Who started the Yom Kippur War 1973?

Who started the Yom Kippur War and what countries were involved?

The Yom Kippur War began with the unprovoked assault on Israel by Egyptian and Syrian military forces. They acted simultaneously against Israeli forces on the Suez Canal in the south and the Golan Heights in the north. The attack took place on October 6, 1973 — Yom Kippur — the holiest day of the religious year in Israel, a time obviously calculated to catch the Israelis off-guard.

While the bulk of the combat was between Isreal and the forces of Egypt and Syria, at least ten other Arab states (Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, Sudan, Morocco, Lebanon and Jordan) actively aided the Egyptian-Syrian war effort with personnel, military equipment, or financial support. Palestinian Arabs shelled Israeli civilian towns from Lebanon and also fought with the attacking armies.

The Arab states received aid from the Soviet Union, which rejected United States efforts to work toward an immediate cease?fire. The United Nations remained quiet until it appeared the Egyptians were about to lose the war, then the UN adopted Resolution 338, which called for an end to military activity.

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