The First Intifada, 1987

What started “the first intifada” in 1987?


The reasons behind the first Intifada in 1987 are not only restricted to the events that happened around the time but there is a bigger picture attached to it. The Palestine-Israeli conflict was at the root of the Intifada that gave the world a different view of what was happening in the region between the two sides.

The roots for an uprising were sewn as soon as the Israelis started to buy land around the West Bank and gradually started taking over the area through their adulterated military dominance. Palestinians were suddenly prisoners in their own land with their social, economic and political rights in tatters. Palestine as a word was expelled from text books and universities were closed for prolonged periods to deprive Palestinians even the basics of rights.

By 1987, the number of Palestinians captured in Israeli jails in the past two decades reached around two-hundred thousand. Israeli forces murdered four young Palestinians at a Gaza check point and then an Israeli trooper opened fire on a group of peaceful Palestinian protestors that resulted in the killing of Hatem Abu Sisi, a seventeen year old boy. The news of these two incidents spread like wild fire and the Palestinians finally decided that enough is enough and something had to be done to protect their interests.

The first intifada in 1987 wasn’t a brutal movement; it was simple civil disobedience against Israeli rule. As opposed to the Israeli propaganda, it wasn’t even orchestrated by the PLO; rather it was a systematic mobilization of the Palestinian people that had formed different small organizations to stand up for their rights.  The first years of the movement involved not paying taxes, boycotting Israeli products and political graffiti etc. Even in the later years of the movement, it was the people standing up to the strongest military force by throwing little stones at them while they were being shot at.  Images of young boys and teenagers throwing stones at bunkers and oncoming tanks laid this myth to rest that Israeli forces were fighting a terrorist organization.

The movement lasted till 1993 and although it didn’t bring freedom for Palestinians, it brought them the attention of international community. When the pictures of the movement were broadcast around the world, major global powers realized the intensity of the situation and condemned the attacks by Israeli forces. It was during the first intifada that international media and political powers saw the Palestine-Israel conflict in a different perspective, which brought some hope for the poor and oppressed citizens of Palestine.

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  • SoPhie says:

    All the above is a joke fabricated by Israelis to make themselves look good! Israel is the joke of the century

  • T says:

    The article is just israeli propaganda to change the truth , and justify all the crimes they did. This is funny.

  • Collin Sturm says:

    I know for a fact that everything they say is true…but…they do not tell the whole truth. like how many Palestinians troops killed, or who were throwing the stones.
    So those who commented isn’t a lie. they are just warping the truth
    And i am a christian, and since most of Americans are Christians it is our duty to protect both Israel and Palestine. And the land does NOT only belong to the Jews!

  • nlivataye massati says:

    Those are just Israeli’s bluffs to hide the fact they committed the crime but as usual their father USA will always stand upon them. if you ask me it’s the interference of USA and its constant support for Israel that makes the situation becomes even much worse in the region. let the Jews stand alone and don’t act as if it’s one of the states of USA for god’s sake the Palestinians also have the right of that mighty land, weren’t they also the sons of Abraham?

  • Isla says:

    I am only in 7th grade and working on a powerpoint on the Intifad, so I don’t really know about this or have an opinion. I just think it is a much clearer, shorter version of the wikipedia. Very helpful.

  • Tadatha Stachurski says:

    Thank you for the info, but it would be very easy to get the date instead of searching for it. December 16th, 1987

  • Lenya says:

    Palestinians throwing little stones ? So small Jews ended up in hospitals and small enough to shatter glass wind-sreens of cars ? Peaceful first Intifada with over 200 Jews killed most of them civilians ? Uprising because of what? years of Israeli crimes ? Like what bringing The Egyptian Arafat out of exile and given a stronghold in the West Bank ? Something that the Israelis did not have to do because it meant legitimizing the Arab Palestinians. Why did they do it if they wanted to rid Palestinians out of the land ? Who rejected accepting the splitting of the land between the Arabs and Jews in the first and then 5 Arab nation’s army attacked Israel on the eve of their independence because they wanted all of the land for themselves and were ready to drive the Jews into the sea. So all you unlearned commenters in here chew on that and go learn real history before spouting your idiotic hateful comments.

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