Israel-Morocco Relationship

What was the relationship between Israel and Morocco’s King Hassan?

Morocco is perhaps Israel’s closest friend in the Arab world, far more cooperative than the hostility Israel receives from the others. King Hassan II often tried to be a behind-the-scenes catalyst in the Arab-Israeli peace process and took risks with the wrath of his Arab allies. In the 1970s and early 1980s, Hassan developed a relationship with the Israelis on many levels. Delegations of specialists from the two countries had many meetings, secret and open, on subjects such as security, diplomacy, agriculture, transportation, and journalism.
On July 22 and 23, 1986, in a break with Arab solidarity on Palestine, Prime Minister Peres met King Hassan at the king's palace in Ifrane. This was the first instance of a public meeting between an Arab leader and an Israeli Prime Minister since the Egyptian-Israeli meetings of the late 1970s. The meeting ended without results; Peres refused King Hassan's request to commit himself to withdraw from the territories which Israel had captured in 1967. The day after the meeting, Syria severed diplomatic relations with Morocco and attacked it in Arab institutions for holding the meeting, and for the unacceptable digression from the consensus. Hassan was impacted by the Syrian response, which apparently delayed the establishment of relations between Morocco and Israel for several years, although warm relations already existed below the surface. In 1994, an Israeli mission (almost an embassy) was opened in Morocco. In May 1995, Hassan mediated peace talks between Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres and PLO chairman Yasser Arafat. Although full diplomatic relations between Israel and Morocco still do not exist, Hussan worked behind the scenes to promote Israel-Arab peace from the 1970s onward. For this, Hassan was admired and honored in Israel. When he died in 1999, the top echelon of Israeli officials, including Prime Minister Ehud Barak and the Moroccan-born Foreign Minister, David Levy, flew to Rabat for King Hassan's funeral. Starting with the arrival of the first dignitaries, the funeral proceedings were broadcast live on Israeli television for hours

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  • idboulahcen med says:

    j’espère que les relation entre les deux pays s’améliore vers le bien du monde arabe et que l’israel et le maroc forment l’union pour la paye dans le monde

    • Mohamed El Boujeddaini says:

      Tu es un Sionist et Allah PUNI les sionistes pour l’éternité!!!!
      J’espere que vous sera puni par Allah sobhano wa tahala

      The English Translation for this text:

      You are a Zionist and Zionists PUNISHED by God for eternity!
      I hope you will be punished by Allah sobhano wa tahala

  • Hicham says:


    • Mohamed El Boujeddaini says:

      That’s because you’re fake Moroccan!

      Us Moroccans, don’t need to aligned with ZIONISM!! Why?! Because the QUR’AN prohibits us, Mohammad SAW has warned us from these fake European Jews and because of the atrocious oppression to launch upon OUR brothers and sisters in Palestine!!!


  • Justice says:

    This is outraging and distorting the reality.
    Israel has always been clear about its projects for the Arab world : Their sole target is to keep Arabs under repression and ignorance so that they won’t have to deal with economic or educational competition and adversity in the region.
    That said, I still can’t help mentioning that the least violent solution to end this conflict is probably the best. And in all cases, the illegitimate Zionist entity won’t stand further. We don’t live in 1948 anymore and the Arab world is changing… Tel-Aviv is absolutely hopeless and miserable when compared to some neighboring cities such as Beirut, Dubai, Doha and so on! Today, Arabs are EVERYWHERE and so are the Muslims. The Zionist domination in the Western World (which was a prime reason to the Arab defeat during all these wars) is considerably abated and replaced by peaceful movement that promote coexistence and peace not religious bigotry and inhuman practices.
    And truth shall prevail, in this world or the other!

  • MOURAD says:

    Hello I’m a Moroccan American we have no problems with the Jewish peoples at all . And for the Algerians and Palestinians please stop posting crazy shit in Moroccan Israeli articles. 68% of morocco is berber population some of us are Muslims and Jewish and we do not divide our community open religion.
    So kick the tree and see of it kicks back. The word Zionist don’t mean Jewish stupid. Israel is the birth place of Jesus means the birth place of Christianity get that one. Means even if all the Jewish people don’t exist over there the west will still ask and fight for it. Israel to the west is like Mecca to the Muslims they will die for it. The Israelis are stocked them selves they are paying with their lives to stay a life. If you remember the Romans expelled the Jews-France expelled the Jews the Germans expelled the Jews America the KKK always hated the Jews.

    After world war 2 Europe did not want the Jews in Europe so England the master mind decided to kick out to Palestine not to help them but to put them there as custodians to the holly land instead they will offer them money and support financially and military again not out of love to the Jewish peoples but away to comeback and finish what the christian nights could not do the point is the west and the Vatican wants Israel for them selves but they don’t have a legitimate claim over the land so they used the Jews to get to it.I hope you can all understand for ones.
    This is two births with one stone son. They need the Arabs as consumers for their products same time support Israel for their religious intentions. See both Jews and Arabs in Deep shit with the west. Israel could talk to Arabs alone and get to a settlements but its not that easy The west forbids them from doing so.
    Israel GDP is only 200 billion $ do you really think the Jewish state controls the world. Come on there using F-16’s from the U.S. USA GDP $13 Trillion & France $3 trillion, Germany $5 trillion & England $6 trillion. Smart up peoples the Jews are working in Europe in restaurants there is unemployment problems in Israel you tell me Israel controls China too 🙂
    Your problems is not Israel but the west son.

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