Israel From 1991 Through The Present

The “first intifada”

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  • jz says:

    I believe that Israel is not the aggressor in the middle east. Those who think that Israel should buy peace at the expense oh his survival must be blind to who the Arabs are,any human who divide the land is against the one who gave the land and divided the land through Joshua. The Arabs had at no time desired peace with Israel and the politicians want to liken the Palestinian question to that of South Africa I disagree cause we I never saw us suicide bombers neither was there a chatter that says annihilate whites so if I was in Israel I would rather be like Uriah the Hittite than die in a camp against Israel. Till the world ends this will stand He WHO BLESSES ISRAEL IS BLESSED AND HE WHO CURSES ISRAEL IS CURSED. LONG LIVE THE TENTS OF JACOB LONG LIVE LET ESAU SEED FRET.

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