews and humiliating every other living breathing human on the planet. Islam demands all it followers to never rest until this task is complete.
    Some people might say Jews did better under the Muslims than the Christians. This was only as long as they were useful. Muslims tend to destroy all written works of every other race of people. and re writing history to make Islam the inventor and discoverer of all things.
    if you look around the world now, the people destroying religious and other historical sites are Muslims.
    The Muslims didn’t want the old land of Canaan, until the Jews moved back into the area, and the Palestinian people were invented to counter the claim by Jews to be the rightful owners of that land.
    The history is there, all you have to do is read it. Or believe the rubbish the mad Islamic leaders preach. The trouble with believing a lie though is you look stupid when confronted with the truth.
    One of the truths is that most of the people who suddenly became Palestinians less than half a century ago, don’t know anything about history, that doesn’t come from the mouths of liars and madmen. The children born into the conflict zone only know how to hate. And when confronted by truth all they do is scream and go into a physcotic rage. The situation in the middle east can only end one way. War. That has been the only way it could ever end. It has been 1400yrs in the planning.

    • Jo Nino says:

      This all sounds like the classic case of mixing religion and politics. What makes you Jewish, Christian or Muslim should be your dearly held religious convictions, not your political opinions, DNA or geography. I don’t see much hope for progress in this area of the world until religion is taken out of politics, and politics out of religion.

    • Henna says:

      I’m sorry but where exactly are you getting this information from, your Jewish ancestors!! If you did your research you’d know that Islam is a very peaceful religion, so peaceful that the word Islam means Peace, and what exactly does Judaism stand for. You are going on about Islam preaching hateful violence when its clear that the only one instigating it here is you. Learn some respect for other peoples religion. If you haven’t read the holy book don’t make comments on it. Educate yourself in your own faith before slamming somebody else, its clear you haven’t learned anything from your holy book because they all teach you not to be violent or judge somebody else, if not at least your mother should have. Have some shame, I am a fourteen ear old girl and i still have more knowledge than you do.You disgust me and its embarrassing that people have to see your worthless comments. Mate there one Qur’an how many Bibles are there and to add on to the list another has been found buried in Turkey no doubt hidden because it contains the truth. How do you know Islam demands people not to rest until the task is done. It is sad that the world actually has people like you in it. Dirty cheap and incapable of having any valuable retaliation.

      In terms of Palestine it was a part of a large Turkey and it was under the Ottoman Empire, until the British felt sorry for the Jews because of the Holocaust bearing in mind that it wasn’t only Jews that died but whatever, so the British decided to put the Jews in land that was not even theirs. They overtook the Ottoman Empire and formed the British Mandate that split Turkey into countries such as Palestine, Syria and Lebanon

  • Suzereign Sehen says:

    That West region spreads to all Our lands and waters is given duration of fictional name brands that are abusive names developed to that region via squatters markets languages identity periods squabbling __There are no more new spoken language/s__So FACT with a twist of fiction has been given to take root there at that West region spreads of lands__Basically language/s widely spoken or not shall Not Succeed renaming Nor re-invent Original that West region of Our lands spreads via this greedy squatting__Those spreads of lands are indeed The Time piece The Trap of The most Tight grip on them_ near or far_ all who dare to wag their deceitful tongues or scoop a morsel__DeFacto__ During This presence__The fore promised End is very close to occur.

  • Sharon says:

    “Surya Palestina” is the name the Romans gave to “Judea” as punishment for the Jewish rebelion.
    they also changed the name of Jerusalem to “Illia Capitilina”.
    Anyway this has nothing to do with the arab inhabitants of the area in the begining of the 20th centuary.
    When the british held an accurate number in 1922 there were about 500000 muslims in “Eretz israel – Palestine” as it was called by the
    british mandate.
    in the begining of the 19th centuary there were less then 200000 people of all religions in the area.
    most of the population were brought by the Ottomans who ruled the region during the 18th and 19th centuaries.
    the origin of the “Palestinians” are Egiptian, Syrian ,Iraq and also from Europe like Bosnia and other areas ruled
    by the Ottoman empire.
    anyway “Palestinians” Are for sure NOT natives.

  • James says:


    There never was a Palestinian people, nation, language, religion or economy.
    The claims of descent from a Palestinian people who supposedly lived for thousands
    of years in a land called Palestine is a deliberate lie. That land was called Canaan,
    inhabited by Canaanites. What had been Canaan became the land of Israel when God
    gave it to his people.

    The people who call themselves Palestinians today are Arabs by birth, Islamic religion
    and culture. The name Palestine comes from the name Philistines, Ancient Israels chief enemies.

    In AD 130 the Romans rebuilt Jerusalem as a pagan city, with a temple dedicated to Jupiter where the
    Jewish temple stood. Provoked to rebellion about 500k Jews were killed and thousands
    sold into slavery. The Romans then angrily renamed the land of Israel “Syria Palestinae” (and that’s
    where the name comes from. From that time Jews living there became known as Palestinians.

    During WWII the British army had a Palestinian brigade made up of entirely Jewish volunteers.
    The Palestinian Symphony Orchestra was all Jewish. And the Palestine Post was a Jewish newspaper.

    In 1948 Arabs who had fled from Israel began to claim that they were the true Palestinians and that Israel
    had always belonged to them. World media eagerly promotes that lie. The truth is that in 1948 Arabs owned
    a mere 3% of so called Palestine. Israels claim to the land goes back 4k years to Abraham’s purchase of the
    cave of Machpela in Hebron (Where Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Sarah, Rebecca, and Leah are buried). This is where David was also later crowned King.

    Lets also not forget that just prior the the 48 war, the Arab high command urgently ordered Arabs by radio
    to get out of Palestine while they would be on the attack, and that is why most of them left.
    The few who remained were eventually grafted in as Israeli citizens with full rights.


    Q: How many times in the word Israel mentioned the bible?
    A: Approximately 2575 times

  • Perk Cartel says:

    To all the commeneters here a question please? Why is the Israeli Government continuing to dispossess, marginalise and brutalise the indigenous peoples who call themselves Palestinians, a fact which most commenters do not deny? Surely compassion, forgiveness, appeasement and accommodation is more effective and a lot more economically affordable than unbridled militarism?

  • ted bartholemu says:

    Prior to the British Mandates the British commissioned their own people to analyze clearly what the conditions of the land now known as Isarel and this is a factual report:

    From the report of Mr . Lewis French,Director of Development appointed by the British Government in1931:
    “This, then, was the picture of Palestine in the closing decades ofthe 19th century and up to the First World War : a land that was overwhelmingly desert, with nomads continually encroaching on the settled areas and its farmers; a lack of elementary facilities and equipment ; peasants wallowing in poverty, ignorance and disease,saddled with debts (interest rates at times were as high as 60 percent) and threatened by warlike nomads or neighbouring clans.The result was a growing neglect of the soil and a flight from the villages, with a mounting concentration of lands in the hands of asmall number of large landowners, frequently residing in such distant Arab capitals as Beirut and Damascus, Cairo and Kuwait.Here, in other words, was a social and economic order that had all the earmarks of a medieval feudal society.”
    No one including the British felt that anyone including the Jews surrounded by their mortal enemies could survive, but they did, and is the basis of the anti Israel posts we see here. The British mandated 500,000 sq miles of land to Egypt and that is ok, the British and French mandated 220,000 sq miles of land to Syria and that was ok, the British mandated 72,000 sq miles to Jordan originally thought by the British as additional homeland for the Bedouins as Transjordan and that was ok, but when the British mandated a sliver of 8,000 sq miles of infertile land to Israel that is not ok? Then Israel won wars against all odds and as every other nation affirming its nation after winning wars only to then give land back to the losers, along with infrastructure,and aid and then why is Israel different than all other nations reaffirming its earned statehood? The answer is simple that after 64 years the Arabs which are killing themselves fighting within their numerous sects for 1400 years are the ones that must become civilized and learn to assimilate as many peoples have had to do time and time again throughout history. If the Arabs would replace their inbred hatreds with education, replace their rocks and weapons with books, realize that they are better protected from their own brutal leaderships found in other Arab countries, and as a result enjoy the highest standard of living within Israel as compared to their counterparts living under Sharia Laws in other Arab Country,learn to embrace Israel for all of Israels contributions, only then can there be civilized peace, only then they can replace their animosities toward Israel and thrive as israel thrives.

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