United States Support of Israel?

What is the history and status of US support of Israel?

In the world, as well as in the United States, questions are arising why the right-wing prime minister of Israel, Ariel Sharon has a strong bipartisan support from Washington regarding its policies in the territories of occupied Palestine. At various occasions, American citizens have complained that why Washington has shown military, diplomatic and financial support to Israel when Israeli occupation forces which are violating human rights and disrespecting various international laws.

For nearly three and a half decades, the relationships between Israel and Unites States have remained strong and supportive, one of the biggest highlights in the U.S. foreign policy. The annual aid of well over $3 billion from Washington to Israel was rarely questioned by the Congress and by the Liberals as well as Conservative parties who usually show strong opposition for foreign aid. It is a fact that most of the western countries support the right of existence of Israel and so as United States. However, none came forward to provide aid and arms to Israel after the occupation continued even after it was seized in the 1967 war. Only United States supported Israel while various objections on it for violating the international law and related subjects.

U.S. support for all the Israeli governments is regionalized on moral grounds in the foreign policy decisions, there is not much evidence that whether it actually was the moral imperative that played a major role in determining the guidance of U.S. policy in the Middle East. Although most Americans support Israel’s right to existence but this fact does not account for military, diplomatic and financial support on such a high level. The support provided by the U.S. included policies made for the militarily occupied territories that, in most cases, stood violating the ethical standards set for international behavior.

To support the claim that U.S. had but little moral interest in aiding Israel is proven from the fact that if it was Israeli security that was paramount in the eyes of the U.S., the aid would have been highest at the start of Jewish existence when it’s democratic and strategic situation was most vulnerable. Instead the trend was seen to be exactly the opposite because, in fact, the major portion of aid did not begin until after the 1967 war. As a matter of fact, 99% of the U.S. aid came to Israel once it was clear that Israel is far stronger in their military than a lot of Arab armies combined and the time after Israeli forces occupied major portions of areas with Palestinian population.

To sum it up, U.S. support to Israel does not spring from a moral commitment to the country or needs for objective security, instead is the product of perceived strategic interests of its own.

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  1. most countries of the world hate Israel. The Bible says that they are God’s chosen people. I believe that they are being targeted because of their heritage. However., i believe that Israel is the one that is making America rich and not the other way around

    1. I would like to ask anyone who really thinks they are ‘Gods chosen people’ and no one else is how they think they are better than anyone else. I sure hope most Jews don’t believe they really are better than anyone else, just like i sure hope anyone, no matter what religion, thinks they are. With the treatment of Palestinians in Gaza, West Bank, and refugees in neighboring countries by the Israeli military- I find them to have much lower ethical and moral standards.
      Read this quote from Norman Finkelstein’s book- Image and Reality of the Israel- Palestine conflict- “To repress Palestinian resistance, a senior Israeli officer earlier this year urged the army to “analyze and internalize the lessons of…how the German army fought in the Warsaw ghetto.” (Haaretz, 25 January 2002, 1 February 2002) Judging by the recent Israeli carnage in the West Bank – the targeting of Palestinian ambulances and medical personnel, the targeting of journalists, the killing of Palestinian children “for sport” (Chris Hedges, New York Times former Cairo bureau chief), the rounding up, handcuffing and blindfolding of all Palestinian males between the ages 15 and 50, and affixing of numbers on their wrists, the indiscriminate torture of Palestinian detainees, the denial of food, water, electricity, and medical assistance to the Palestinian civilian population, the indiscriminate air assaults on Palestinian neighborhoods, the use of Palestinian civilians as human shields, the bulldozing of Palestinian homes with the occupants huddled inside – it appears that the Israeli army is following the officer’s advice. (page xxiii)
      I don’t think the United States would spend 8.2 million dollars of tax money per day to support a country that wasn’t going to give us anything back. We are capitalist. We didn’t want the displaced Jews here from the Holocaust because we are also a Christian country, so we sent them to live with the Arabs, good idea right?? *sarcasm*

    2. Above comment is the most uneducated I have read in a long time. LMAO Their heritage is one on killing and stealing from the time some goat herder but that awful fable in writing and word of mouth, the idea that some sky fairy told them to do it. Don’t forget rape of any virgin. These thieves were special people all right. And there followers went for it as they got the profits and sex all in one, with free killing of anyone that was not a Jew. When the Bible says, “Thou shalt not kill,” it means the Jews are not to kill other Jews. It’s freedom to kill and an order to kill anyone who is not a Jew. I’m not saying that. Their own writings tell them that and Rome would slaughter them in return for there slaughter of whole towns, but then would let them go on living under Roman law that protected all religions. Of course the Jews took full advantage of Roman law. To hear them tell it they were persecuted by the Romans. That lie has come down to present time. But now there is no law to protect those that Israels kill and steal from, so they do it with U.S help and weapons. Even nuclear technology. Americas biggest mistake and we will pay dearly for thinking they will do our bidding. They will do their own bidding; aren’t they the chosen people?
      And Israel would have collapsed long ago without all the grants and no pay back loans American has given them. Even now their economy is in taters.

    3. Israel is an American weapon for the Arab countries,the Americans are using them because they want to take control of the middle East, let me tell u something there are no Jews ,those people calling themselves Jews are liars ,they are Europeans ,that land belongs to Palestinians ,so most of the Europeans and Americans converts.the day will come and they going to pay for the crimes they did to the Palestinians and they will return to their,before i forget where were the Jews before 1948,were they still in Europe.how do u feel if some foreign people occupied your land.

  2. It’s not so that Jews think they are better. To understand the importance of aid to Israel you have to know the history of Jews and Muslims. Primarily the heritage of Hussein and bin laden. If you know history it is unquestionable the Jews are Gods first chosen. Sadam and laden come from those decendents and it is in their blood to fight for their inheritance. Israel is the only extension we have in the middle east and when Israel starts getting attacked vigorously look for the end. There is no peace in the middle east and Israel and the US know this therefore we both work to stop mass destruction from extreme Muslims. Israel now has about 40% of the Jews/descendants from holocaust and under the law of return it will increase. It is spiritual and deep history why we support them.

    1. That’s not history, it’s superstition. Still haven’t come down from the trees, eh?

      And the reason “we” (meaning our government, not me) support them is that AIPAC has bought and paid for enough people in Congress to keep the dollars flowing.

  3. its pathetic how Jews think they are the chosen ones and its more pathetic how they keep on making people and countries sympathize with them because of the holocaust …… i don’t get it if you hated it when you get killed for no reason just because your from another country or religion why did you kill the babies and women the elders the kids in Gaza ? i just want to ask you WHY?

    1. because they practice the same lies that the Muslims and Christian do.

      false faith in false religions. There is no sky fairy only the heaven and hell you make while you live.

      Religion accomplishes a lot of terror that builds on itself.

  4. Regardless of what religion you’re from, no state should be exterminated and completely obliterated because one state hates it and its culture, as Iran threatens. How is this DIFFERENT from the Holocaust? Should we keep supporting Israel? Or should we play isolationist again for another year while another 6 million get persecuted? It’s just wrong. Sometimes you stand up for what’s right even when it’s the harder thing to do. If not we’re all doomed to blow ourselves up anyways.

    1. I’ve appreciated Jimmy Carter’s and Ron Paul’s take on it, the US should NOT provide aid to Israel while the occupation/oppression of the Palestinians continue. It seems our US politicians are being b*tches about pandering to the Jewish claims of “innocence”. We are doing the same thing the fundamentalist Muslim radicals are doing to support the Palestinians (perhaps some Iranian factions). What the Israelis are doing is wrong; just wrong, but they are doing it out of a somewhat founded fear. I think they should have positive defensive control over the valley to Jordan. They need the airspace to defend from newer long-range technological advances. And seeing as though the long brewed hatred has quelled the possibility of a cohabitation nation… maybe the Palestinians should migrate to one of the many surrounding Muslim nations that would take them. I hear the Muslim Brotherhood is doing great in recent Egyptian elections. (it’s not like they’d be welcome anywhere in the area, and com’on, that Bible claim to land is far far older than the Quran’s claim to the region.)

    2. The Israels practiced it first then the Christians then the muslims. They all learned it from Israel and its “HOllY BOOK.” It should be called the jewish aparthide killing book. What a monster that sheep herder used to control the Hebrews.
      riligion is a loie and so are the peoples who use religion to justify their hatred of anyone not of their brand of foolishness

  5. State of Israel come with the help of USA. if the United States can help of Israel .at the time Israel can not Creations. the United States help the Israel in 1802 .
    The US support to Israel in Every Field Like.
    1. Political Support
    2. League of Nations
    3. UNO…
    4. Economical support…
    5. Military supports…..

    1. Plain and simple. Israel is a U.S. client state and the weapons we sold to the Arabs were WWII surplus we wanted to get rid of. any modern weapons were sold only to U.S. client states like Iran and the Shah who would use the weapons to suppress their people. Weapons to Israel were to suppress non-jews and make war for the Benefit of America. But Israel has stabbed US in the back and our government just stays out of the way as long as they can claim neutrality. LOL

  6. Israelis in general are high degree people. Most of them support ,” land for peace”. But do you think is it easy to talk about peace with people that don’t recognize your right to exist? I’m married with the grandson of an Austrian nazi officer and I know the history for both side of the Second War II. By the way, I’m Christian Zionist. Viele Grüse von Österreich!

    1. This land was specifically given to the Jews, an the reason they are still around is because God’s word is good.
      Not like those who won’t do what He says! Eg., Believe in Christ! The land wasn’t given to Arabs who call them selves “Palestinians”, whom no nation was recognized for.

  7. religion should not be a deciding factor in who is right or wrong in this debate. Israel has committed heinous crimes against Palestinians. the conditions are similar to apartheid, as far as i am concerned. there should be no “the bible says” or the “Koran says.” killing innocents in the guise of upholding “justice” is wrong. taking away a people’s right to their own land is wrong. no matter what religion.

    1. All the answers are reveled in a great book, “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.” Mr. Gibbon reveals how the world was completely changed by the Jews and their descendents, the Christians and the Muslims. The Bible says it all but people have been “trained” to read of mass slaughters and think it was proper!!! The Jews hated and still hate (though now they have learned to hide it, as the Muslims have stupidly reveal their hatred of all others. This idea first came from the written of the Jewish “holly books” The Christians followed that teaching as did the Muslims. They hate all that are not Jews. Yes, they would slaughter whole towns and the Romans would slaughter the Jews for doing it, then give the Jews back their rights so they could do it all again.
      Then Constantine make Christianity the Roman religion and the world started to kill itself. Before that, during the Pagan years, all religions were treated with respect and they all respected each other. When Rome, as it did with Carthage, concord a nation, It would have ceremonies to bring the defeated gods to Rome. There were no “Religious” wars. Now most wars are the result of that the idea that one religion is the only “true” religion. Religion poisons everything and has since the Jews claimed “the promised land.” over the dead bodies of the people living there. And it continues today because of the Balfour? declaration got the Jews back in power to steal and kill their way to power. And the Jewish fanatics are at it now, hoping to use their nuclear power to raise the Jews to start “Armageddon?”
      Read the Bible (the all time best seller and least read book) and the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire’s parts about the way the Jews and Christians were treated and why Rome was so easy on the Jews. The Romans respected the Jews and hated the Jewish religion because it was the opposite of Roman religious philosophy of treating them lawfully. But the Jews hated everyone that wasn’t a Jew and the Christians followed the Jewish law of stealing from and killing the peoples those land they wanted. The bible says to do that and Jesus said that you should hate all, even yourselves or you could not become his disciples. It is in black and white but because it comes from their “HOLLY BOOK” it goes right over peoples heads. Hate, not love, is their practice
      and it goes on today as it did yesterday and will tomorrow, with United States backing of Israel and what is called “Blow Back” from U.S. actions that were designed to rid the democracies and put in puppet states that prayed on their people for the benefit of American foreign policy. And like Rome we are headed for a big surprise folks

    2. i dont understand where you think that israel is killing kids? you know that hamus and the other proxy terrorist organisations use the palastinians as human shields. idf does not target civilians it targets terrorists, it just happens that the terrorists think it is all good to hide behind civilians. israel is a democracy, if you are from a western nation why would you support arab nations? you realise that under arab rule it will be no freedom for you? you do something wrong its public execution, you insult the piece of shit allah and you will be executed. so tell me how humane is islam. because if you are not with islam they will and are aparently aloud to kill you. if you are a woman and you get raped by a arab man he is legaly aloud to marry you. so again i dont know what propaganda you have been reading or why you would suddenly go and side with a group of people like this. you expect israel to give up all the land they have developed and building roads infustructure and just leave it for palastinians? palastine was given the larger portion of the reigon. it is their own fault that they are in the situation they are in now because they were greedy. they wanted it all and they got owned.

  8. Israeli heritage is to steal and kill and rape; it’s all in the Bible. But it is ok for some goat herder said they were the chosen people, right? Lies to gullible people. Or were they? They got the spoils, the virgins and
    the protection of Rome after being punished for slaughtering none Jewish people. Rome protected the right to religion in its pagan period. All Roman religions were equal and there were no wars because of religion except the Jews killing non Jews. It is a lie that Jews were persecuted by Rome

  9. You’re all biased. All of you. Although, that goes without saying. I am, too. With that in mind, consider what I’m writing.
    Now, here is what happened.
    Remember, Jeruslem is an important site in Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.
    To shorten much history, long ago (about 2000 years), there was a jewish kingdom, in parts of modern Israel, and parts of Syria, Lebanon, and Palestinian territories. It was conquered by the Roman empire. The jews revolted. Rome again reconquered, but this time enslaved and exiled many Jews and outlawed Judaism. They also renamed the territory Palestine.
    In the turn of the 19th century, and with the rise of Zionism, many Jews started making their way back to the land of their forefathers. For 2000 years Jews all over the world have prayed for a day in which they would return to the land from which they were expelled. With the rise of Zionism, Jews decided to be proactive about that return rather than waiting for a Messiah to take them there. Throughout history, the Jewish people have not been welcomed in any land in which they’ve resided
    When the Jews landed in Palestine, it had been the long-time home of the Muslim Turkish Empire.With the advent of World War I, European powers made promises to many people to ensure their victory. One such promise was to the Jewish people in the Balfour Declaration, which stated British intentions to create a Jewish national home in the land of Palestine. However with the end of World War I, the British and French drew up new boundaries for countries in the Middle East (the conquered Turkish Empire) and divided the land of Palestine into the British Mandate of Palestine and Trans-Jordan.
    I personally think that both sides are pretty bad. The Jews seem to think that they have god’s divine right not to share. Palestine’s understanding of what the Jews is kiddie-pool shallow.
    The USA, obviously, is partisan to Israel. I think that ‘we’ never should have gotten involved. Stupid, Stupid, Stupid! 9/11 and the so called ‘war on terror’ never would’ve happened.
    And I honestly don’t get why there has to be a border in between. I wouldn’t mind some guy moving in down the street, regardless of ethnicity, gender, or nationality. Regardless of whether the street was given to me by some divine being.
    And if anyone was wondering how I am biased, I’m agnostic and pacifist.

  10. The Land dispute arose from two countries deciding to invade and therefore being the cause this issue. They did not win the war and hijacked the land against the treaties established when the zionist country was established. They basically continued to send their people to those areas and then abandoned them without a nation. So, Why doesnt Egypt and Jordan make a place for the people they made go into the Western Bank and Gaza strip and give them citizenship. If the life is so hard in these areas and the muslim people are so sad there why has not these two muslim countries open citizenship up for these “brothers.” Because the peace is not sought. Instead they pump resources of guns and bombs but no real aid to these people. To make the situation worse our own stance in the US is muddled. The US president has alluded to going back to 1965 boundaries in many of his position speeches. He wants us to totally disregard six day war and lose land because he said so. Yet why should Israel acknowledge palestine which basically are people who have declared war on their own government…the only government willing to have them.

  11. @dirkadirka- You have no knowledge about Islam at all, you are gullible and have been manipulated by your zionist hate-mongors. Btw, Allah is the arabic word for God, just like ‘eloha’ is the hebrew word for that very same God, you get my point?

  12. Hello, I’m Akkadian and would like my land back. Does anyone have some advice on the best way to do this? I was thinking about starting a war, but my BFF Hammurabi says I should just lobby Washington D.C.



  15. Enough said:Genesis 12:3 “And I will bless them that bless thee and curse him that curseth thee; and
    in thee shall all nations of the earth be blessed.” Point: God has promised to bless the man
    or nation that blesses the Chosen People. History has proven beyond reasonable doubt
    that the nations that have blessed the Jewish people have had the blessing of God; the
    nations that have cursed the Jewish people have experienced the curse of God.

  16. US support of Israel has nothing to do with any moral or religious grounds, it is much more practical than that. Israel allows the US to have a strategic military presence in a part of the world that controls the mjority of the world’s oil supplies, a product upon which the US depends heavily. There are many social injustices in the world, however the US is very selective as to which ones attract its participation, ie those where US has something to gain. Initially I did not understand the Afghanistan conflict, until I learned about the proposed gas pipeline and extensive mineral deposits there – then it all made sense.

  17. I always supported the Jews until I read the Talmud. God have mercy on the Christians, the Jews are totally Evil.

    Anna Cecilia Varela

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