Does Israel have nuclear weapons?

Israel is believed to have weapons of mass destruction in its possession but it is one of the four countries that have not been recognized by the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty as a Nuclear Weapon State. Moreover, it has also the capability of possessing chemical and biological warfare programs. Israel, however, maintains neutrality in regards to it possessing nuclear weapons or not.

According to the defense analysts, Israel has possessed the capability of developing a fully operating nuclear weapon since 1967. Out of these, it has produced a large amount of nuclear warheads soon after the Six-Day War. An estimate tells of 75 to 400 nuclear weapons in Israel’s possession. The wide range of nuclear systems available with Israel includes suitcase nukes, tactical nuclear weapons and neutron bombs.

It is believed that Israel welcomed some physicists from Europe following the World War II and launched its nuclear program after the declaration of independence in 1948. Israel and France came together during the 50s to work on their respective atomic programs, in an attempt to be a part of the nuclear weapons club. It led to the establishment of a nuclear reactor at Dimona near Beersheba with the collaboration of French engineers. The nuclear reactor was named Negev Nuclear Research Center. According to a research conducted then, the plant could have produced an amount of plutonium enough for making 100 – 200 bombs until the year 2000. Israel denied its intentions to build nuclear weapons and stated that it was built for peaceful purposes.

The Israeli government has taken up the policy of being ambiguous about their nuclear weapons activities deliberately, stating that Israel would “not be the first to introduce nuclear weapons in the Middle East.” The former director general of International Atomic Energy Agency regarded Israel in possession of nuclear weapons. All the information known today about Israel’s nuclear weapons comes from the statements of a technician working at the Negev Nuclear Research Center in 1986 who served in the prison for 18 years because of his revelations.

The interesting part about Israel’s nuclear program is that it has not signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and the Chemical Weapons Convention. The U.S. Congress Office of Technology Assessment regarded Israel as a country that has the capability to possess chemical warfare and that too offensive and undeclared. Similarly, in 1998, the former U.S. deputy assistant secretary of defense stated:

“I have no doubt that Israel has worked on both chemical and biological offensive things for a long time … There’s no doubt they’ve had stuff for years.”   

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  1. Stirring up excessive, irrational animosity toward Israel is an industry in the Arab world. The Arab world is a consortium of dictatorships and one of the popular tools the dictators employ is to divert the attention of their oppressed populations to Israel and away from themselves. The Saudi rulers have the power of life and death over their “subjects”. Punitive amputations and beheadings are still acceptable in Saudi Arabia. All the self-styled princes have yachts and mansions and fleets of cars, everything money can buy. Israel on the other is a refuge and a homeland for one of history’s most maligned and mistreated peoples. The Israelis mean to keep Israel safe for Jews.

    The American writer, Phillip Roth once said ” Jews didn’t get any respect until some big buck Jews kicked the s””t out of somebody”

  2. Are you an idiot John? The fact of the matter is not the riches of Arab leaders of today, but it is the animosity which is Israel. Yes the typical Arab leaders of today are very corrupt and are diseasing their own populations, but that is beside the point. It is Israel who truly oppresses people. It is Israel who stands above the law and the United Nations. It is Israel who has been using illegal and inhumane methods to stay alive since it first became established in 1948. The hypocritic Israel is an illegitamite state whether you like it or not John. They don’t want anyone else to have nuclear weapons, yet they possess them. Not only that John, but their rockets can target anywhere in the Middle East. We all know they’ll never sign the NPT. They like their weapons of mass destruction too much.

    You cannot steal someone else’s home and claim it as a refuge for another man. That is a universal crime. To take a people’s land away from them, in order to “save” Jews who were oppressed is wrong. Don’t spoil them John. There are people who have been treated worse than the Jews in time’s history. The Israelis are no better than Nazi’s – they’re doing to Palestinians what Hitler had done to the Jews. America shouldn’t have to spoil Israel the way it does. Israel doesn’t deserve any special treatment. They should receive no more funding than other countries do from America. Did you know we give them “aid” in the billions per year John? Yes we supply their military technology, we borrow money to give them grants and end up having to pay interest on that borrowed money ourselves. It’s almost like the 13 colonies being taxed by the British all over again.

    To see Israel as greater than other countries, to see their people as worth more than other humans (and those in poverty who actually need the aid) is to be beyond racist and arrogant. We forget about the homes they bulldoze, the families they rape and kill, the innocent lives they torture, and then we don’t realize they are the real terrorist.

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