Palestinians Bid for UN Membership, 2011

The bid placed by Palestine to become a member of United Nations (UN) will move further as the Palestinian delegation will arrive on 19th September in New York and the bid will be submitted on September 23rd. According to Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, achieving statehood will help the country face the Israeli pressures in a better way and that support from UN as a result of the membership will make Palestine help negotiate with Israeli pressures about the territories of the disputed area.

  The Palestinian president has also reportedly stated that the bid will not be retreated under any circumstances and that they will forge the bid despite the building pressures from the world. Talking to the media from Ramallah, Abbas stated that Palestine will carry on with the application for UN membership despite the pressures and despite the fact that a number of countries do not approve of this idea. He further stated that if the bid is to be retreated, it will be under the condition that a negotiation chance is offered to Palestine as a result of which Israel would discontinue taking over the settlements in the disputed area. However, the US wants Palestine to retreat stating that a peace talk with Israel will bring Palestinian independence.   The territories of Gaza Strip, East Jerusalem and West Banks were occupied by Israel in the war of 1967  and the peace talks promised by US have been but to no effect. Abbas has also explicitly stated that the US and Israel are the most reluctant in giving a chance to Palestine to be the member of UN and that the US and Europe have delayed for a long time, doing nothing to support Palestine in its cause. He has also stated that he has no intentions of jeopardizing his ‘good relations’ with US but it is up to US if they want to act otherwise.   The process of obtaining UN membership will require Palestine to submit the application to Security Council whereby it will be approved and full membership will be allowed. However, US have stated to veto against the move, in which case, Palestine may seek a status short of member at the general assembly under a two-third majority vote.   According to Abbas, Palestine is being pressured to change its mind or to withdraw and despite that the country does not want to confront anyone, keeping in view the present situation, they will have to. The country demands independence from the ongoing occupation of not 63 years but around five centuries, from Israel to dating back to the time of British and Ottoman Mandate. Among the benefits cited as a result of UN Membership is the access of Palestine to the International Court of Justice and International Criminal Court. Israel has a fear of Palestine going to ICC and that is just the authority Palestine needs to stop Israel from violating international law. Abbas states that Palestine wants to go to ICC to appeal against the oppression by Israel as there is no one to prevent them from burning mosques and cutting trees, stating an incident reported by the officials involving Israelis uprooting olive trees, setting fires and vandalizing a mosque near Nablus. He said that Palestine will not need to go to ICC if Israel cuts down such attacks.   Palestinian security forces were strictly instructed not to confront the Israeli security forces violently and to avoid any kind of chaos. Although Abbas fears that Israel will send troops to attack Palestinians although the Palestinian forces are instructed otherwise. Israeli UN ambassador has made an attempt to counter Palestinian actions by stating that an establishment of an independent Palestinian State will lead to violence instead of the much focused peace.

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  • Jason says:

    This article is full of typical Arab bias and inaccuracies.

    Over 3500 years ago the Jews lived in Judea, which was later named Philistia i.e. Land of the Philistines by the Romans a little under 2000 years ago. The Philistines invaded from overseas, most historians say from Crete, and their failed attempt to conquer Judea is well documented. It was only by bleating to the Roman authorities, much like Mahmoud Abbas is bleating to the modern day UN, that the Jews were expelled from their own land. The Philistines collaborated with the Romans, and due to relentless lobbying and distortion of facts the land of Judea was renamed Philistia. The Jewish Temple in Jerusalem, where Jesus used to pray over 2000 years ago, was destroyed and a mosque built in its place.

    Coming back to more modern times, in 1922, before the formation of the state of Israel, the British Government partitioned 77% of what was by now known as Palestine to create Trans-Jordan, the intended home for the Palestinians. However, foolishly the British unilaterally granted independence to what became known as Jordan, who in typical fashion went back on their word and refused to take in their Palestinian cousin brothers, no doubt out of fear that Hamas militants would murder people for dancing at weddings, enjoying music or indeed any other form of art. If the Jordanians won’t even take in their Palestinian cousin brothers, that should tell you something.

    • Jacob says:

      You do realize the Philistines were gone by the time the Romans arrived, yea? It is true that the Romans renamed the land after them (the word itself, coming from the Hebrew, means ‘invader’), but at that time they had already ceased to exist as a distinct people, last records showing around the 5th century BCE.

      Further, Trans-Jordan was not established in order to give Palestinian Arabs a state, it was established as one of many states awarding the Hashemites from Mecca for leading a revolt against the Ottomans. The British promised Sherif Hussein bin Ali Arab autonomy in liberated lands of the Ottomans (with the notable exceptions, from the British side, of Lebanon and Palestine). King Abdullah, one of the Sherif’s sons, was awarded Transjordan which, though a part of the British Mandate for Palestine, was not considered Palestine proper. This is also the reason why the full name is “The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan”, rather than simply “Jordan”.

      I have a feeling that we are on the same side politically, but I’m beginning to get frustrated with good Zionists not actually knowing the history.

    • Michael Herschel says:

      You really have no idea of the history of the region but if you think you are correct in your assumption then I suggest you repeat the same thing to a history professor at one of the many colleges or universities and see what he or she thinks.

    • Ester says:

      The General’s Son. Miko Peled is a peace activist who dares to say in public what others still choose to deny. Born in Jerusalem in 1961 into a well known Zionist family, his grandfather, Dr. Avraham Katsnelson was a Zionist leader and signer of the Israeli Declaration of Independence. His Father, Matti Peled, was a young officer in the war of 1948 and a general in the war of 1967 when Israel conquered the West Bank, Gaza, Golan Heights and Sinai.
      Miko’s unlikely opinions reflect his father’s legacy. General Peled was a war hero turned peacemaker.
      Miko grew up in Jerusalem, a multi-ethnic city, but had to leave Israel before he made his first Palestinian friend, the result of his participation in a dialogue group in California. He was 39.
      On September 4, 1997 the beloved Smadar, 13, the daughter of Miko’s sister Nurit and her husband Rami Elhanan was killed in a suicide attack.
      Peled insists that Israel/Palestine is one state—the separation wall notwithstanding, massive investment in infrastructure, towns and highways that bisect and connect settlements on the West Bank, have destroyed the possibility for a viable Palestinian state. The result, Peled says is that Israelis and Palestinians are governed by the same government but live under different sets of laws.
      At the heart of Peled’s conclusion lies the realization that Israelis and Palestinians can live in peace as equals in their shared homeland.

  • Eli says:

    Palestine has a right to self determination and justice, depriving the Palestinian people from their basic human right is in itself an international crime and goes against the UN Charter a product following the Holocaust, regardless of who initially took control of the PALESTINIAN land Israel MUST give them their rights they can’t deny them forever! How can you criticise Hamas when Israel imposes collective punishment on the Palestinians in a disproportionate manner involving assault on children, women and men, cutting off electricity/water supplies and not forgetting demolishing homes which belong to long term residents and building a wall in order to segregate the Palestinians from the Israelis, very hypocritical you think? Hama murder people at weddings because Israelis murder Palestinian children…. Israel is a Terrorist State and the whole world knows it hence that is why Israel is very insecure about where it stands. Free Palestine!!!!!

  • Kim says:

    FYI Jason… Hamas was founded in 1988 shortly after the first Palestinian intifada.
    There is never just one story to a people and the Arabs who had lived in the British mandated lands of Palestine were expelled from their homes in 1948 to make way for the displaced European Jewish immigrants flooding in to the area on the promise of a Jewish state. These Arabs were the victims of colonialists (before in the dividing up of the ottoman empire and yet again at the end of the British Mandate over Palestine) who had denied their existence and right to self-determination in the land that THEY had inhabited for thousands of years.
    This new colonialist project was to create a state exclusively for Jews (from anywhere in the world, not just those who lived in that area already) to claim as THIER country. You honestly think that wouldn’t piss the hell out of a people? My father was there (in the British army) during this chaotic time when the British were leaving and the Jewish people were moving in… it was not nice and peaceful as Israel would like you to believe. My father used to talk of how the British living there as well as the British Army tried to intervene and stop the free for all that was taking place: Jews ransacking Arabs houses and simply taking them over. He spoke of the horror and helplessness of witnessing people being literally thrown out on the street because they no longer had a right to their own land and homes. Britain was against the creation of Israel; sadly, they gave in the following year. Ever since Israel has just kept encroaching on Palestinian land and taking what they please. When the Oslo agreement was signed in 1993 there were some 110 thousand *settlers* on West Bank, now there are 3 times that many.. Illegal expansion has been rampant!

  • Anni says:

    Thousands of years ago the world was a totally different configuration. The world would be turned upside down if all nations were allowed to reclaim land that they possessed long ago. The Jews are but a few of the privileged who have been able to return to lands that they inhabited long ago. The Jewish temple in Jerusalem is but one ancient building that has been built upon. Whole towns have been found buried under whole towns as civilisations died down and were replaced or conquered. The Jewish temple in Jerusalem is not unique.

    You find it abhorrent that the Jews were expelled from their own land in ancient times when the world was less aware of human rights but find it totally excusable that Britain in these modern times prepares an annexed part of Palestine to transplant the population living in their homes. The contradiction and double standards are unbelievable.

    Just as the Jews consider themselves unique and separate from the rest of the world, needing an apartheid Jewish land, how arrogant of you to assume that all Muslim nations must take on their ‘cousin brothers’ just because they are all Arab. Jordan HAS accepted many Palestinian refugees but that doesn’t mean Palestinians living in their own lands in Palestine are not entitled to remain in their own lands or that anyone else is obliged to take on Palestinians to further enable the illegal expansion of Jewish settlements into illegally occupied territories.

    Regarding ‘murdering people for dancing at weddings, enjoying music or any other form of art’, these actions, although unfortunate in the loss of innocent lives, pale against the daily loss of life of innocents in Palestinian territories, not to mention the humiliation Palestinians have to face every minute of their lives having to pass through checkpoints, trying to undertake basic life activities, while being totally disempowered in all basic aspects of life, ‘forms of art’ would be a luxury.

    Europe committed the atrocities against the Jews during World War 2 and for some reason Jews want to make Arabs pay for this. I just don’t get it. What does Israel fear with Palestine wanting nationhood? Wouldn’t it ultimately mean greater peace in the region and hence be a preferred option for Israel or are there other agendas in mind like taking over all Palestinian lands?


    • Joy says:

      Israel has not reclaimed the land simply because the Jews lived there so many years ago.
      The Jewish people as a nation deserve a state just as much as the Palestinians do as a nation. History has proven that a safe haven for Jews, a place they can call their own where they can protect themselves and stand proud is needed.
      When answering the question for where this state would be, it is obvious that the ancient homeland of the Jews is fitting enough.
      Apart from the religious connection Jews have to the land, Palestine was never a country. It was an area, a piece of land. Yes, others lived on it. But by the time the State of Israel was announced, there was a strong Jewish presence in the area as well as the Arab one. In short, beforehand Palestine was a piece of land with one people living on it, and by 1947 it was a piece of land with two people living on it.
      The Jews acquired the land by buying it from Arabs.

      As for expecting the Muslim countries to take in the Palestinians after they told them to leave the country while they demolished Israel, it is only fair seeing as Israel took in nearly one million Jewish refugees that had been brutally kicked out of those same Muslim countries around the same time [Yemen, Algeria, Egypt, Iran, Libya, Iraq, Lebanon, Morocco, Syria, and Tunisia to name a few]. They were forced to flee the homes they had lived in for centuries because the Muslims [like so many other countries before them] decided they didnt like them. Do you know how much property these Arab Jews were forced to leave behind? Much more then what the Palestinians lost i can assure you. The amounts come close to $80 BILLION.
      Werent they entitled to remain in those lands too? Or do they not count?

      Have you ever tried to consider WHY they have to pass through checkpoints so often?
      Let me try to explain.
      For various reasons some Palestinian groups have decided that the best way for them to get their territory back is through terror- meaning they decided to start blowing themselves up in public places trying to kill as many Jews as possible.
      I am not saying these are all, or even most Palestinians, but it is very hard to tell the difference by sight from one Palestinian who is driving peacefully along to another who is hiding a bomb under his coat. And when woman, children and even pregnant woman have been known to blow themselves up, the Israelis cant take chances with anyone.
      When it comes to protecting one persons basic right to comfort or privacy and another’s basic right to life and security, no matter who it is, life comes first. Always. Perhaps if the Palestinians can somehow convince the terror organizations to stops threatening Israeli lives they will be able to move around freely once again.

      Israel does not fear Palestinian nationhood. No one wants peace more then Israel. Why would they give Sini back to Egypt if not for peace? Why would they give Gaza back to the Palestinians? The settlements in both these places did not stop Israel giving them back, so obviously the settlements are not that much of an obstacle. Perhaps if the Palestinians showed true interest in peace and recognized that the State of Israel is here to stay, they would get their nation. In order for there to be peace, each side has to recognize the other’s right to exist and the other’s right to a state.
      Going behind Israel’s back by going to the UN does not solve anything.
      You say you think maybe Israel wants all of the Palestinian’s lands. There are many Palestinian leaders who want all of Israel. If they really only wanted a state of their own, wouldnt the Palestinian’s be working hard on the land they had been given already, Gaza? Its a good starting point as any. But no, instead they choose to use Gaza to send missiles into Israel. Jewish settlements were forcibly moved from Gaza in order to return in to the Palestinian’s all in hopes of peace, and Israel is repaid with rockets falling into its cities. Somehow, it is only Israel’s retaliation the world hears about. Funny thing that is, dont you think?

    • Anne says:

      Umm… I take it y’all are in favour of driving the Chinese out of Tibet, then, and the Americans off of Diego-Garcia, where they committed “ethnic cleansing” against the native inhabitants, Okinawa (where they’re tolerated by the Japanese, because they’re not on the main islands, so it’s only indigenous Okinawan peoples who are inconvenienced), and many other crimes of occupation around the world. The time frames are similar.

  • Jonatan says:

    Stop the violence. Accept the existence of Israel in peace. Negotiate the terms of that peace. In that order. Result will be Palestinian state, not exactly from the sea to the river, as desired by Hamas, but living in peace together with Israel.
    All this talk of events from 3,500 yrs ago, or even 70 yrs ago, or even last week do nothing to help establish a Palestinian homeland. It can be argued that Arafat missed a golden opportunity in 99 or Abbas in 08, but it is past and cannot be taken back. Let’s attempt to move forward, instead of living and amplifying the past into intractable positions, the results of which are already well known.
    For the first time, be brave and “Give peace a chance”.

  • Scott says:

    Anni: “What does Israel fear with Palestine wanting nationhood?”

    Israel does not fear Palestinian nationhood. Israel has been available to negotiate with the Palestinians for decades to establish a Palestinian state and has on several occasions offered the Palestinians deals which would result in a Palestinian state.

    What Mahmoud Abbas is asking the UN to do is to establish a Palestinian state based on the pre 1967 borders. The Palestinian people have no business asking the international community to undo their own mistake in deliberately goading Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Lebanon into going to war with Israel in 1967. Their complaint that the war was supposed to result in Palestinians living in Israeli homes rather than the reverse is absurd. When you go to war with someone, sometimes you don’t get the result you wanted. The 1967 borders are off the table, they are going to have to settle for something else.

  • Sal says:

    @Anni. Its funny how you say that Jews simply left their land and are trying to reclaim it. They didnt leave, they were kicked out.
    We can argue about the ‘who was there first’ and ‘whos land is it really’ all day but lets talk about something people ignore or dont think about.
    Lets say the Palestinians get all of the land they want. What will they do with it? How will they use it to better their lives?
    Israel has been in existence for some 60 years and have advanced in every aspect of life than the Palestinians have ever in their ‘thousands of years’ of being in that land. Israel has a democracy, free trade, top universities and many Israelis are world-renowned scientists, inventors ..etc. Please name ONE Palestinian who is famous for inventing anything, furthering the human cause. The Palestinians were given an opportunity to finally vote for their leaders and who do they vote in? Hamas. Other than being a terrorist organization, they have made life hell for these poor Palestinians from starting wars with Israel to government corruption and funds mismanagement.
    If they do get their statehood, their status will definitely change significantly; from ‘the occupied people’ to just another backwards Arab country with a tyrant leader. Thats a truth that many cant admit.

    • pi3nsa says:

      It seems to me that you would like to establish Israeli rights to the land based upon better use of it, over actual ownership.
      It appears to me as a non-jew, non isreali, non muslim or palestinian that those that have no vested interest in apportioning blame or the potential outcome of the ownership can see quite clearly who is being unjust here. On the one hand you have the isreali´s supported by the worlds super power cause of influential jews worldwide. On the other hand you have a poor people whos only real recourse is to strap explosives to their bodies and blow them and some other people up. If you ask yourself the levels of desperation that this must take, ask yourself. Does’t it seem strange to you. I’m sorry but your arguments are very convenient truths. what if some chinese people kicked the Israelis out on the basis of productivity…. fun huh? you open to that level of competition? dont be such a simpleton.

  • Matt says:

    Let’s just be honest about this whole thing.Bad stuff happened to a lot of people, there is little room for moral high ground here. The Jews did force their way in some cases, but not all. The Arabs were violent to the Jews, both native and immigrant, prior to 1947. Heck, a lot of the Arabs at that point were recent immigrants.

    If the Palestinians wanted peace they should accept that both sides have done wrong and sorting out who started it will most likely point to empty promises given by foreign powers. Its my opinions Palestine should back off the bid, and instead of demanding a halt to settlements should say something along the lines of “If Israel wants that land then they will have to give up one and a half times the square miles they currently occupy and any further construction will be considered at double that rate (3x land occupied). This will be the basis for the land Israel will give us in order to have a land connection between Gaza and the West Bank.” It gives Israel a choice on the settlements, and Israel agreeing to the land swap would go a long way for having Gaza and the West bank joined physically which I think should be a priority over another one or two houses being built during peace talks.

  • VG says:

    Most comments repeat the rather effective -nevertheless false- propaganda jargon of the anti Israel supporters.
    Until the leaders of the Palestinian people stop feeding their people lies and false hopes that only serve to fuel hatred, it will be impossible to arrive to a solution of two states for two peoples: Jews and Palestinian.
    Yes, the Palestinian people have a right to self determination; they have a right to live in an independent state. It is their rightful right and they need no permission from Israel. However, independent states have responsibilities and commitments to live in peace with their neighbors NOT to ignore their existence. They have the obligation to abide by international law and NOT to inculcate their children the love for hate and death.

  • Joel says:

    I am not a Jew. This is sad. The Palestinian people don’t even realize that their brother Arab nations (their own people) are ab-using them and have been for decades. It’s really heartrending to see how the surrounding Arab nations consistently kept the Palestinians from accepting peace with Israel even when Palestinian leaders were willing to do so. I personally don’t think Israel’s goverment is any more righteous than any other country in world particularly, but If you simply look at the historical facts objectively with no prejudice or hidden motive, you will see how since the beginning of the early 1900s to present, Israel has continually accepted the world government’s decisions (at each specific time) about accepting a State for Palesinians and a State for Israel in the region. At one time Israel was willing to accept only 15% of the region leaving 85% for the Palestinians. During the same period of time the surrounding Arab nations repeatedly pressured the Palestinians to refuse any acceptance of peace with Israel and continue to feed them as a hate buffer goading them over the past eight or so decades to perpetually attack Israel. The result being defeat and the loss of ground each time. So, I as a fellow human being speak to you Palestine man to man (although I know you are a people), “Stop letting your big brothers bully you into being military canon fodder to perpetuate hate”. It is clear to see what is happening to you if you simply educate yourself with the facts, and I am really not taking sides.

    • roger says:

      Joel, you are widly misinformed. Israel is in violation of more UN resolutions than any other country in the world.
      Isreal has never cared about peace – if it did it could simply call a halt to the illegal settlements – and Israel could stop abducting Palestinians and holding thousands of them in prisons many of them children and may hundreds of them without charge or due process.
      The Palestinians are quite able to speak for themselves and are asking for freedom and justice. If Israel were a democracy then it would believe in justice. But it isn’t.

    • Michael Herschel says:

      At one time Israel was willing to accept only 15% of the region leaving 85% for the Palestinians.???? Where are you getting your information from?

  • Ally says:

    My boyfriend is Muslim, who’s family sought refuge in Jordan (their neighboring cousins DO take in Palestinians). I am American, currently a student of Jewish religious studies and history. And of all the comments made above, I must agree with Anni. Her statements have been the most peaceful and logical of all shared above. As far as statements made about how far the Jewish nation have come in education and inventions for the human advancements, as a Biologist I will say the only advancement they have made as a people living on God’s Earth is education, which may or may not be just in terms of Biological processes. I lean more towards a Jewish religion for my own. Sadly, this will break my relationship, but spiritually the people of Palestine far progress the Jewish population and seem to to be one with nature, which ultimately pleases God. Lack of money and man-made resources do not make the state of peoples. It is a spirit of brotherhood and a recognition of a starving planet that makes a people. The Palestinians are as guilty as the Jews in their neighboring attacks, but they were stripped of their land and homes not long ago, against their will. It seems now that peace is the only possibility for these two groups, but neither will adhere to it, and few can blame either party, as we have seen. Returning Israel’s people has been a benefit to Jews, but seems that the two groups should be preparing an attack against a shared enemy…Iran. The American people won’t remove themselves from the couch long enough to pay attention to what is important. The two of you should unite and educate the rest of the world about peace.

  • Rge says:

    Amazing display of vitriolic opinion! And some rational/intersting ones.

    An update to this article is recommended.

    Now that the “Palestinian government” is mature enough to make demands on the majority of UN members, perhaps it could also press for decency and meaningful support by all Arab-led ones. For example, urge a formula for priorities for the gradual reduction of Arab efforts toward the destruction of Israel and for corresponding increases in economic and development efforts for Palestinian refugees within their national borders.

    Although they can afford financially to do this, it is likely that many “Western” nations would choose to continue to make
    a fair share contribution.

    There are many other ways to “progress” the decent treatment of the refugees, by nations with a genuine desire to do it.

    Exploration of such possibilities is also more interesting for us than trading barbed comment based on very limited knowledge.

  • john paul gettelman says:

    PalestineArabs can follow the Koran directives to Moses’ people,that Allah blessed Israel with the holy land,or else.The Koran commands Israel to take firm hold of the holy land Allah bestowed on Moses’s people.Do PalestineArabs read the Koran?Can PalestineArabs not see the blessings that Creating a ZionIsraelJudaeanHebrew havven will bring to PalestineArabs? PalestineArabs can break the 2000s haters dynasties occupying the heirs of Arabist imperial conquests.Do PalestineArabs want to be just one more branch of Arabist mass murderers of Africans & west Asians under attack by Arabist Imperial confederates? Do PalestineArabs feel pain when hearing or seeing Darfur,Sudan African Islamic nonArabs raped or burned to death by SudanArab Imperial colonizers?

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