Israel’s Security Fence

What is the reason for Israel’s security fence?


The security fence of Israel will form a strip that is of a width of a four-lane highway approximately. The chain-link fence is located in the center of the strip with an intrusion detection system installed. After its completion, the zone of Israel’s fence will be a 60-100 yard combination of barrier with its width forming of ditches, barbed wires, chain-link fences, watchtowers, roads, concrete walls and razor wires. According to international media, the concrete wall is building up to be 97% more than the planned one. Israel denies this by saying that less than 3% will be of concrete to stop Palestinian Arabs from infiltrating.
  Israel already is enclosed with similar fences along the borders of Gaza, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan. The fence is constructed along the “Green Line” (Armistice Line), the route of the truce lines that are left from the 1948 War of Independence. However, the fence deviates from the Green Line substantially into the areas that were captured by Israel in during the Six-Day War. Palestinian Arabs refer to this deviation from the Green Line as “land grab” and are outraged at this construction.   Parties opposing the barriers argue that Israel is attempting to annex Palestinian lands illegally under the guise of security. This stands a violation of international law and undermines the negotiations of establishing new borders. According to the International Court of Justice in a 2004 advisory opinion: "Israel cannot rely on a right of self-defence or on a state of necessity in order to preclude the wrongfulness of the construction of the wall." Further the court found that: "The construction of the wall, and its associated regime, are contrary to international law."   Palestinian Arabs assert that the barrier has divided Palestinian land and has forced people to experience gaps in work. It has made it difficult for them to go and buy supplies or visit their families. It has caused hardships for Palestinian Arabs in their everyday routines. It has limited employment opportunities for many, has either split their farming lands or separated their farms from their homes. When linked to an “apartheid” wall, Israel rejects it by stating that it is in reaction to the terrorist killers and not a repugnant or sinister action taken by their government against Palestinian Arabs. In a detailed report by the UN Secretary General Kofi Annan in November 2003, he regarded the barrier as ‘harm allegedly done to Palestinian Arabs’.   It is not only the Palestinian Arabs who are in opposition of the Israeli security fence but a large number of Jewish settlers also condemn this activity as it appears to renounce the Jewish claim to the whole of the Land of Israel. Israeli government states that the fence is not constructed to create a political border line and is open for negotiation for the time a stable Palestinian government is established. However, it looks like a chance as weak as their compliance to other agreements.

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  • Adam says:

    Useful info. I am stunned by at how far Israel is ready to go for its own security, although if the aid that Israel has blocked is released, it will do more good than that fence of theirs.

    • Peterson says:

      If you count Trans-Jordan as Palestine, as you should and as it was before the British occupiers ripped it off Palestine in 1922, than the Palestinian Arabs are controlling 70% of Palestine and the Palestinian Jews only 30%.

    • Castro says:

      Do you own land in Seattle?If you do, you bought the land from someone that bought the land from someone that bought the land from someone that stole it.Does that mean that YOU stole it?

  • Breakthrough Uchenna says:

    i am of the opinion that what Israel need is to accept Jesus Christ as there defence and heaven will fight for them. Egypt tried them and God shows up and what is this small country to God Almighty?

    • Braden says:

      But see the problem with your idea is that the majority of Israelis are not Christian, but are Jewish. Jews do not accept Jesus as their God or as a defence from anything, whereas Christians do.

  • Lee says:

    Question why is a wall needed?

    Answer ‘To keep dangerous terrorist infiltrators out of Israel’

    One Question that hasn’t been asked is why is Israel subject to such attack from the west bank?

    Answer. Being subject to poverty, unemployment, Military checkpoints, refugee camps, starving, lack of access of health care education and so on will make any sane man crack. You then start to think that know one is listening. When you think know one is listening you do stupid things to get attention such as terrorism. A good example of a repressed group of people using terrorism to get attention would be the bombing of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem in 1946.

    I suggest instead of building a wall try and build friendship. Understand life for the Palestinians point of view. Pull down the settlements in the West Bank, leave Hebron and give control of the King Hussein / Allenby Bridge boarder crossing to the West Bank authorities. Israel could lead the way by offering its hand at friendship and the World could help address the poverty problems.

    I’m not saying that Israel should not defend it boarders, but this wall will lead to more problems, more massacres in Israel, more crimes against humanity, more shooting of Palestinians.

    • Kadir says:

      they bought the land they were living on from whomever owned it.You’re talking about before 1948, not after. After 1948, they stole the land of those who’d been expelled.

    • Yaron says:

      It is a simple fact that the wall has proven effective against terrorism, the only reason for it being build. No discussion needed.
      Besides that, behind the wall, people are more free in their movements because roadblocks have been lifted. By not being able to commit terrorism, the inhabitants of the West Bank may think of other ways to spend their time, which in the long run may help the peace process.
      The international community only stresses the negative side of the wall, but unfortunately, no one ever tries to think of the ‘would-be’ victims, the people that would have been killed if the wall had not been there, as is also true of the ‘would-be’, terrorists.

  • David says:

    And Kadir, what else happened in 1948? You conveniently forget the Arab states’ rejection of the UN sponsored partition plan and an all out attack against a fledgling independent Israel that had been endorsed by the UN.

  • Braden says:

    Isn’t it too bad that Israelis and Palestinians just can’t get along? :'(

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