Israeli 1972 Olympic Team Murdered in Munich

Who murdered the athletes of the Israeli 1972 Olympic Team in Munich?


A closer look at the history of Israel-Palestine conflict reveals that both the parties have done horrendous acts of terror in order to achieve their political and military goals. On September 5, 1972, five Palestinian Arabs entered the Olympic Village in Munich, Germany and were joined by three others who had gained access to the village through some means. In the 24 hours that followed, a German policeman and eleven Israelis were killed along with five Arabs. The attackers made nine Israelis hostage and demanded the release of 234 Arab prisoners from Israeli jails and two Arabs imprisoned in Frankfurt. Their demands also included giving them a safe passage out of Germany.
  The negotiations went on for hours between the German authorities and the Arabs after which a deal was made. The Arabs were taken to the NATO air base in Firstenfeldbruck by bus. Two helicopters were arranged there to take them to the plane which was scheduled to leave for Cairo. However, the deal was a part of rescue operation as German sharpshooters were positioned on the air base with orders to shoot the kidnappers without targeting the hostages. In what turned out to be the most dramatic and shocking act of violence, all of hostages in two helicopters were shot down in an exchange of fire between Arabs and the Germans. German police captured three of the attackers and held them in Germany. These attackers were later released when the Palestinians hijacked a Lufthansa jet on October 29 and demanded the release of prisoners of Munich incident. The attack on the Olympic Village is said to be carried out by Fatah on the orders of PLO’s leader, Yasser Arafat. However, it was later revealed that the attackers actually belonged to a group called Black September which was a faction working independently from PLO. This extremist group was of the view that PLO is not working fast enough to liberate Palestine, so it was showing off its image as a part of PLO only to damage its international standing and political interests.   Israel retaliated to this incident on a more massive level. Only three days later, Israel launched an air strike with a launch of around 75 aircraft, the largest one since the 1967 Arab-Israeli War. Moreover, fighter bombers targeted Palestinians guerrilla members in Syria and Lebanon which killed nearly 66 while many other were badly injured. Besides this, three Syrian planes were also destroyed over the Golan Heights. All this action was called upon by the Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir who gave the instructions to kill the Palestinians who were involved in the Munich attack. These operations were called Operation Wrath of God and Operation Spring of Youth where the suspected Palestinians were spotted and killed by Israeli intelligence agency Mossad, but historians object that it mainly picked innocent civilians to unleash a new wave on terror in Palestine.

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  • Ayan says:

    They were not arabs they were from Germany!!!

  • Duncan says:

    They did it in Germany but they still were Arabs!!!

  • Andrew says:

    ya… they were Arabs.. did you even read the article?

  • Micheal says:

    Lies!!!!!!!! Israelis are indeed people without lands!!!! prophet Moses (as) freed them under pharaoh’s slaves acts!! yet they are indeed arrogant!! they formed Illuminati!! for Satan and Dajjal!!! they are really scared of Muslims and Christians!! reason they attacked Afghanistan and other Arab countries not because of oil or whatever,but they feared imam Mahdi’s arrival…therefore they keep on waging wars even for slight matters and put blame on late Saddam, Gaddafi and past Arabs great leaders.funny they taught peoples about human rights, democracies and so on but they love to invade and bombing people..reason they are cowards!!!! just big time cowards!!!!

    • Vinit says:

      In warfare, your objective is to overwhelm the enemy with superior and sustained firepower, in the hopes of bringing the conflict to a quick and decisive resolution, with minimal casualties to your side…..Well put!!!!!!

    • Glock says:

      Michael attempts to explain logic with fairy tales. As Hitler’s collaborators and later Neo-Nazi collaborators, Pallestos (the people formerly known as Arabs) are nothing but worshipers of violence.

    • Edith Autor says:

      I am not a Jew nor an Israeli but you must be kidding to say that Israelis are people without lands.
      It is just like saying, there is no wind, there is no air. Where do you get the air you breathe? The air
      people all over the world breathe comes from the unending supply of the Living God, Who said Israel
      is His Land, Jerusalem is His City and the Jews (Jewish Israelis) are His Chosen people.

      The land mass in the globe, the continents’ distribution and the countries within each of them are all
      created by the Sovereign God Who specified that Israel is His Chosen Land and the Jews (Israelis) are
      His Chosen People.

      Logically speaking and as His nature, He gives land to all people, including the Israeli Jews.

  • Bob says:

    That’s really messed up. So many people say talk about how terrible terrorist’s are but they are not looking from the ‘terrorists’ point of view. Wouldn’t you be tempted to do that if you have friends and family held in a Israeli prison? A prison built by big-nosed Jews who seem to think it is okay just because they were put through so much crap by Hitler.

    • Sam says:

      First, your belittling the Jewish Haulocaust and the suffering of the Israeli people.THEY were almost ANIHILATED; IT was GENESIDE. The second, what the terrorist did was heinous and malicious. There is no justification. They mudered for whatever cause, they still took someone’s life. People are in their graves. There is nothing right about murder. “Thou shalt not kill.”

  • ananan says:

    they did it in germany because they didnt like them.

  • danny says:

    They were not meaninng to kill the olympic players they shot them with self-defense if the olympic people wouldve sat still they would not have been shot

    • Sam says:

      Say what makes you feel better. But they were shot with no mercy or thought of preservation. Listen to yourself. You are blaming the innocent hostages. If you were in their shoes, wouldn’t you fight for your life. The Israeli people went to the olympics to compete, bring home medals, and honor for their country, not to be brutally murdered. What did these olympians do that was so wrong?

  • Jade says:

    It doesnt matter who did it or why it happened what matters is people died and their families still have to mourn….

  • Jade says:

    People are people no matter the crime…and the consequences still apply if you cant do the time don’t do the crime…

  • santosh says:

    Remember,’No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country,but by making the other poor dumb bastard die,’ soldiers don’t join the army for social service,they are licensed to kill,be it to which ever country the belong. But terrorism is an act of cowardice. The Palestinian and most from the Arab world are terrorist:These people only attack from behind. When the terrorist killed the athlete the Isrealites attacked the terrorist only, and openly by an act of aggression and not from behind. I feel people don’t like the Isrealites because they are methodical and act with precision. Remember the entebbe operation,what the Isrealites could do the powerful and advanced us army could not do in Teheran.

  • ashu says:

    It was nt as dangerouS as bombay attack

  • Sam says:

    You are all wrong! go homw and think about it a little bit more! The truth is that israelies killed thousands of palistinians and your making a fuss about 11!

  • DiRT says:

    The biggest lie in this whole ordeal is the false idea that Palestine is somehow under the captivity of Isreal. Time and time again, the Jewish people ask to be left alone alone to be constantly attacked by the Arabic forces of the Middle East. The terrorists and killers of Islam would leave the Jews alone, peace would finally be available.

  • ron says:

    If you look back on the history why Hitler murdered the Jews, this is a good lesson for the Isrealist, they have no country, they have no home, and what they call now a country is pure bullshit, Hitler did the right thing in the 2nd world war…Isrealist people, we gave them 1 Inch, they demand 6 inches…face it, the arabs & the Jews could not be in a single room.

  • Nonnie says:

    Seems today as we see unfolding disrest and economic slow down…Germany is one place many countries are looking to for their support. Have w forgotten what history has dispelled regarding such financial support or moral support?

  • Stan Squires says:

    I am from Vancouver,Canada and i remembers this incident in 1972.To put things in perspective it was about this time that the reactionary monarch of Jordan killed thousands of Palestinians in Jordan and the PLO leadership moved to Lebanon.That was the real Black September.No one in the western countries mentioned or cared about that.The Palestinian People are still been killed by Israeli forces sometimes in the thousands and nothing much is said or done about it by western govt.
    Just a few weeks ago several people from Vancouver returned from a trip to Gaza and they gave a report on the situation in Gaza.The people who are speaking about the Israeli athletes killed in 1972 should visit Gaza and see how the people are living there where Israeli troops kill Palestinians on a daily basis and this has been going on for decades.

  • Jack says:

    Even in modern era, we have wars.What a pity. I guess all have their parts to blame. How to put a full stop to all these? That matters most…

  • Myriam says:

    What makes this incident stand out is that it happened at the Olympics which stands for world unity. The world comes together once every 4 yr and everyone was sheltered from wars and discrimination for that brief moment. Athletes for the most part and specially back in 1972 were not politically inclined, they train specifically for the event. It is a time were every one comes together in PEACE for the spirit of the games. This incident took away the beauty and most importantly the peacefulness it was a time for everyone to cheer for the best even if the best was from another country!

  • Brad says:

    Look and see why the terrorists took the team hostage not just they were in the wrong and that’s that there must of been a real reason why they did the things they did.

  • James says:

    The Palestinian Commandos that carried out the Munich Olympics hostage taking are heroes of Freedom and Equality. They will be forever blessed. They gave their lives so that the world could finally know about the shocking suffering of the Palestinian people at the hands of their Jewish murderers.



    • Joyce says:

      Are you insane or what? They’re TERRORISTS, NOT HEROES! The people they killed were not “Jewish murderers”, they were innocent athletes!
      I understand that there are many murderers on both sides, but the Jewish athletes should not have been blamed for all the killings taking place in the arab-israeli conflict.

  • Wellington says:

    I understand any contry has the rigth to exist and to have its land., but unfortunately both sides act the same way. They play violence all the time.
    Israel acts exactly the same bad way Adolf Hittler did with them. They have no mercy, no respect at anybody. How can a country invade another one without the necessary and previous permission? That is what Israel has been doing all the time.
    All of them believes that their aims justify the means. Awful means. They’re wrong.
    Meanwhile innocent people are dead. The poor people are buried and the rich ones get more and more rich.
    Peace is far away – light years beyond their motivations.
    We got to feel sorry for all that.

  • Duaaa says:

    We must consider these people known as terrorist. They may be from any country or from any religion. But the point is whenever they do any this kind of act in any part of the world, they are actually killing the innocent people anywhere & everywhere. They are heartless people who are just driven by some other people for their own selfishness, cowardness and insanity. They may say there are reasons for that but no reason in the world gives you the right to kill innocent people..

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