US Cuts UNESCO Funds after Palestine Vote

Following the decision of Palestine being allowed full membership in UNESCO, US has announced to cut down the funds of UN’s cultural arm as a result of defying the warnings of America and Israel.

The session, which was unusually dramatic, witnessed the motion being approved by an extensive majority. The resolution was passed in Paris, at the UNESCO headquarters, among the cheers and grumbles of the voting parties.

The infuriated US officials declared that Washington is withdrawing its share of funds which was to be $US60 million, amounting to almost a quarter of the overall budget of UNESCO.

In September, Palestine submitted a bid to the Security Council, and UNESCO is the first UN agency that the country has decided to join after that. Result of full UN membership will come out next month.

Earlier, the decision which was made through voting was greeted with loud applause by the 107 countries that voted in favor. The 14 countries that voted against the act included United States, Australia, Israel, Canada and Germany. It was a surprise for everyone when France voted ‘yes’, and the decision was followed by loud cheers. All Asian, Arab, Latin American and African countries followed suit, along with Austria and Ireland while 52 countries abstained from voting, including Japan, New Zealand and UK.

UNESCO’s membership is seen by the Palestinian authorities as a step that will help them in getting recognized internationally and also for putting pressure on Israel for their demands.

Riyad al-Malki, Palestinian foreign minister, who was also present at the time of voting, showed his happiness at the results. The decision is considered to be a historic moment for Palestine and a symbolic victory. “The vote will erase a tiny part of the injustice done to the Palestinian people”, al-Malki said after the announcement of result. On the contrary, the vote is not enough to make Palestine a state, as the concern for borders remains unresolved, along with other disputes which have mutilated peace in the Middle East for years.

Some parties are even of the view that it will be even harder for Palestine to achieve its goals which includes security for the country, placement of Palestinian refugees and the future of Jerusalem.

Jay Carney, White House spokesman, regarded UNESCO’s judgment a ‘premature’ act. He also said that this move has played its part in undermining the efforts of international community to carry on with an effective peace plan for Middle East. He also called it as a hindrance in the goal which was to restart peace talks between Palestine and Israel.

Nimrod Barkan, the Israeli Ambassador, talked about the decision saying, “UNESCO deals in science not science fiction”. “However, a large number of member states, though most emphatically less than two-thirds of the member states of this organization, have adopted a science fiction version of reality”, he further commented.

Full membership of UNESCO has given Palestine options to seek membership of other UN agencies such as the World Health Organization and the International Atomic Energy Agency. One of the very first moves of Palestine as a result of UNESCO membership could be an application to list Church of Nativity in Bethlehem as a world heritage site.

This vote has opened up Palestine to take steps for gaining international recognition which will pave their way to achieve statehood. Victoria Nuland, Washington State Department spokesman told the reporters that the United States will continue to be a member of UNESCO and its participation in the organization, which comes up to around 22% of its annual funds.

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§ 22 Responses to US Cuts UNESCO Funds after Palestine Vote"

  • Slim says:

    The Americans chose not to vote for the Palestinians which is nothing new and we all know that. But how undemocratic for a big and powerful country to publicly blackmail and threaten UNESCO and Palestine with financial withdrawals! What does that make them, word that comes to mind “childish, bully and narrow minded after all”. It’s like those child abuses who would take their plate of food from children for absolutely no apparent logical reason. They want the Palestinians to go back to the negotiation table, for WHAT!!!. what is left to negotiate about, the Israelis have almost totally swallowed all of what was Palestine, there’s only 2 small chunks of land left, I guess they want that too!!!. United Nations has been created for one sole purpose, to allow Israel to kill and steal as long as they want. United Nations is just another American mob, it doesn’t stand for justice, equality, respect and dignity. Otherwise this issue would have been dealt with years ago with Israel( the ONLY) not having so many UN resolutions breached against its name. How can one VETO for a country knowing fully of the atrocities being committed against a small and weak country.

    • Martin P says:

      It’s not childish. Why should the U.S. fund something it doesn’t believe in? If you take the money of the American people, you can’t outright defy their beliefs. And if you do, why would it be wrong for them to pull funding? Should Americans be forced to pay for something that contradicts their beliefs? Absolutely not. UNESCO can get the funds from other countries that voted for this measure. If those countries aren’t willing to pay, perhaps they should have thought of that before alienating the U.S. Beyond the actual dispute, the fact is U.S. needs to begin pulling funds and reducing its international commitments in light of deficit in the United States. The UNESCO decision simply makes that task easier for Americans by essentially having a recipient of U.S. funds “volunteer” to be stripped of contributions.

    • Martin P says:

      I would also like to address some of the other comments made in the previous post. The UN is entirely comprised of Arab, OIC and small dictatorships who rely on Arab resources (120 / 197 countries). So all these resolutions, directed towards Israel but not China, Turkey, Syria, Iran …. The list goes on and on. Of course resolutions against Israel in the United Nations don’t count. The organization is simply a mechanism for allied OIC countries to use Israel as a smokescreen for the atrocities they commit against their own citizens. It is reasonable to completely reject the UN resolutions against Israel under this basis.

    • justin says:

      It is just that the US gets imports from the Israelis and that the Israelis threatened to cut the oil and the UN has done a great deal to help the world.

    • Rosy says:

      Slim, you need to go back to history class. In the first place, the area we now call Israel, Judea and Samaria, was originally called Palestine. After numerous wars and displacements, Israel regained a Jewish Homeland under the British Mandate of 1922. (Look up the map.) Then an Arab sheik said he had helped defeat the Ottomans and demanded his own kingdom, so Britain confiscated 80% of that mandate and handed it over to the Arab. He named it the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. There were two sets of “refugees.” The Arabs who fled Israel, and the Jews who fled all the Arab nations where they had been living for generations. Jordan was the ONLY Arab nation to absorb its refugees. Israel absorbed many Arabs also. Arabs live in Israel today, with all the same rights and privileges of Israelis. The only displaced refugees in the area today are those so-called “Palestinians” that Arafat’s successors hold in squalid camps, where they are fed a steady diet of hate and dreams of black-eyed virgins. A special organization, UNRWA, has a $300 million annual budget and a staff of 20,000 to perpetuate the LIE.

    • dirkadirka says:

      so you think that palastine should have all the land and israel non? haha plastine was given the majority in the beggining. not israels problem that they are greedy and wanted all the land for arabs. they attacked israel israel sorted them out. u can continue to side with evil muslims if you want. but in the end you will pay.

    • Jay says:

      The Zionist lobby called AIPAC is very powerful in swaying US Congress votes towards resolutions benefiting Israel that is why the US consistently vetoes resolution targeting Israel’s misconducts. Those vetoes should be eliminated in order to have a truly democratic vote. If that was the case the majority of the World supports a 2 State solution which would render the 1967 border a de facto border separating Israel from the Palestinian state. The major problem now arises from the fact that illegally conducted occupation and settlements are being imposed on Palestinians who find themselves expelled from lands they hold deeds to. The worse is the apartheid wall (the supposed security fence) being constructed inside the Palestinian Occupied territories. The UNESCO issue reminds us that US Middle East policies are largely conducted via interest group which do not represent the US population but rather the Zionist influenced politics.

    • pete says:

      Even though I hope Palestine is recognized as a state I fear for the Palestinians as they will be murdered like flies by the settlers who just want to steal their land. Statehood just keeps being stalled so soon there won,t be enough land left to build a soccor field. Lets face it, America does what Israel orders them to do. If you think differently you must stll believe in santa claus.Havent any of you noticed that America vetoes absolutly every thing that is not wanted by Israel. When O,Bama bowed slightly to the king of saudi arabia the press was in an uproar. Americans bow to no one. We grovel before B.Netanhooha but I guess that is different. America as I once knew it is no more.

  • D.V. Easthom says:

    It will all come to an end very soon. The world is bringing the prophecies of the bible together now.
    Nations are fighting against Nation. Earthquakes happening in diverse places.( places where they don’t normally have earthquakes.)
    Tornadoes, Tsunami’s, every day you hear of mothers murdering their children. Evil continually today, When all these things happen simultaneously, KNOW THAT THE END IS NEAR. Look up, your redemption draweth near. Millions of Christians will disappear. The Rapture will happen. Then, you will see tribulation on this earth as never before.
    Men will cry out to die, but cannot. Hail, the size of rocks will fall from heaven. The sky will darken, and the moon turn to blood. All this is coming on the earth in God’s wrath for judgement on the earth, the 3rd World war is near.

    PEOPLE, WAKE UP! Read the scriptures and you will see what is happening now.That is exactly what is prophesied in God’s Word.
    There is a way of escape. Look for it in the Word of God.
    D. Easthom

  • Kek B says:

    These are some interesting comments posted, Slim it’s interesting to see the way you view this. But i must say that I strongly agree with you, the U.S. puts up this front label as the Democratic Nation; Land of the Free and a “democratic” seeking force for unprivileged nations and peoples of all backgrounds, i.e. to state the case of Iraq from the American point of view (government view) to be exact, not all believe those motives! This is a classic who is who case, and considering the relationship between U.S. Israel, Canada (what i call home) and other members of that rejected the vote; and in terms of the money, stating that because it’s U.S. Law not to fund any organizations that associate with the Palestinian Liberation Organization the funds must be cut is a bogus move; it contradicts everything I as a person once thought about the U.S. government, and my outlook on the Palestinian issue. Israeli minister of foreign affairs: “this a unilateral Palestinian maneuver which will bring no change on the ground, but further removes the possibility for a peace agreement”! WHAT PEACE TALKS is he talking about? someone please tell me how a suppressed people (nation) can continue to sit and wait for their suppressors to grant them..”human rights” to land, peace and continuous prosperity. Is that not what the U.S. preaches on many of their military missions worldwide? Ilena Ross-Lehtinen R-Florida states that the vote was anti-Israel and anti-peace! saying Americans should not have to spend their taxed dollars on biased entities! this is just outright stupidity by individuals with such powers…this is not an issue of doing the right thing anymore, but a situation of who not piss off and what significance they have. Slim, I agree with you and the U.N. is nothing but a group of individual countries trying to protect their international interests; economically of course..MONEY TALKS,

  • TrueFacts says:

    I wonder what would a U.S citizen reaction be if an Indian suddenly came and chased him out of his house & claimed that 2000 years ago this was his grandfathers land!!!!!

    • John says:

      This is an extremley ambiguous comment the Native Americans are peoples of nations the same as the peoples of Africa and Europe are made of diffrent nations themselves this is a historical shame for the Americans they stole a continent. The Arabs have not lived in Israel for even the past 1500 years they are colonialists themselves.Fact the Muslim conquest of Jerusalem was one of a Kurdish and Persian army not Arab. This was headed by Saladin who was a Kurd, who after this victory then went over to Eygpt and Conquered the land from the Coptic pepole. However instead of writing a meandering history essay I would like to simply leave you with another ambiguous comment, “Claiming Jerusalem for a Palestinian National capital and Muslim Holy site could be likend to a none muslim religion trying to establish Mecca for themselves”.

      This is just rethoric and serves no intellectual purpose.

    • dirkadirka says:

      you contradict yourself right there scrub. so it was palestines land but now its israels. palastiniens want it back. its not going to happen.
      israel owned it then arabs now israel. whats your point?

  • TrueFacts says:

    The UNESCO deals with education & cultural preservation! How could you deny the Palestinians from these simple rights ?!

  • Saad says:

    first of all, Arabs/ Muslims didn’t kick the Jews out of Palestine. They were kicked out long ago, at the time of the Jewish Diaspora, which occurred during and before the Roman times. When Muslims conquered the land, about 1400 years ago, Palestine was inhabited mainly by Christians. Muslims allowed the Christians to peacefully live in the land. Ironically, it was during the Crusades when the Christians left Palestine, because many times the Crusaders, who were Catholic, ransacked the cities of the local Christians, who followed another type of Christianity, This is what I read in a National Geographic article. Ironically, the Jews, who were shunned throughout Europe, found a safe haven in Muslim lands, including Muslim Spain. Then they came and kicked the Palestinians from land the Palestinians had inhabited for hundreds of years. Lastly, most of the current Jews are’t descendant from the original Israelis. They are the descendant of converts, form Europe, Asia and Africa. .

  • sass says:

    Now only if the US would cut all funding for the rouge Jewish state to force it to abide by past UN Resolutions and international law. The sad fact is they are partners in crime when is comes to the Palestinians. The Zionist worked out decades ago that the American democratic system is for sale and AIPAC is the highest bidder. If only the Arab knew the secret they could ,along with the oil weapon, have created a Palestinian state years ago. If the Palestinians were 5% as ruthless as the Zionist and 10% as good in the art of political blackmail, they would already have their mimi-state. come to think of it they most probably have the whole of America as their maxi-state too!

  • tia eagles clow I says:

    i am tired of isreal crying wolf what happened to them .. get over it .. you were recognized .. but on the other hand you as a jew and in your crying .. where is that to the people round the world …where your church killed more than the germans .. you think its ok . i say nl /.. i say .. burn al;l churches on my land .. and kick all your kind out .. the vatican is nothing b hut gangs they killed the pure pope .. now we have corrupt .. is all . b urn you and stay in vaticab i say .. and i wont have a prov esp this last child ,,, try

  • tia eagles clow I says:

    the church should leave and be the poeple … ifn not burn you are withes ,, yiou burn those you thought . you burn pope and vatican

  • tia eagles clow I says:

    if anyone had right burn down the vatican .. you the mjost genocide and gangs .. you murdered the only pope try me .. i am not scared of the as long as i live i will burn the vatican
    try me

  • Peter says:

    Hitler new whom he was dealing with!…….
    Not as this contemporary politician FOR SALE!………
    Every thing has an end and when that come we all know that is pay day?

  • mike holmes says:

    Martin P wants to know why the US should fund something it doesn’t believe in. I agree I am sick and tired of supporting Israel because I sure don”t believe in them.

  • Thomas says:

    As a Christian, I’ve always loved the Jewish people. Their history and heritage is part of my faith after all. A few years ago, I visited Israel, and Jerusalem. We also visited Bethlehem in the west bank area of Palestine. I cannot say who is entitled to the land, but as an American, I’m sick of the Ashkenazi Zionist Jews hijacking the United States Government, and using it for their purposes. There are so many in our government who are “dual citizens,” which I believe to be not only a conflict of interest, but a threat to our national security. I believe these Zionist were behind 9/11 in order to incite Americans to hate Muslims and go to war with them; it worked! Many Americans do not look at Muslims as humans. They’re scared of them, but I think they should fear the Ashkenazi Zionist, because these people have committed many atrocious acts throughout history, even against their own people. Now, the Ashkenazi in the U.S. Government are trying to take away citizens right to possess firearms, because they want us defenseless. I can tell you that something is coming, which will shake the very foundation of the earth and it is filled with darkness! Americans wake up, because the freedom you now have is just an illusion, which will soon be replaced with chains! Christians wake up, because your redemption draws nigh! World wake up, because the One World Leader prophesied about in Revelation 13 over 2,000 years ago is about to burst onto the worldwide scene! They that call on the name of the Lord Jesus, shall be saved!

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