Who Started The Six Day War?

Who initiated hostilities in the Six Day War?

One of the frequently heard claims against Israel is that she started the Six Day War in1967, that Israel attacked peaceful Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Iraq on June 5, 1967 and seized the Gaza Strip from Egypt, the “West Bank” from Jordan, and the Golan Heights from Syria in an act of aggression.

The background to the Six Day War is quite different from the propagandistic claims of pro-Arab sources. Egypt and Israel’s other neighboring countries — all Arabs — took actions in a series of increasingly provocativeand threatening steps during May and early June of 1967, accompanied with rhetoric stating very clearly the intent to attack and destroy Israel. Attempts by Israel to negotiate, find United Nations support, or other international diplomatic resolution failed. The United Nations Emergency Forces (UNEF) stationed on the Egyptian-Israeli border were withdrawn without any discussion. A US plan to lift the blockcade of Israeli shipping found little support internationally.

Arab mobilization compelled Israel to mobilize its forces, 80 percent of which were reserve civilians. Israel feared slow economic strangulation because of the costs of long-term mobilization and the damage of the shipping blockcade. Israeli leaders feared the consequences of absorbing an Arab first strike against its civilian population, many of whom lived only miles from Arab-controlled territory. Incendiary Arab rhetoric threatening Israel’s annihilation terrified Israeli society and contributed to the pressures to go to war.

Faced with few choices, on June 4, 1967 the Cabinet authorized the Prime Minister and the Minister of Defence to decide on appropriate steps to defend the State of Israel.On June 5, Israel launched a pre-emptive strike against Egypt and captured the Sinai Peninsula and the Gaza Strip. Despite an Israeli appeal to Jordan to stay out of the conflict, Jordan attacked Israel and thereby lost control of the West Bank and the eastern sector of Jerusalem. Israel went on to capture the Golan Heights from Syria by the time the war ended on June 10. Click here fora more complete article on the Course of the 1967 War.

4 thoughts on “Who Started The Six Day War?”

  1. This is quiet misleading. “Warmongering” was quiet common in that area and during that period of time. As it was in most parts of the world at that time, it was considered politics. It was well known that neither Egypt, nor all the other surrounding Arab states, had any chance against the military power of western funded Israel and even the Israeli PM said later that no one expected Egypt to attack.

    At the UN it was discussed if Israel would need only one or two weeks to defeat its “enemies”. The war was deliberately started by Israel to conquer more land and strengthen its position of power. And quiet nice how the author tries to paint Israel as the good guy, urging Jordan to stay out of the conflict. Hitler urged the US to stay out of the war too. But what do you think will happen when your ally is attacked? Will you abide by the “urges” of the aggressor?

    It is funny how this article tries to tell its reader, that although Israel did start the war by bombing Egypt, the evil Arabs are the real cause. Thank you for such a biased article!

    1. If I took 1000 men and stood outside you neighbors house and told them I was going to annihilate them, would you condemn them for shooting first? Please. Why was there a shipping blockade of Israel if there were no intentions of aggression? Why were the peace keepers removed from the borders? Why didn’t Israel take more land than they could have militarily if there goal was land grabbing? They could have taken that whole region if they wanted.

  2. Israel attacked first but they claim it was a self-defense first strike, well I say BS.

    Israel is the aggressor of all aggressors and they control our congress and senate by infiltration. Why does the USA allow dual nationality Israelis to serve but no other dual citizens from any other nation?

    Saddest thing is that the Christians in the USA send them money which Israel uses to produce pornography in the USA and weaken the Christian church. Sad that they willingly pay these monsters.

  3. Well, the Israeli government are fools in all circumstances. They are the evil, greedy, war-mongering American puppets of the 21st century. Long live the Arabs, long live Palestine and Long live Islam. Allah-hu-Akbar!!!

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